The Most Attractive Palaces In India To Feel The Royal Bygone Era

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India is a synonym for an alluring land, thanks to its rich heritage and culture. The land, once ruled by the Maharajas will win your heart with its ancient palaces. While some palaces are now luxurious hotels. However, a tour around the grandeur palaces in India is a memory to cherish.

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To help you attain the royal vibe in your India trip, we have listed some outstanding palaces in India to visit. Keep reading to experience the slice of heaven.

Soul-lifting palaces in India that are embraced with royalty

Do history and folklore stories enthrall you?  Want to go back to the era of prince and princess? Well, then royal palaces in India are the best bet. Check out our recommendations of the best palaces in India and get stumbled over their magnificence.

Mysore Palace ( “Amba Vilas Palace”), Karnataka

The Mysore Palace in Karnataka is no less than a dreamland. It is one of the ancient palaces in India known for its magnificent architecture. Moreover, it is the residence of the royal family. Yes, you heard it right, the erstwhile king’s family still resides in this palace. 

The Mysore Palace boasts an architectural blend of Indo- Saracenic. It is the perfect place to feel the royal vibe. Furthermore, the palace looks more beautiful every evening with beautiful illuminating lights.

 During Dussehra, the palace will offer an experience of a lifetime. The lighting, decoration and royalty during Dussehra will soak you in the cultural vibe.

City Palace, Rajasthan

The land which will make you fall in love with palaces in Rajasthan. One such magnificent place here is City Palace in Udaipur. The City palace welcomes tourists all over to explore the unique charm of the bygone era. The architecture here is absolutely stunning, we bet you will be stunned after seeing this architectural marvel.

City palace is one of the best palaces in Rajasthan to understand the royal world. It also houses Jagdish Temple, museum, and other palaces in its complex. Furthermore, the view of Lake Pichola and the surreal natural surroundings is mind-boggling.

“Laxmi Vilas Palace”, Gujarat

“Laxmi Vilas Palace” is one of the most attractive palaces in India to visit. Located in Vadodara, Gujarat, the royal family still resides here. It is one of the largest palaces sprawling about 500 acres. The rich interior and royal aura will keep you hooked. 

The architecture of the palace is a fusion of Gothic, Mughal, and Hindu styles. If you love the plush lifestyle with hints of tradition, then you must visit “Laxmi Vilas Palace”. Moreover, did you know the palace is four times larger than Buckingham Palace? Well, that’s a big surprise and also makes it a must-visit place.


Umaid Bhawan, Rajasthan

The aura and pleasant construction of Umaid Bhawan will take you to the dreamland. When in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, one cannot afford to miss the magnificent sight of Umaid Bhawan. The yellow sandstone construction is simply extraordinary and perfect for Instagram shots. 

Visitors can enjoy a good time at the museum of the palace. Moreover, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at the part of the palace known as the “Taj palace hotel”. If you ever had a dream of living in a palace like a Maharaja, then book your stay here. Moreover, the manicured garden with different flower beds is a compliment to the beauty of the palace.

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Hawa Mahal, Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal located in Jaipur, Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful palaces in Jaipur. The unique artistry and structure are what make it popular among tourists around the globe. Visitors get enticed witnessing 953 windows of the Hawa Mahal. The windows are a natural air conditioner.  Thus the palace is also referred to as the “Palace of Winds”.

To get the best experience of the palace, visit in the morning hours. As the sunlight passes through the windows, the sight looks marvelous.

Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu

The palace that will bowl you with its magnificent appearance is Chettinad palace in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. The vibe of the place is so surreal that it will surely make you feel like the Maharaja. So, if you want to experience the cultural heritage dating back to the royal era, then you must visit Chettinad Palace.

Moreover, the lush greenery, beautiful garden area is a serene sight to adore. The tranquil natural atmosphere and the vibrant palace make this the best among the other ancient palaces in India to visit.

With erstwhile rich deep-rooted heritage, India boasts rich palaces and its culture. Every monumental edifice of India reflects its history and luxury. Mark your favorite palaces in India to visit and encounter the inspiring charm of the past royal era. Which of the above palaces are you planning to visit on your next royal vacation?

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