Naina Devi Temple, Nainital

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Hello friends, today in this post, we are going to inform you in detail about the main temple "History and Mythology of Naina Devi Temple" located in Nainital district, a tourist destination located in the state of Uttarakhand, so read this post till the end.

When was Built

Naina Devi temple idol in 1842. The temple was constructed in the year 15 AD. The Naina Devi temple was completely destroyed in 1880 as a result of violent landslides. Locals quickly rebuilt the Naina Devi Temple in 1883 because they have a strong devotion to Maa Naina Devi.

Who is the founder

A devotee named Moti Ram Shah placed

History of Naina Devi Temple

The revered Gnani Shakti Dharmo ki Peeth, also known as the "Naini Devi Temple," is located in the Nainital area of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. On the shores of Naini Lake in Nainital, close to Mallital, stands the magnificent Maa Naina Devi Temple. The fame of Naina Devi temple is also in the form of main Shakti Peethas. The Kushan era is when the Naina Devi shrine is first mentioned. The idol of the Naina Devi Temple, which was built in the 15th AD, was set up in 1842 by a follower named Moti Ram Shah.

This temple was destroyed by an avalanche in 1880.

Later it was rebuilt. Here, adoration is offered to Sati in her Shakti form."Naina Devi" is worshiped in the Naina Devi temple and this temple is situated in the northern Siri end of the Naini lake. The unique feature of this temple is that only the goddess's two eyes are visible in the building, rather than the goddess herself, who is seated there in all her splendour. Goddess Naina's devotees travel from all over the world to seek her blessings. Various types of flowers are planted in the courtyard of the temple, which adds to the beauty of the temple. On Nanda Ashtami, a large fair is held inside the temple. This festival is organized for 8 days. In this fair, the idol of Naini Devi, sister of Nanda Devi is immersed on that day.

In the Naina Devi temple, the form of pindi represents the mother's eyes. This temple offers unobstructed views of Naini Lake and Nainital, which you can enjoy. The temple's courtyard is filled with a variety of flowers, which enhances the attractiveness of the building.A sizable fair is conducted inside the temple on Nanda Ashtami., the idol of Nanda Devi's sister, Naini Devi is immersed on that day. In the Naina Devi temple, the form of pindi represents the mother's eyes. 

Distance, Timing, Open/Closed

This temple is only 2.5 kilometres from the Nainital bus stop, and a rickshaw can take you there in 9 minutes. There is no entry fee to enter this temple and the opening time of the temple is from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Inside Naina Devi Temple

After entering the courtyard of the temple, there is a huge Peepal tree inside the temple, which has started resting for the devotees coming to the Naina Devi temple. There is an idol of Lord Hanuman across the Peepal tree. Inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple there are idols in the shape of three deities, the two netras (eyes) in the middle representing Naina Devi and the statuesof Here, images of "Mata Kali Devi" and "Lord Ganesha" can be seen. The main temple of Maa Naina Devi is surrounded by the idols of two lions.

List Places to Visit around Naina Devi Temple


Visiting Places


Open/Closed  Day



Nainital Lake

06:00 Am To 06:00 Pm

All Day open

11 min (3.4 km) via UT SH 41


Naina Peak

24 Hour

All Day open

10 hr 59 min (553.3 km) via NH734


Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo

10:00 Am To 04:30 Pm

All Day open

11 hr 4 min (552.8 km) via NH734


Tiffin Top

24 Hours

Not Closed any Time

10 hr 49 min (548.7 km) via NH734


According to legend, Naina Devi never let's her followers down, and everyone who has the pleasure of seeing her is almost immediately granted their heart's desires. She is renowned for granting wishes and never fails to make her devotees happy. People swarm her temples all year long, and her power and effulgence are unbounded.


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