Food of Haryana: 15 Traditional Local Dishes

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The food of Haryana is simple yet very tasty and nutritious. Haryana is famous for its rotis (flatbreads). The people of Haryana make rotis made of wheat, bajra, and gram flour. Haryanvi people also consume milk and milk products.

Food of Haryana

Food of Haryana: 15 traditional local dishes consist of various types of food dishes. The people of Haryana make ghee and butter in their homes. Buttermilk, yoghurt, lassi, and Thandai are some of the popular items made from milk.

15 Delicious Foods of Haryana

We have given a list of the food of Haryana 15 traditional local dishes that are popular in Haryana. These are given below.

  • Singri ki Sabzi
  • Besan Masala Roti
  • Mixed Dal
  • Hara Dhania Choliya
  • Kadhi Pakora
  • Malpua
  • Mithe Chawal
  • Bajara Khichri
  • Bhura Roti Ghee
  • Bathua Raita
  • Bajara Aloo Roti
  • Kachri ki Chutney
  • Methi Gaajar
  • Alsi ki Pinni
  • Rajma Chawal

1. Singri Ki Sabzi

Singri Ki Sabzi Haryana

Ker Singri is a type of bean that is found in the areas of Rajasthan and Haryana. People of Haryana use this ker sangria to make delicious sabzi. They first soak the beans overnight. Then they cook it with other spices, mango powder, and berries. Sometimes, they add yogurt to this sabzi and make it very delicious.

2. Besan Masala Roti

Besan Masala Roti Haryana

The people of Haryana make this flatbread (roti) from gram flour (besan) and atta (wheat flour). Furthermore, they make dough of these two ingredients and add mango powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, and green chilli powder and make round-shaped rotis. Similarly, they consume this with raita, dal, and sabzi.

3. Mixed Dal

Mixed Dal Haryana

This dish is a favourite of everyone and is most common in the households of Haryana. Mixed Dal is a lentil dish that is made from various lentils like moong dal, toor dal, and masoor dal. Additionally, various spices are used to make this dal and ghee is used in its preparation. This dal is served with rice or paratha.

4. Hara Dhania Choliya

Hara Dhania Choliya Haryana

The people of Haryana make this dish using green chana. Furthermore, they use various vegetables like carrots, onions, and different spices to make this famous food of Haryana.

5. Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi Pakora Haryana

This dish known as Kadhi Pakora is another essential Haryana famous food. Haryana people make kadhi with sour yogurt and they thicken it with besan (gram flour). Additionally. they make Pakoras by making batter of gram flour and spices. Moreover, the batter is then made into small balls and deep-fried in oil. They add it to the kadhi and serve it hot.

6. Malpua

Malpua Haryana

This is a sweet dish which is common in Haryana and north India. The Haryanvi people use ghee to make Malpua. These are soft and juicy, and the sugar makes this a sweet dish. Similarly, the local Haryana people serve Malpua with Rabri.

7. Mithe Chawal

Meethe Chawal Haryana

We have included Mithe Chawal on the list. This dish is a sweet dish where the rice is sweet. This dish is special in Haryana as the local people of Haryana grow basmati rice. They make this dish and use ghee, cardamom, basmati rice, sugar, and saffron. This is a famous dish which you should taste when you visit Haryana.

8. Bajra Khichdi Haryana

Bajra Khichdi Haryana

This is a very famous dish of Haryana and we have included it in the list. Here the local people of Haryana do not use rice but bajara to make this dish. Additionally, they soak bajara and moong dal overnight and then cook it together along with spices. Bajara gives nutrition to the body and it grows even in harsh climates like that of Haryana.

9. Bhura Roti Ghee

Bhura Roti Ghee Haryana

This is a very simple dish which we have included in the famous food of Haryana. The local folk people of Haryana use this dish as a dessert as it is a sweet dish. Moreover, they make use of leftover rotis to make this dish. They powder the sugar and it is called Bhura. On the other hand, ghee is applied to the rotis and when they have it with powdered sugar it tastes marvelous.

10. Bathua Raita

Bathua Raita Haryana

We thought of including this simple yogurt recipe in our food of Haryana: 15 traditional local dishes. The main ingredient of this dish, is a leaf called bathua or chenopodium leaves. The people of Haryana normally make this dish in the winter season when the cold is very harsh. Moreover, they add bathua leaves, chopped coriander, salt, pepper, red chili, and salt to yogurt and make a raita. They consume it with rotis.

11. Bajara Aloo Roti

Bajra Aloo Roti Haryana

The people of Haryana make this dish during the winter season. They use bajra and potato to make this dish. Moreover, the locals make bajara aloo roti just like the bajra roti but use mashed potatoes and spices to make a filling of the roti. Furthermore, they also make use of onions to the dough and make the rotis. Lastly, they add butter on top of the roti and serve it with raita.

12. Kachri Ki Chutney

Kachri Ki Chutney

This dish is very famous in parts of Haryana and Rajasthan. This is a chutney and the local Haryanvi people make this chutney from a vegetable called Kachri. Furthermore, this is a type of wild cucumber and their appearance is like small watermelons. Moreover, the locals grind the kachri and add garlic, onions, spices, and yogurt to make the chutney.

13. Methi Gaajar

Methi Gajar Haryana

We have included this famous food of Haryana in our list. Methi gajar is a dish that the local Haryanvi people make using methi (fenugreek leaves) and carrots. Methi leaves and carrots are cut and tossed with various spices and salt. Additionally, they add garam masala to the mixture. Furthermore, they add sugar and it lends sweetness to the dish. They eat methi gajar with roti.

14. Alsi Ki Pinni

Alsi Ki Pinni Haryana

This is one of the foods of Haryana 15 traditional local dishes that we have included in our famous food of Haryana. The local Haryanvi people use flax seed or linseed to make this dish. This is a sweet dish and the locals use wheat flour, sugar, nuts, and ghee to prepare the dish. They make a mixture of all the ingredients and make round balls.

15. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal Haryana

We have included yet another famous food of Haryana in our food of Haryana 15 traditional local dishes. The local Haryanvi people also make this dish. Moreover, they use red kidney beans, which they soak overnight. They cook this the next day with various spices. Consequently, these gravy-like rajma beans then added to basmati rice. Rajma beans are very good in vitamins and high in proteins.


The local food of Haryana is a blast of delicious flavours and traditions. Whether it’s a portion of simple vegetarian food, mouth-watering meat dishes, or tempting street food, Haryana’s food delights never fail to impress. We hope you liked all the that we mentioned here. However, you must taste these when you visit Haryana at any time. Winter is the best time as you can taste not just the above dishes but many more such tasty famous food of Haryana. Furthermore, the state’s cooking landscape is proof of its rich cultivated heritage and cultural ethnicities, as it effortlessly blends traditional flavours with a touch of creativity. Thus, explore the food of Haryana and indulge in the gastronomic journey of a fascinating experience.

Food of Haryana: FAQ

Which is the best time and season to visit Haryana?

You should visit Haryana in the winter months.

What is Haryana famous for?

Haryana is famous for its cattle, which include cows and buffaloes.

Which is the traditional sweet of Haryana?

Alsi Pinni is the traditional sweet of Haryana.

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