5 Hidden Hill Stations Getaway from Delhi

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Everyone loves a beautiful hilly area for a vacation. Travelling is a personal choice. We will discuss about 5 hidden hill stations getaway from Delhi. But sudden commercialization in the world of tourism transformed many tourist places into a business hub and those places lost their glory. But some hidden hill stations are close to Delhi and can be a choice for a weekend trip with family and friends. Let’s discuss the less popular yet precious hill station you must visit once in your lifetime.

5 Hidden Hill Stations Getaway from Delhi – Kangojodi (Sirmour District)


This is a pine forest area that covers an area of 7 km. Greenery all around with some rare species of flora & fauna, and a beautiful natural water stream makes it an ideal choice for refreshing the mind completely. You will get the old lost charm of the hill station Manali right here at Kangojodi. Additionally, it is located roughly 275 kilometres from Delhi, Kangojodi is easily reachable by road, making it a suitable getaway and a good hill station spot near Delhi.

Hidden Hill Stations getaway from Delhi – The best time to visit:

March to June and September to November. During these months, the place becomes a charm. This captivating hill station near Delhi offers a remarkable experience for all who travel to seek beauty.

Tirthan Valley (Kullu District) – 5 hidden hill stations getaway from Delhi

Tirthan Valley

It is one of the most beautiful places located in Himachal Pradesh. You need to travel close to 500 km to reach this place. This is far from the condition of getting spoiled by a heavy tourist population. You can try out the homestays for accommodation and trust us this will give you the experience much more than a 5-star hotel.

This place is not just about greenery or scenic views. However, it also showcases a rich artistic heritage that is displayed in its gorgeous villages. Moreover, you will see vintage temples and wonderful architecture. The locals here are super friendly. Additionally, you must check out the mouth-watering Himachali food.

Best time to visit:

March-October is the best season to visit this place. Trout fishing will be a great activity to enjoy here.

Chindi (Solan District)

If you are looking for an offbeat destination to explore this vacation try out this location and we are sure you will find it nice. If you are a photographer by passion then trust us this place will be one of the best for you. If you are a writer then this place will give you the chance to relax your mind and write some new plot for your stories. This place is one of the best hill stations to visit near Delhi. Furthermore, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Similarly, you can have fun and go trekking and have an amazing picnic with family around the river. Lastly, the forests are beautiful. Thus, don’t miss watching the pretty birds.

Best time to visit:

April to June and October and November. A visit to Chindi will make your trip super special during these months as it turns magical. You can dip in the calmness and connect with the divine nature.

Churwadhar (Sirmour District)

Located in Sirmour District, this place is another hidden wonder of nature. The views are quite captivating and can fulfil your thirst for a relaxing vacation far away from city life. The location of this place is 90 km away from the centre of Shimla and is best for the camping experience. For trekkers, this place is going to be the best choice. You can surely visit the temples of Haripurdhar for a religious experience. Check out amazing landscapes, and beautiful rare trees along with the Himalayan peaks. You can enjoy biking and camping for a thrilling experience.

Best time to visit:

April to June. The weather is fantastic, the sky is beautiful and clear. It is a perfect hill station for adventure.

Mandi/ Prashar Lake (Mandi District)

Prashar Lake

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place then come and visit Mandi. This is a peaceful town which you will cross on your way to Manali from Delhi. Spend some time sitting on the banks of the Prashar Lake and we promise the experience will be a lifetime memorable one for you. It’s an offbeat location that will give you the chance to fall in love with life once more far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5 hidden hill stations getaway from Delhi – The best time to visit

March to June and October. The weather is amazing the site is filled with greenery and beauty all around.


Many other places are still unknown to many tourists and remain unexplored by them. Are you among those people who want to spend some quality time on weekends away from city life? If, yes then come and visit any of the above-mentioned places and experience the true beauty of life full of peace and happiness. Lastly, we know that Delhi streets are super busy and loud. People wish to escape to a peaceful place like a hill station in quiet. There are many more places near Delhi for a short vacation. However, these 5 gems are too special. So, take a break from the speedy city and have a relaxed time in the mentioned hill station. Enjoy beautiful surroundings and peace.

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