Eating your way through Delhi to Manali: Top 5 Restaurants

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Travelling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate and get back with energy. So, when travelling via the Delhi-Manali highway, make sure to enjoy the scenery around. As you drive through the never-ending roads leading to beautiful destinations, it is also important to eat well. However, it can be difficult to carry huge baskets of snacks throughout the journey. That’s when Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants are here to serve you! 

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Do not waste time searching for dhabas and restaurants because we have got you sorted. Whether the craving is for a brownie or parathas, the highway is home to multiple Dhabas and restaurants on your way. So, check out this blog for more details about the best restaurants on Delhi Manali route and their specialities.

5 Amazing Restaurants on Delhi Manali Route are – 

1. Murthal Dhaba

As you drive your way through the scenic destinations of North India, you are sure to feel hungry. The best of Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants are here to fulfil your cravings with delicious food. Murthal Dhaba is one of the popular restaurants on Delhi Manali route. Whether you are travelling solo or in groups, this place is ideal for all kinds of travellers. 

The best food to try is paratha with white butter prepared with utmost care. The melting butter makes its way through your stomach straightway giving a wholesome experience. Moreover, you can also find modern dishes including Margherita pizza, meatballs and Chinese starters. 

The Punjabi restaurant also specializes in tea and coffee after a hectic journey. Additionally, the spacious area allows you to relax and get fresh air in between your travel journey. It is one of the ideal restaurants on Delhi Manali route with ample parking space.

Location: Dhaba no 2, Murthal, Haryana 131027

2. Bahadur Dhaba

Welcome to one of the best Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants for a soulful time. Bahadur Dhaba is a great option if you are looking for an authentic meal. If you are not looking for especially big fat dhabas, this option is for you! 

Bahadur Dhaba is a small eatery serving scrumptious food to thousands of travellers. Moreover, the place is famous for Makke ki Roti and Mah ki Daal. What makes it even more delicious is the spread of homemade ghee on the top of your dish. 

Additionally, the Kadhi also creates a burst of flavour with every bite. Be delighted because the place has super fast service. It is one of the traditional restaurants on Delhi Manali route and the customers visit this place every time they’re travelling to Manali.

Location: Banaula, Himachal Pradesh 174001

3. Fauji Dhaba

You are entering an authentic space where Himachal Pradesh welcomes you with its flavours. Whether it is the subtle taste of dishes or the simplicity of combinations, Fauji Dhaba is definitely a place to be! It is one of the ideal restaurants on Delhi Manali route if you are a fan of simple food. 

The Dhaba does not have a specific menu as it serves home-cooked food. You can find various types of lentils cooked to perfection. Moreover, the place also serves nicely cooked rice. 

It is one of the cheap Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants as it is super affordable for all types of travellers. What elevates your experience is the hospitality and lovely nature of the people serving food.

Location: NH20, Narla, Saned, Himachal Pradesh 175012

4. Amrik Sukhdev

You cannot miss visiting one of the famous restaurants on Delhi Manali route! Amrik Sukhdev is a fascinating place for delicious meals and snacks. Decorated with vibrant lights and comfortable seating, this restaurant attracts travellers from across the country. 

The best thing is that the place is always crowded yet it has ample space for dining. When you are here, do not miss trying their aloo and Gobi parathas. Chhole Bhature is also one of their specialities. Being one of the popular Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants, Amrik Sukhdev serves a variety of other cuisines too. 

The sweet lassi tops your meal with its thickness and authentic preparations. You can also try their mouth-watering pav bhaji, dosas, Amritsari kulchas and other desserts. The availability of clean restrooms and nearby shops makes it a good visit.

Location: No.52, 250KM Stone, Grand Trunk Rd, Murthal, Haryana 131039

5. Deepak Dhaba

Ready to experience a burst of flavour? Deepak Dhaba is here to serve you the best food dishes. Whether it is about cleanliness or the availability of seats, it is one of the top Delhi Manali Dhaba restaurants. Moreover, the place is huge and you can find a good space for relaxing in between your journey. 

Deepak Dhaba is popular among travellers for its special thali filled with delicious elements. Additionally, the parathas here are prepared with love and clear white butter adding to the flavour. Chhole Bhature, Paneer Butter Masala and Dahi Bhalla. 

The restaurant especially serves tempting desserts ranging from traditional gulab jamuns to cakes and brownies. The comfortable seating and a lively aura create the perfect time. Being one of the restaurants on Delhi Manali route, you must give it a try!

Location: 7HGR+P55, Sangrur Rd, Dhanaula, Punjab 148105

It is always a good idea to keep exploring different dishes at these restaurants on Delhi Manali route. Because, every time you try something new, you take home a unique memory of your journey. 

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