15 Must-See Places in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

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places to visit in ujjain

A city of temples, Ujjain. There are places waiting for you. The city pledges to take your breath away. Bring your attention and make memorable moments. Whether you’re obsessive about history, love nature’s beauty, or purely seeking an adventure experience. It has a selection of attractions suitable to everyone’s liking and interests.

There are many places to visit in Ujjain that will surely make a permanent impression on anybody visiting. With its profound ancient roots, spiritual worth, and natural beauty, this city has many things to offer to visitors. On the other hand, you can discover ancient temples and forts, taste local cuisine, and relish various experiences that provide different benefits.

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Mahakaleshwar Temple

Did you know? It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and is wonderful and most important for Hindus. You will be astonished by how calm the building looks. So peaceful the vibes are. Witness the morning prayer to have an extremely special experience and receive blessings from the divine. Additionally, the Bhasma aarti is very popular in this temple. Many politicians throughout the country visit this temple.

Jantar Mantar Ujjain

Built by Maharaja Jai Singh II, it is a captivating building with instruments for learning space and time. An eye-catching one is the huge Sun Dial, Samrat Yantra. It is a massive three-sided structure that traces the sun’s pathway, precisely displaying time with its glooms. It is surely one of the 15 Must-See Places in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Gomti Kund

This place has unbelievable ancient and cultural significance. Visiting this spectacular site will leave you astonished by its beauty and wonderful construction. It is molded like a lotus, which is actually vital in Hindu culture. You will be in awe of its thorough models and perfect design. On the other hand, you will not help but esteem the intellect and talent of the early architects who made this unbelievable masterwork.

Birla Mandir

It’s an astonishing mixture of spiritual meaning and architectural exquisiteness. Moreover, the temple was built by the famous Birla Group. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Similarly, it displays a lovely mix of ancient and modern architectural strategies, making it a great spot for visitors in India.

Ram Ghat

This spectacular ghat grips a connection to Sri Ram. We distinguish the ancient and cultural implications of Ram Ghat and how it contributes to the divine essence of Ujjain. Moreover, this place isn’t just a sacred spot but also an antique site with a history straddling many centuries. You can go for a boat ride and have a fruitful time.

Maharshi Sandipani Ashram

A must-go place in Ujjain to experience the real India. The ashram is extremely significant in Indian education and holiness. It provides a typical and complete educational trip that highlights learning, character-building, and divine growth. Furthermore, people learn a variety of subjects like Vedic sacred scripture, Sanskrit, yoga, spiritual meditation, and moral values. Thus, nurturing a complete growth practice.

Vikram Kirti Mandir Museum

On your next visit to Ujjain, check out this museum. It honors the respected King Vikramaditya. Inside, you’ll see a prosperity of ancient objects, rare pictures, and documents. Additionally, it offers a thorough vision of the city’s rich artistic and historical status.

The Wakankar Museum

It shows lots of ancient stuff from history. One unique thing is the collection of antique coins. However, these coins aren’t just about currency; they’re ancient and tell us stories about how people dealt with and ruled. Moreover, the museum delivers enlightening programs and workshops for people, targeting to include them in communicating and learning experiences. For example, they offer workshops on pottery making to involve young minds in imaginative learning.

Chaubis Khamba Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has 24 pillars with astonishing sculptures of different gods and goddesses. These statues show how amazing India’s philosophy is and how expert the artists were. A must-visit temple in Ujjain. Additionally, when you check out the temple, you’ll see it’s a combination of different ways of structures.

Pir Matsyendranath

The loveliness around this boosts the visit to Ujjain a charm. Located in the picturesque Shipra River Valley, it offers wonderful views of nature. The peaceful air is flawless for observation and prayers, making it an outstanding place for divinity seekers. Furthermore, its spiritual meaning is also an archeological marvel. It features antique sculptures, attractively carved columns, and stunning construction.

Patal Bhairav Temple

The temple is intensely significant religiously and magnets many devotees yearly. Being rich in past, spectacular in architecture, and divine spirituality, the Patal Bhairav Temple positions as an important landmark in Ujjain. Additionally, it’s also famous for dismissing black magic. Moreover, worship Lord Bhairav. It is supposed to support in disabling fear and bad energies. People from different places visit Ujjain to find ease and blessings.

The Kalideh Palace

It holds a huge historical and cultural position in India. Its architectural significance, mythical tales, and participation in religious festivities make it an appealing topic to talk about. Moreover, digging into the Kalideh Palace inspires an empathy of Indian architecture, the artistic and economic worth of historic places, and the need to preserve our cultural heritage.

Mahalok Ujjain

It stands as an intensely important artistic and ancient site in India. It is has a mystical and spiritual significance. The city is considered one of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism. Similarly, the freshly built corridor is a pleasant place to explore. Similarly, it’s optional to devote at least 3 hours in the evening, particularly when the lights are well-lit, to fully enjoy the experience.

Triveni museum

You will be greeted by a grand entrance. It shows the architectural magic of the building. Made in an old-style manner. Consequently, the museum’s project mirrors the cultural heritage of Ujjain. Furthermore, it’s divided into segments. Each is directed at a separate era in Ujjain’s history. Thus, this division will support your exploration, allowing a tougher understanding of the city’s chronological development.

Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple

It is a splendid place that fascinates the emotions and minds. Moreover, the temple’s extraordinary architecture, beautiful ideals, and calm atmosphere make it an important place to visit in Ujjain for both followers and travelers. Furthermore, this temple positions as a noteworthy symbol of India’s spiritual heritage, providing a blessed haven for followers to link deeply with god.


Ujjain is full of significant sacred spots, and ancient landmarks. Ujjain calls you into the main of India’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re in chase of mystical insight, ancient learning, or joining into an original cultural experience. Therefore, Ujjain promises an adventure that guarantees lasting memories and valued seconds for a lifetime.

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