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A Guide to the Best Places in Kerala for Family Vacations

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Kerala offers great things for everyone, regardless of interests: exploring the natural world, learning about historical events, or simply seeking a tranquil vacation. You will never forget the unforgettable experience of taking a traditional houseboat cruise along the peaceful canals. With its serene waters and quaint villages, the backwaters’ scenic beauty will let you relax and enjoy life’s small pleasures. Kerala, a charming region in southern India, is well-known for its serene rivers, and fascinating past. You will find a lot of entertaining things to do there. There are many cool places to visit in Kerala for family vacations.

Exciting experiences like trekking through gorgeous scenery and wildlife safaris will make memories that last a lifetime. You will have a delightful and unforgettable vacation experience thanks to Kerala’s warm and welcoming culture.

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It is like a magical land for nature lovers! Imagine a place filled with tall mountains covered in mist, where tea plants stretch out like a green carpet all around. When you’re there, you can stroll through these lovely tea gardens. It’s so calming! And guess what? The tea they make here is super tasty. You can sip on a cup while you enjoy the gorgeous views.

One of the most exciting things to see in Kerala is Echo Point! It’s like a place where the mountains whisper back to you when you shout. If you hike up to Echo Point, you’ll be amazed by the incredible scenery nature has to offer. Discover Eravikulam National Park, a cool place with lots of animals and nature to see. Check out the local markets in Munnar for fun shopping. Moreover, don’t forget the awesome Munnar Tea Museum! It smells so good there, and you can learn all about how tea is made.


If you’re into history and culture, a trip to Fort Kochi is a must-do. It’s an ancient port city with fascinating colonial buildings that reveal Kerala’s lively past. You can wander around the narrow streets, see the unique Chinese fishing nets, visit St. Francis Church, and explore the historic Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace. Discover the rich history of the former rulers of Kochi at the Mattancherry Palace.

The Chinese fishing nets are a captivating sight in Kochi, offering a picturesque view. For fun, you can interact with adorable baby elephants at Ernakulam’s Elephant Training Center. Also, Kochi is renowned for its flavorful street food like banana fritters and puttu-kadala. Moreover, tasting these authentic dishes will allow you to experience the tastes of southern India and its culinary heritage. However, the friendly and hospitable nature of the locals will add an extra layer of happiness to your visit.


You have to try Kerala’s famous backwaters! In Alappuzha (or Alleppey), jump on a houseboat and sail through calm waters surrounded by greenery. It’s like a cool adventure where you can see how locals live, spot birds, and eat yummy Kerala food on the boat. There are many places to visit there, like Alleppey Beach, Kuttanad Backwaters, and Mannarasala Temple.

Alleppey is home to awesome parks and animal reserves with lots of green trees and amazing animals. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, near Vembanad Lake, is a paradise for bird lovers. Additionally, you’ll see colorful birds like cranes, and cuckoos, making Alleppey even more beautiful. Thus, exploring the dense mangrove forests on Pathiramanal Island is beautiful. You’ll get to see unique plants and animals up close!


Seeking adventure in Wayanad is the perfect option! It offers stunning scenery, wildlife, trekking paths, safaris, and camping experiences. You’ll wander through forests, discover concealed waterfalls, and observe various animals and birds living freely in their habitats. Wayanad stands out as one of Kerala’s top tourist spots, offering a relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable weather all year round. Experience nature at its finest in Wayanad, where misty mountains rule the skies and the land is adorned with lush spice plantations and thick forests, creating a magnificent sight.


For those who adore beaches, Kovalam’s shores are ideal! Picture yourself surrounded by sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and lots of palm trees. Similarly, you can chill out, have a go at water activities such as snorkeling or surfing, or simply enjoy a pleasant stroll along the coastline. Additionally, Kovalam Beach is famous worldwide and stands as a top destination in Kerala for both beach enthusiasts and adventure seekers. It’s a great spot for taking a dip in the sea and having a blast!

Kumarakom Village

For a unique experience, go to Kumarakom village. Situated next to Vembanad Lake, it offers a glimpse into the authentic rural life of Kerala. Furthermore, you can explore rice fields, take a ride on a traditional houseboat, and witness thrilling boat races during the Onam festival. Bird lovers from all over the world visit Kumarakom to see migratory birds like the Siberian crane and herons. Additionally, the village is famous for its delicious local food such as Appam, Avial, and Karimeen fish fry, showcasing its rich culinary heritage.

The calm backwaters, diverse wildlife, and lively culture made this place remarkable. It not only will give you a break from the busy city life but also teach you about the wonders of nature and the beauty of various traditions. The beautiful backwaters and friendly people will make your trip super awesome! In Kumarakom village, the coolest thing is its amazing backwaters. Moreover, these connected canals, lakes, and lagoons are perfect for fun boat rides and cool houseboat adventures.


Your trip to Kerala will be amazing! You’ll get to see the awesome nature and learn about its rich culture. Exploring the backwaters, tea gardens, and beaches will help you relax and enjoy the simple things. The friendly locals will make you feel so welcome like you’re a part of their fantastic culture. Kerala has everything – it’s great for chilling out, having adventures, and experiencing different cultures. Thus, it’s a place you just have to visit in Kerala for an awesome family vacation!

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