Top 10 must to visit temples of Khajuraho


Among the famous tourists destination in India known for its beautiful temples, Khajuraho is always one of the best and preferred destination among the travelers coming from different parts of the world.  During the era of Rajput Chandela, the Khajuraho Temples were built in the period ranging from 950 to 1050 AD. The Khajuraho Group of monuments consists of Hindu and Jain Temples. The place is included within the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All the temples are the symbol of Nagara Architecture. Let us have a look at the popular temples at Khajuraho.

  • Chausath Yogini: This temple is one of the important one amongst the western group of temples in Khajuraho. This temple has been constructed on a platform of 5.4 meter high. It is presumed that this temple was constructed during 885 AD.
  • Lalguan Mahadeva Temple: Around 900 AD, the construction of this temple was completed. Among the existing temples of Khajuraho, this is considered as the second oldest one. This temple has been built on the bank of the popular lake, Lalguan Sagar.
  • Matangeshvara Temple: Among the western group of temples in Khajuraho, this is the only Hindu temple where worship is still being carried on. ASI has declared this temple as the Monument of National Importance.
  • Varaha Temple: Once travelers step into this temple, will notice gigantic image of Varaha which is, according to the Hindu mythology, third incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This shrine has been constructed on a lofty podium. The design has the simplicity with modesty itself.
  • Lakshmana Temple: Within the western temple complex in Khajuraho, this temple is also a famous one. The complex of this temple is placed on a high platform. Tri-headed and four armed Baikuntha Vishnu is the main image of this temple.
  • Parshvanatha Temple: This is the famous Jain Temple located in Khajuraho. It has been built during 10th Among other Jain Temples here, this is known to be the largest among all.
  • Vishvanatha Temple: This temple has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the dynasty of Dhanga, the famous Chandela king, constructed the temple.
  • Devi Jagadambi Temple: This temple is a group of 25 temples. During 10th to 12th centuries, this temple was built by the kings of Chandela Dynasty.
  • Chtiragupta Temple: The ASI has classified this temple as the Monument of National Importance. The temple was constructed during 11th
  • Kendriya Mahadeva Temple: Among the temples of medieval era in Khajuraho, this temple is known to be the most ornate and vast too. The temple is extended up to an area of 6 sq Km.

The main attraction of all these above mentioned temples of Khajuraho is the erotic artistic work on the walls of the temple. You will feel mesmerized with the creative work of the artists of that era. To get a detail description of the temples you can take a guide with you or you can attend the light and sound show organized every evening in the premise of Western group of temples.

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