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Tips for Visiting Jaisalmer

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Have you ever thought of visiting the majestic place close to the Pakistan Border and popularly known as “Golden City”? Yes, it is Jaisalmer, one of the most beautiful and royal cities of Rajasthan, always being tourists’ favorite for its rich history, local culture, royal architecture, and traditional wonders. Without a doubt, you will surely lose your heart in the shining sand of its desert. And its huge havelis, mantra-chanting temples, and many other ancient treasures of bygone eras are completely beyond our expectations. The place will offer you many things to explore, including the desert adventures that will make your Jaisalmer tour unforgettable. Let’s together explore this ironic tourist destination that will make your Rajasthan trip even more memorable than you think. Also,  we will offer you a complete guide about the best time to visit Jaisalmer, the most popular shopping destinations, and important travel tips to keep in mind. So, let’s go on a reading ride to Jaisalmer with us.

Explore These Splendid Places When You Are In Jaisalmer 

Do you know the best places to visit in Jaisalmer? If not, then here is the list. Let’s explore together and embrace its magnetic charisma.  

1. Maharaja Palace & Its Royal Marvel

Maharaja Palace is known for its architectural buildings of marvel. It showcases the royal history of Jaisalmer. The palace will take you through the majestic corridors and ornate statues. This palace will give you an idea about the bygone era and a glimpse of the royal life in this. 

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Cultural Heritage: Maintain the dignity of the royal palace by assuring silence on the premises.
  • Rules and Regulations: Always be a responsible and knowledgeable person, and follow the guides and rules to know about their deep history.
  • Protect the Artifacts: Maintain a good distance from the artifacts and royal objects.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting the palace during the early hours is the best time to visit the Maharaja Palace. During this time, the palace’s beauty increased four times because of the sunlight that gave a golden glow to the structure.

What to Do There

  • First, take a tour of the palace to learn about its history and importance.
  • Second, to take stunning pictures of this architectural beauty to capture memories for life.
  • Third, there are many on-site local shops from which you can buy historical pieces and handicrafts.

2. Jain Temple & Its Spiritual Vibe

The Jain temple of Jaisalmer is not only a spiritual place where your mind and body can find peace but is also known for its architecture. Various beautiful sculptures stand as a symbol of divine and supreme power, making this place an ideal religious heritage.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Dress Code: Keep yourself and your outfit away from the materialistic world. Wear simple, decent, and respectful attire that should cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Maintain Peace: Jain temples are a symbol of peace in themselves, and they also ask you to be quiet and peaceful during your visit to the temple.
  • Remove Footwear: Keeping footwear out of the temple premises is a sign of showing respect.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit a place like this is early morning or late afternoon. At this time, the temple ambiance is calm and favorable for meditation and prayer.

What to Do There

  • First is to participate in the prayer rituals. This will help your mind to offer the ultimate peace and a true vibe of spirituality.
  • Second, there are local shops nearby the temple that offer religious objects and other items that you can take with you as a memory. 

3. Patwa Haveli and Its Ancient Greatness

We can guarantee that you will never been to such a place like this before. It allows you to explore the group of five unbelievably designed mansions that are a reflection of the fortune of Jaisalmer’s wealthy merchants. Each of the haveli and its design is covered with vibrant balconies, elegant architectural structures, and beautiful carvings.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Stay in Defined Areas: There is a designated area for the visitors, limited to that area only.
  • Take the Help of Local Guides: There are various stories associated with the heritage; take the help of the local guides to learn about these fascinating stories.
  • Respect the Heritage: It is better to do not touch the delicate carvings and other significant stuff to maintain the respect and dignity of the place.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to explore the place is late morning hours when it is filled with the perfect lighting conditions.

What to Do There

  • First, to take a thorough look at the place and understand the historical importance of the Haveli and its mansions.
  • Second, there are many local vendors and shops from where you can purchase various miniature replicas of the Haveli. 

4. Salam Singh Ki Haveli and Its Timeless Beauty

One of the masterpieces you will find in Jaisalmer is Salam Singh Ki Haveli. It has many things to showcase to its visitors, from the creative peacock-shaped roof to phenomenal carvings. All these unique features are more than enough to make you travel to a world of timeless elegance.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Mind the Distance: The place is known for its cultural beauty. Don’t interrupt by touching or climbing the carvings.
  • Local Guides: There are many local guides available that can take you back to the bygone era with the help of their fascinating stories and the history of the haveli.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to explore the beauty of Haveli is the early evening hours when the sun is coming to set in the west.

What to Do There

  • First, various cultural events and performances take place, and you can be a part of it.
  • Second, you can also visit the art galleries where you will find beautiful and artistic paintings for purchase. 

5. Explore the Thrilling Desert Adventures

The desert has been the true gen of the Jaisalmer for centuries. It is a symbol of their nomadic culture and ancient civilizations. Nowadays, it has become a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts who are seeking thrilling desert activities amidst the golden dunes.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Safety: Before committing any activity, listen carefully to the experts and guides to understand it better. There are various activities like quad biking, camel safaris, and other, that requires you to follow.
  • Hydration: Always carry your water bottles to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. It will save you from the desert heat.

Best Time to Visit

It is better to visit the desert in winter, ideally from October to February. It will allow you to enjoy the adventures as well as the rays of the sun.

What to Do There

  • First, explore the thrilling desert activities like parasailing that will allow you to capture the desert beauty from a bird’s eye view.
  • Second, the best things to indulge in are the camel safaris to explore the eternity of dunes and witnessing the sunset.
  • Third is going for shopping of the traditional Rajasthani textiles, camel leather products, and local handicrafts.

 6. Jaisalmer Fort & Its Royalty

Jaisalmer Fort is the pride of Jaisalmer, and not only of Jaisalmer but of India. It is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The structure of the fort is mook but its architecture, gates, doors, and every corner is talking about its royal stories and hidden truths.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Local Customs to Follow: Ensure to follow the guidelines given by the local authorities and also follow the modest dress code.
  • Tour to The Fort: Many guides know the fort very well, and take their help to understand every corner of the fort.
  • Mind Your Steps: The pathways of the fort are uneven, and it requires you to be careful at the time you make your move to the fort.

Best Time to Visit

Early mornings and late afternoons are the ideal time to visit the fort when the sun’s rays are losing the beauty of the fort.

What to Do There

  • First is to visit the nearby Jain temple and royal palace, which is located within the fort premises.
  • Second, there are many traditional textiles, handicrafts, and decorative items shops. You can purchase any item of your choice.

7. Sam Sand Dunes to Add Adventure

Sam Sand Dunes is situated on the outskirts of Jaisalmer and gives a clear view of the history of plenty of desert nomads and travelers over the century. The golden sand makes the scene magical during the sunrise and sunset.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Involve in Activities Responsibly: The place offers camel safaris and various cultural performances, so engage in these activities with care.
  • Safety Guidelines: Ensure you have water bottles and sunscreen at the time of performing the activity. Also, listen to the guide and expert before going for the activity.

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time to visit the dunes is sunset and sunrise. It is the time when the desert comes in its live form and gives an aesthetic view.

What to Do There

  • First, is to enjoy the camel safaris and jeep rides to explore the dunes of Jaisalmer.
  • The second, thing to do is to shop various handcrafted items and traditional jewelry made by the local artisans.

8. Patwon Ki Haveli & Its Artistry

This is the beautiful group of five havelis that offers beautiful architecture and carvings. A team of wealthy merchants made this that can take you to the past era.

What Things to Keep in Mind

  • Photography etiquette: Seek permission before photographing people or their property.
  • Respect the heritage: Refrain from touching or damaging the delicate carvings and artifacts.

Best Time to Visit 

Morning hours allow you to admire the havelis’ detailed carvings without the bustling crowd.

What to Do & What to Shop

  • Take a guided tour to understand the historical significance of Patwon Ki Haveli.
  • Second, visit the nearby market to shop for handcrafts and traditional items.

15 Keep These Things in Mind When Visiting Jaisalmer

Here are the 15 important things to keep in mind while visiting Jaisalmer

Travel Insurance Apply for travel insurance to avoid any unexpected financial burden like trip cancellations and medical emergencies. 
Respect Customs Be responsible for respecting the local customs. Ensure you dress appropriately while visiting a place like temples.
Keep Yourself HydratedThe climate of the desert is very harsh and can make your body suffer from dehydration. So, keep your body hydrated by carrying water bottles with you.
Sun protectionVisiting desert climate is synonymous with exploring places in the runtime. Keep your sunscreen and protection with you.
FootwearWear comfortable footwear so that you can smoothly visit any place, from fort to the desert.
Local Etiquette Be nice and gentle to the locals. Engage with them to understand the local culture and transform history.
Photography RulesThere are some places where photography is not permitted; don’t take pictures of such locations.
Currency and ATMsEnsure you carry enough amount of money in cash for your smooth financial transactions.
Language Make yourself familiar with the basic Hindi or Rajasthani phrases to communicate with the locals.
Be SafeFollow the desert guidelines before jumping into activities like desert safaris.
Cultural SensitivityDon’t behave awkwardly to the locals; be kind to their culture.
Plan EverythingBefore heading up to the tour, plan every single thing for a smooth journey.
Local Cuisine  Get involved in the local taste without disturbing your dietary restrictions.
Emergency ContactsKeep a contact list with yourself in case of an emergency, which can include the contact of the embassy and consulate as well.
Responsible Tourism Respect the environment and local communities and set the ideal example of responsible tourism. 

The Essence of Jaisalmer

In the end, we can say that Jaisalmer is beyond the royal palace and culture; it is an experience that one can only feel and live. From temples to the sculptures, all are the heart and soul of the city. All the architectural structures add to the unique beauty and creativity of the past. When you visit there, you will find that each stone and art form wants to convey a story that is beyond words. Jaisalmer not only offers you to explore glorious places but also offers you to do traditional item shopping and get lost in the taste of Rajasthani cuisines. So, plan your visit to Jaisalmer today to experience and live in it. 


Can I visit Jaisalmer solo without family and friends?

Yes, you can plan your solo trip to Jaisalmer without friends and family. The city is famous for its hospitality and friendly locals that will not make you miss your home. Also, it is completely safe to visit solo.

Is Jaisalmer Costly if I plan a trip?

Jaisalmer is a budget-friendly place and it allows you to enjoy the place under your budget. Although it has luxurious places and accommodations. On the other hand, it also has budget-friendly stays and local markets that can complete your Jaisalmer tour under your budget.

What desert activities are available in Jaisalmer?

There are numerous activities available in Jaisalmer like desert camping, jeep rides, camel safaris, and many others.

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