Things to keep in mind while travelling to Rajasthan

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Kumbhalgarh Fort

The Royal Land Rajasthan is popular because of its forts and the architecture which reminds us of its history, the history which speaks of honor and knightliness. On the other hand, this place also provides diversity in land which has military potential. This is the reason, Rajasthan has got the top place in traveler’s list. But there are some things to keep in mind while travelling to Rajasthan.

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The best time to visit Rajasthan is between the months of October and March. Summer season in Rajasthan is intolerable, so the best time to visit forts, palaces and temples is winter. The roads in Rajasthan will take you through colorful villages and imperial cities. This way you will see the diversity of culture, and Hinduism, Jainism and Muslim religion.

Rajasthan is one such destination in India that gives you the scope to experience the beauty of deserts. Every year huge population of tourists from India as well as from other parts of the world pays a visit to this state to explore the beauty of the desert life. The Desert of India is beautiful but equally, it is having weather that can make you fall ill or your skin get tanned if proper measures are not taken while on trip. We are going to share some helpful tips that you will surely find useful.


Sunscreen is must to pack item in your luggage and if you forget to do that buy it immediately upon reaching the destination. The Sun rays are very sharp and humidity is too high. So, if proper application of sunscreen is not done then there is 100% chance that you will return back home with a badly tanned skin.

Hat/ Cap/ Scarf/ Headgear

Next after sunscreen, the other most important thing to carry with you is a hat. While going for a camel ride on a sunny day make sure that the hat in there on your head or you may end up getting a sun stroke which we are sure you will not enjoy at all on a trip. You skin will also get burnt if you face is not covered with a hat.


Just after these 2 items the next important item is your sunglasses. Keep in mind while travelling to Rajasthan to keep sunglasses. You need to protect your eyes from the sand dunes, and heat of the Sun or else you will get a burning feeling for your eyes.

Shoes/ Boots

After top most 3 items the very next item for you will be a comfy shoe. You need to protect your feet from sun burnt and heat of the desert sands and so for that it is must for you to have a good quality shoe packed for your desert trip. If the shoe you are taking is a brand new one, then do not forget to carry some band aid with you as chances will be there for having shoe rashes.


Next item will be a good quality cotton scarf to cover up your face while riding the camels on the deserts. Keep in mind that while you are travelling to Rajasthan, you should keep your head covered during hot sunny days. This will help you to protect your face and nose from the heat of the desert’s sand. If precaution is not taken to cover the nose then chances are there that at day end you may face bleeding for your nose because of heat.

Medicines/ First Aid Kit

You need to carry with you some over the counter medicines for fever, stomach, pain in body, cold and cough along with a pain balm. If you are under any type of medication then do not forget to carry your important medicine along with the copy of doctor’s prescription.

Camera/ Data Card/ Battery

When you are on a journey to explore Royal Rajasthan then how can you forget taking your camera with you? Do remember to carry extra battery or charger with you along with extra data card. One of the things to keep in mind when travelling to Rajasthan is to keep good camera and extra pair of batteries and data card.

Shopping and Bargaining Tips in Rajasthan

When you are visiting Rajasthan you should make maximum use of your bargaining skills. This way you will get good prices and better quality products in Rajasthan. Shopping and bargaining are two things that are on top of all the various Rajasthan travel tips. You can pay attention to such things such as:

  • Strike a conversation with the shopkeeper or shop attendant.
  • Be stubborn when bargaining with the shopkeeper.
  • You can quote half the price of the product.
  • Ask the locals about the best price that they can buy.
  • Walk away from the shop and let the shopkeeper reduce the price.

Respecting Local Traditions and Customs in Rajasthan

The culture and history of Rajasthan are deeply influenced by its religious and cultural traditions. You should remember these important Rajasthan travel things to know.

  • Enjoy the Rajasthani folk songs and dances by folk musicians.
  • Relish Rajasthani street food in restaurants or shops.
  • Rajasthani architecture is the most beautiful in temples and forts.
  • Appreciate Rajasthani handicrafts when you go to shops.
  • Try to pick a few Rajasthani words and use them in local conversations.
  • You should dress modestly when visiting temples, forts, palaces, and famous tourist monuments.
  • When you are entering temples, cover your head and leave your shoes outside the temple.

Money and Currency Tips for Rajasthan Travel

You will always need cash with you when you are visiting Rajasthan. This is one thing which you should keep in mind when travelling to Rajasthan. Not many places will have ATMs or bank branches. You can need cash when visiting tourist monuments and when buying in shops. You may need cash if you are taking public transport.  Credit cards will work in big cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur.

Local Cuisine and Dietary Tips in Rajasthan

Local cuisine in Rajasthan is rich in ghee, butter, and spices. One of the Rajasthan things to know is to try the street food of Rajasthan. You should make note of this and taste namkeens, which is a type of sweet and salty snack, sweets, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. But you should also stay away from shops which are not very famous. Avoid drinking from tap water and always carry bottled drinking water.

Health and Hygiene in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is quite safe when it comes to traveling and sightseeing. But one of the major Rajasthan travel tips is to take care while eating out. Rajasthan food can be heavy to the stomach and you may have stomach aches if you are not used to eating food made of ghee or fried food. You should stay hydrated while traveling and carry a water bottle. If you are trekking you should take a tour guide with you or trek with fellow passengers. You should always eat branded foods and drink branded drinks and water.

Weather Considerations for the Rajasthan Trip

When you are planning a trip to Rajasthan you should keep these very important Rajasthan travel things to know in mind. This is related to weather and climate in Rajasthan. You must remember that Rajasthan is a hot desert land where summers are very hot. You can make travel plans for Rajasthan only during the winter season. This is a season where days are not very hot and nights can be a bit cold. But winter is also the time when you can do most things in Rajasthan very comfortably. Sightseeing, shopping, and traveling can be done very comfortably during this time.

Rajasthan Travel Dos and Don’ts

In Rajasthan you will have to follow some do’s and don’ts if you want to enjoy your trip. These are very essential Rajasthan things to know.


  • Only rely on certified travel and tour guides in Rajasthan.
  • Cover your head with a scarf or cap if the day is too hot.
  • Do not travel with jewelry or lots of cash. Keep it in your hotel locker.
  • Always drink water from famous brands. Do not drink tap water.
  • Take off your shoes outside temples or gurudwaras.
  • Immunize yourself with shots for malaria, typhoid, tetanus, and hepatitis, if you are traveling in Rajasthan.
  • Local transport in Rajasthan can be very tiring. Prefer Ola or Uber taxi and rickshaw instead.
  • You can carry light clothing and avoid woolen sweaters, and shawls.
  • Always bargain in shopping places in Rajasthan.
  • You can rely on local people for directions and local guidance to visit places.
  • Photography is restricted and banned in many tourist and historical monuments.
  • Carry physical and digital maps and have your phones with GPS navigation.
  • Always lock your luggage and bags in hotels.


  • Do not eat food or drinks from unknown food sellers and restaurants.
  • If you want to photograph a monument then see if photography is permitted or not.
  • Always carry a photo ID card of yours so that you will have your identity with you in times of risk and danger.
  • Women have to avoid traveling at night after 10 p.m.


If you follow all these points in Rajasthan then it assures you a pleasant fun-filled trip. These Rajasthan travel tips are very essential whether you are traveling alone or in a group. Rajasthan can be a very good destination, only if you plan your trip with all the above points and travel in the right season.

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