The Ultimate Guide to Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

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Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

Chardham is one of the famous yatras in India where you can find pilgrims from all across the globe! Chardham Yatra is a popular tour as it holds immense significance. This religious pilgrimage is truly the best way to seek blessings from the almighty. Moreover, the Chardham Yatra by helicopter is also considered a divine journey. Pilgrims who especially complete the yatra are often known as blessed by the almighty. 

The Chardham Yatra by helicopter is a spiritual and natural experience for pilgrims. It allows you to witness rugged terrain, unseen landscapes and lush valleys. The yatra generally starts with Yamunotri and then Gangotri. After this, the pilgrims proceed to Kedarnath and then end the Chardham Yatra at Badrinath. Additionally, it is a physically challenging route and one must prepare well before proceeding. So, here is the blog with all the details for Chardham Yatra by helicopter for your ease. 

Chardham Yatra by Helicopter 

Chardham Yatra is generally done in three different ways – helicopter services, trekking or riding on horses. Depending on the destination, there are unique ways to reach the final place of worship. However, the journey takes weeks as it involves rigorous trekking and navigating through the tricky terrain. However, helicopter booking for Chardham Yatra is one of the most convenient ways to do the tour. It is for those who are looking for a relaxed way of completing the pilgrimage. 

The Chardham Yatra by helicopter offers an exclusive opportunity to witness the majestic Himalayan range. Many Chardham helicopter tours also include VIP darshan, meals and accommodation options. It depends on the Chardham Yatra package you choose for the journey. However, if you are short on time or looking for the best way, a tour by helicopter is a hassle-free option. Let’s understand how to make the booking and get going with the pilgrimage.

Chardham Helicopter Operators

There are a plethora of Chardham helicopter operators that are either privately owned or run by the government. It is highly advisable to check for their reviews, credibility and customer experience before opting for the Chardham Yatra by helicopter. Below are a few names of the companies that operate the best Chardham helicopter services.

1. Kestrel Aviation Pvt Ltd

2. Aryan Aviation Pvt Ltd.

3. Heritage Aviation Pvt Ltd.

4. Himalayan Heli Services Pvt Ltd

5. Arrow aviation Pvt Ltd

6. Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd

7. Trans Bharat aviation Pvt Ltd

8. Arihant Helicopter Service India

9. Timberline Helicharters

10. SAR Aviation Helicopter Tours

11. Pawan Hans Helicopter Tours

12. Airlogic Aviation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

13. Safe Fly Aviation 

14. Match Air India

15. Bajaj Aviation 

Brief Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Tour Itinerary 

To better understand the Chardham yatra by helicopter, it is important to learn the step-by-step journey. So, here are all the details for your reference.

1. Arrival in Dehradun 

Most of the Chardham tours by helicopter start from Dehradun. This is the base point where you generally get a night’s stay. Now is the time to buckle up your energy and spirit for the adventurous journey ahead. Additionally, most of the operators often arrange pick-up from the airport or the railway station. 

2. Dehradun to Yamunotri 

The journey starts in the early morning when you need to report to the helipad. The journey begins in Dehradun and you fly up to an altitude of 8500 feet. Further, it begins at the Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun and lands at the Kharsali Helipad in Yamunotri

As you reach Yamunotri, you need to trek for around 6 hours to reach the place of worship. Chardham Yatra by helicopter comes to a pause. You can then visit Shani Temple and Yamuna Mata Temple to seek blessings. It is indeed one of the most visually appealing journeys during the trip. 

3. Yamunotri to Gangotri 

The next day begins with your travel from Yamunotri to Gangotri. The Chardham Yatra by helicopter takes you to an altitude of 8500 feet. The base accommodation is generally in Harsil village. So, you can easily reach the Gangotri Dham which is an hour from the village. The journey is truly scenic with especially beautiful landscapes.

4. Gangotri to Kedarnath 

The next step of the journey is a truly enlightening one. You now have an amazing opportunity to seek blessings from Lord Shiva! The Chardham Yatra by helicopter now lands on the divine land of Kedarnath. What’s more? There are a few shuttle services to take you to Darshan. 

Similarly, there can also be a pony or a palki ride to take you towards the main shrine. As you reach Kedarnath, you can truly embrace the awe-inspiring views and spirituality of this place. Additionally, this is the time when you fly at an altitude of 8500 feet.

5. Kedarnath to Badrinath 

Finally, here’s the last stop for your Chardham Yatra by helicopter! After seeking blessings from Lord Shiva, it is time to visit Badrinath. You can now fly from 6500 feet and go high up to 10,300 feet. The beautiful town of Badrinath helps you soak up the spirituality of this place. 

Badrinath is best known among pilgrims as it is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of India. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the place of worship especially attracts travellers from all around the world. What’s more? You can also visit Mana village, which is also the last village in India. That is exactly the place where you can experience a unique blend of spirituality and serenity.

6. Badrinath to Dehradun 

The journey ends when you fly from Badrinath to Dehradun. Get ready to take home blessings and lovely memories of your trip. It is now time to look at photographs and relive the moments of joy!

Guidelines for Passengers

  • The Chardham Yatra by helicopter is indeed a delightful experience. However, it is also important to understand your travel route. Since you opt for Chardham helicopter operators, you need to follow the safety rules and basic guidelines.
  • Before the flight, listen carefully to the instructions given by the company. This is the time when you can raise queries and get them answered.
  • Practice deep breathing in case you feel nervous about the journey.
  • Avoid wearing loose caps or carrying anything handy that may be blown away during the helicopter ride.
  • Chardham Yatra by helicopter has strict restrictions on weight and baggage. It is ideal to follow the same for a hassle-free experience.
  • If you use a camera or other devices during the ride, ensure they are secured well.

Terms and Conditions 

Terms and conditions vary depending on the Chardham helicopter operators. The booking process, travel journey, itinerary and experiences completely differ from company to company. However, here are the general terms and conditions for the Chardham Yatra by helicopter that help you prepare in advance.

  • Booking confirmation is subject to availability, so book it well in advance to secure your seat.
  • Some companies take full payment in advance while others deal with partial payment.
  • Always check the cancellation policy, as it differs for different Chardham helicopter operators.
  • You may be restricted on the journey if you are not physically fit. Similarly, underlying medical conditions can also lead to a restriction on the helicopter ride.
  • Most companies do not offer a refund if the helicopter ride is delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions. Check with the operator.
  • Excessive baggage may lead to additional charges.

Travel Tips for Chardham by Helicopter 

  • It is best to book your Chardham Yatra by helicopter only with a reputable company to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Do not go for companies offering packages cheaper than others because you would not want to compromise on the travel journey.
  • Always check the weather before booking helicopter services.
  • Ensure that your health is in good condition while opting for the Chardham Yatra by helicopter. Since you’ll be flying at high altitudes, it is important to keep your health in check.
  • Carry all crucial documents as you may need them during the trip.
  • Travelling to these divine places also comes with a lot of concern for the environment. Do not litter anywhere and avoid activities that damage the surroundings.
  • When travelling for the Chardham Yatra by helicopter, make sure to respect the local customs. It is best to follow the traditional practices just like the locals. Even when something seems strange, it is best to enjoy the experience without overthinking it.
  • Always keep emergency contact handy or keep it with your bag tag for ease.

Best Time to Travel

The best time for Chardham Yatra by helicopter is between May to June in the summer season and September to October. The temperature is mild and you can easily explore the places of worship. These are the peak months and you are likely to find larger crowds. Additionally, avoid the monsoon season as these places receive heavy rainfall. It is advisable to check with the Chardham helicopter operators for the most suitable time and month for travel.

Now that you have all the details for the Chardham Yatra by helicopter, book your tickets and get ready for a thrilling journey.

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