Popular 10 Tea Estates in India to Visit

Are you the one who likes to start the day with a hot cup of tea? The smoky flame running out from your cup makes it all the more tempting to take the first sip. And not to forget, the bright colour of the tea is  more inviting. If you are a true tea lover, you should visit tea estates in India and feel the place of your favourite cuppa. 

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The vast expanse of tea estates and their cultivation process is an interesting topic to garner knowledge. Tea estates are found in the hill stations of India and are blessed with a pleasant atmosphere. The freshly brewed tea is a perfect complement to the climate of the hill station, adding extra joy to your trip. 

10 Tea estates of India to plan your next vacay

Be it winter, summer, a hectic day or a relaxing time, a cup of tea is always a good companion. So, exploring tea estates in India is as fun as sipping hot tea.

Want to know the best tea estates in India? Here is the list!

1. Nilgiri Tea Plantation, Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri settles on the top list of tea gardens in India, and the credit goes to its location and scenic beauty. Every year influx of tourists visit Nilgiri Hills, and tea lovers do not miss visiting Nilgiri Tea Plantation.

The lush greenery and sprawling plantation area are worth pleasing to your eyes. You can start exploring the tea estate from Coonor and sip a cup of tea in any of the tea lounges of the estate. 

2. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea has always won all tea lovers’ hearts. You can also book a stay at this estate. And the view of the room facing Kanchenjunga Mountain is mesmerizing.

Visit Glenburn Tea Estate any time of the year the beauty here is evergreen. And don’t forget to get some fresh tea powder from this serene estate of Darjelling.

3. Kanan Devan Hills Plantation, Munnar

One of the most beautiful tea estates in India is Kanan Devan Hills Plantation in Munnar. It is famous as well as a renowned tea estate from ages. And Munnar being the most sought-after place in the tourism circuit, Kanan Devan Hills Plantation has gained reverence. When you visit here, don’t miss to visit the tea museum, which will further amaze you. 

4. Halmari Tea Estate, Assam

Located in the Moran district, Halmari Tea Estate is a must-visit place on your trip to Assam. This tea estate is popular all around India due to its excellent quality and taste. However, Assam is popular for tea estates, and this place proves it right.

5. Mangalam Tea Estate, Assam

The top 10 tea garden in Assam is Mangalam Tea Estate. Every tea estate in Assam has something special about it and Mangalam Tea Estate is remarkable because of the pattern it follows in Tea plantations. The structure is designed in such a way that it looks attractive as well as smooth in the work process. The tea production from this estate has a good name even in German markets. 

6. Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Makaibari Tea Estate is very popular in Darjeeling and is one of the oldest estates here. You get to taste organic tea here, and it also has homestay options. The view is pleasant and is heaven for tea lovers.

7. Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh

The beauty of Himachal Pradesh is not hidden, and tea estates enhance its pristine aura. This sprawling estate of 70 acres will offer you a joyful time. You can stay in one of the cottages here and enjoy fishing, hiking and swimming. 

8. Kelagur Tea Estate, Karnataka

The picturesque location is the hotspot of Kelagur Tea Estate. You get to watch the tea-making process here. At last, when you get to taste the special organic tea your heart will go la-la-la. Enjoy the salubrious climate and sip hot tea. 

9. Gatoonga Tea Estate, Assam

One more tea estate to add to your trip to Assam is Gattonga Tea Estate. Many nearby stay options will help you conveniently explore this estate. It is also the best place to capture some good photographs. So, get ready to pose and click some good pictures for your gram. 

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Tamil Nadu

Excellent view from height is the specialty of Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. If you are a nature lover, then you can’t skip this tea estate on your Tamil Nadu journey. Walk around the sprawling Kolukkumalai Tea Estate and enjoy your favorite beverage. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the popular tea estates in India that all tea lovers must visit in their life. Where are you planning your next trip, and to which tea estate? 


1) Which is the best tea estate in India?

Some of the best tea estates in India are: 
1. Nilgiri Tea Plantations
2. Glenburn Tea Estate
3.Kanan Devan Hills Plantation
4. Halmari Tea Estate, Assam
5. Mangalam Tea Estate
6. Makaibari Tea Estate
7. Darang Tea Estate
8. Kelagur Tea Estate
9. Gatoonga Tea Estate
10. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

2) Where was tea first planted in India?

Darjeeling is the state where the first tea was planted in India.

3) Is there variety in tea?

Yes, there are more than 3000 different varieties of tea. And every state has some speciality and difference in taste and type. 

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