8 Must To Do Things in Kerala: Kathakali, Crafts, Backwater, Elephant

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All set for a trip to Kerala and looking for some ideas on what to do in Kerala? Well, there are so many things you can do to explore the beauty of Kerala. We promise your Kerala trip will be like an awesome adventure, mixing nature, culture, and fun. Have a blast trying out these 8 must to do things in Kerala and enjoy every moment of exploring this incredible place.

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1. Go for a Kathakali performance

In many popular tourist locations in Kerala, Kathakali performances are conducted to give a view to the visitors about the tradition and culture of Kerala. In many Cochin theaters, such performances are organized.

Watching a Kathakali performance in Cochin isn’t just about enjoying a cultural show; it’s like going on a special adventure into the heart of Kerala’s art. Whether you love art or you’re just curious to know more about local culture. Thus, seeing a Kathakali performance in Cochin is an amazing experience and one of the great activities to do in Kerala that will stick with you during your time in the state.

2. Visit Iringal Crafts Village

This village is located in Kozhikode on the shores of the Chaliyar River. If you are a creative person by heart then here you will get the chance to join some crafts-making lesson classes and learn from the artisans here about local arts and crafts.

  • Learn traditional crafts like pottery and weaving from local artisans – craft classes in Kerala.
  • Connect with the rich cultural heritage of the village through hands-on experiences – cultural activities in Kerala.
  • Create art with the scenic Chaliyar River as your inspiring backdrop – artistic activities to do in Kerala.
  • Engage with a friendly community of creators and share the joy of crafting – community engagement in Kerala.
  • Showcase your artistic talents in village exhibitions and discover the work of other local artists – art exhibitions in Kerala.

3. Go for an elephant ride

If you are a crazy lover of wildlife then it is a must for you to go for an elephant safari ride with trained and experienced mahouts to explore Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and Munnar Carmelagiri Elephant Park.

Jump aboard the excitement of riding an elephant during a safari in Kerala! This isn’t just any ride; it’s a thrilling adventure into the heart of nature and ranks among the top 8 must to do things in Kerala.
This fantastic journey is a must-do for those who are passionate about the wonders of nature and ranks high among the top 8 must to do things in Kerala. Thus, if you’re seeking the best tourist activities in Kerala, this adventure is a perfect fit for nature lovers!

4. Explore sandalwood forest

The sandalwood forest of Marayoor is known to be the house of some of the most expensive quality sandalwood trees. This forest is located at a distance of 40 km from the center of Munnar city. Visiting here will give you the chance to see Stone Age paintings on rock as well as burial chambers. You can buy some pure quality sandalwood sticks for your pooja room prayers from the forest department factory.

  • Step into a magical land where nature, history, and the sweet smell of sandalwood come together, creating a truly enchanting experience of things to do in Kerala.
  • Take a unique chance to learn about different aspects of the world, from the amazing trees to the stories hidden in the rocks and ancient structures – engaging in a variety of Kerala activities to do.
  • Whether you’re into nature, and history, or searching for a special souvenir, the Marayoor sandalwood forest has something special for everyone, offering a diverse range of Kerala activities to do.
  • Engage in various activities tailored to different interests, making your visit a diverse and memorable exploration, showcasing the diverse things to do in Kerala.

5. Enjoy Theyyam performance:

Theyyam is a style of worship that is done to make life prosperous and happen by removing ill effects and other obstacles in life. This worship is performed from the month of December to April in Parassinikadavu Sri Muthappan temple.

Being part of or watching a Theyyam ceremony isn’t just about seeing a cultural show; it’s like stepping into a tradition that’s been around for centuries. It’s a unique mix of art, devotion, and Kerala’s cultural history that brings out the deep spirituality in the state’s traditions. And guess what? It’s one of the must-do things in Kerala, especially if you’re keen on exploring the top 8 activities to do in Kerala.

6. Make your body feel pampered with Ayurveda massage:

Kerala is one of the most popular destinations for Ayurveda therapy. Professional experts are there to rejuvenate your body with traditional Ayurveda massage therapy. Such massage helps in reducing the toxins in the body and makes the whole body feel highly relaxed and stress-free.

  • In Kerala, discover special places with calm and beautiful surroundings, making Ayurveda one of the best things to do in Kerala.
  • Whether you’re in the hills, by the water, or at the coast, the natural places make you feel good and healthy, offering activities that are among the best things to do in Kerala.
  • If you’re tired of busy life, Kerala’s Ayurveda is like a break where you can relax, get energy, and find balance. Thus, making it one of the most relaxing activities to do in Kerala.
  • Skilled experts in Ayurveda use their magic touch to make you feel better and transform your mind and body. Moreover, it provides one of the most soothing activities to do in Kerala.
  • Ayurveda in Kerala is not just a treatment. It’s like using ancient wisdom to make your mind and body feel great. Additionally, it’s among the most rejuvenating activities to do in Kerala.

7. Backwater boating:

Alleppey is popular as the Venice of the east. Moreover, here you can enjoy an amazing ride in the houseboats in Kerala backwaters. It will be an experience worth remembering and you will feel like visiting the place again and again.

Riding in the houseboats along Alleppey’s Kerala backwaters is not just a trip. Believe us, it’s a cool activity to do in Kerala. Moreover, it’s a fantastic adventure blending nature and culture, making it one of the top activities to do in Kerala. This awesome experience sticks with you. Additionally, it’ll make you want to come back for more fun in Alleppey’s amazing waters.

8. Take some time out to watch Kalaripayattu Bout

This is one of the ancient forms of Indian martial art. It is done to bring a balanced coordination between the body and mind of an individual. There are some specific centers in Thekkady, Kottayam, and Munnar. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction and is a soothing experience to watch.

Getting into this ancient martial art is not just about watching. However, it’s like going on a fun adventure to discover yourself. Thus, celebrate the cool connection between your body and mind. Similarly, the super-skilled practitioners make you see how balance and moves can be. This makes it one of the must-do things in Kerala!


Kerala is a land of wonders. There are many other things to explore in this destination and one of the major among them is shopping. While returning back home don’t forget to buy Kerala silk sarees for your wardrobe collection. Moreover, the authentic Indian spices to make relishing food in your Kitchen.

Follow our tips and explore the above 8 things in Kerala. Therefore, with the following recommendations in hand, set out on your trip to explore. Yes, the top 8 must to do things in Kerala. Kerala delivers a tapestry of experiences. Thus, it will stay with you long after you leave its fascinating shores, from the calming backwaters. Additionally, the cultural spectacles, spice plantations, and beyond. Happy traveling!

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