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The hill station of Manali is also one of the most exciting places to do some shopping. You will find many shops and shopping zones where you can explore Himachali handicraft items. Handicraft items from Himachal Pradesh and surrounding regions are famous in Manali for shopping. Manali is famous for its woolen sweaters, shawls, and wooden handicraft items. There are so many different types of gift items you can get here. If you want to know what is famous in Manali for shopping, then you might get some very interesting answers. You can keep an entire day just shopping in Manali. So if you are on a holiday in Manali, then you can shop for some famous items.

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Famous Places in Manali for shopping

Some of the famous shopping places in Manali are given below. You will also find good shops in Kullu also.

Old Manali Market

Old Manali is famous in Manali for shopping a wide variety of things from home decor items to jewelry. In Old Manali, which is the original town of Manali, there is a famous shopping market. the market is truly like a vintage bazaar. In Old Manali Market, you will feel the old-world charm. There are many shops around where you will get woolen clothes, t-shirts, gifts, souvenirs, and dresses. You will also find cafes and restaurants where you can refresh yourself while you shop around. You will find many tattoo shops and handmade toys and handicraft shops. The backdrop of the snow-clad mountains will add charm to this old market.

Himachal Emporium

Himachal Emporium is famous in Manali for shopping a variety of local handicraft products. Here you will get to discover exquisitely made products that are hand-made by artisans and tribal people from Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Emporium has a good collection of pottery items, local jewelry worn by local people of Manali, and Kangra silks. You can also shop for pashmina shawls, Himachali caps, and woolen sweaters. You can buy any item at a fixed price. Himachal Emporium is a government-owned shop so you will get good quality products at reasonable rates. In addition, you can shop for home décor items, footwear, Himachali coat, and rugs.

Tibetan Market

Tibetan Market is famous in Manali for shopping Tibetan handicraft items and souvenirs. This market is very popular with tourists. Tibetan Market is the best to buy Buddhist paintings and home décor items. You will find rare items like Buddhist prayer wheels, singing bowls, bamboo items, prayer flags, and handmade products. Every product here is a reflection of the Tibetan culture that thrives in Manali. You will find fantastic Buddhist sculptures and idols, silver jewelry, clothing, and other products for shopping.

Manu Market

Mall Road is one of the famous shopping places in Manali and Manu Market is the best place to shop. What is the best thing about Manu Market is that you will find many restaurants, cafes, and street food options. The shops here sell everything from crockery and utensils to electronic gadgets and jewelry. You can shop for woolen garments, Himachali caps, shawls, rugs, carpets, utensils, Buddhist paintings, handloom products, books, and many other items.

Mall Road


Mall Road is one of the famous sightseeing places to visit in Manali. This place is one of the must-visit places in all of Manali. Mall Road is busy day or night. You can admire the vistas of mountains and valleys from many places on Manali Mall Road. There are so many shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and banks. Many famous sightseeing places in Manali are within walking distance of Mall Road. Mall Road is one of the famous shopping places in Manali. The best things to buy here are Himachali caps and Pashmina shawls. You can also find some good antique items, paintings, home decor items, footwear, Tibetan handicraft items, food products like jam, pickles, fruit syrups, etc.


Manali is famous for its handloom and handicraft items. Bhuttico is a famous shopping place in Manali to shop for ISO Certified handicraft items. Women started Bhuttico as a cooperative enterprise in 1944. One of the main reasons why you should also visit Bhuttico is that the Ministry of Textiles awarded Bhuttico with the National Award in 1993-94. Every item you buy carries a quality certificate. You will get assured quality for any product that you buy here. The main items that you should buy from Bhuttico are shawls, scarves, Himachali caps, jackets, and other winter wear.

Sultanpur Market

Kullu is famous for its Himachali culture and some unique bazaars. Sultanpur Market is one of the famous shopping places in Manali to shop for local Himachali items like Buddhist paintings called Thangka paintings. You can also buy traditional jewelry, Kullu caps, shawls, sweaters, antique items, and home décor items. You should explore Sultanpur Market to get a glimpse of the traditional culture of Kullu Manali.

Akhara Bazaar

One of the famous places in Manali for shopping traditional items is Akhara Bazaar. You will find shopkeepers selling woolen clothes, Himachali caps, wooden toys, decorative items, jewelry, footwear, and others. The rugs and carpets have striking designs and are of good quality. The patterns you see on them are typical Himachali type and you won’t get to see such designs in other places.

Famous things to buy in Manali for Shopping

Manali is famous for shopping various kinds of Tibetan and Himalayan products. When you visit the famous shopping places in Manali, these are the things that you should most certainly buy.

Tibetan Handicrafts

These Tibetan handicraft items include masks, ornaments, slippers, and household items.

Woolen garments

These include mufflers, shawls, scarf, cardigans, stoles, and gloves.

Kullu products

These include Kullu shawls, Kullu caps, and Kinnauri shawls.


These are Buddhist paintings that show the life of Buddha and geometric patterns and designs called a mandala. These are scrolls that are made of cotton or silk cloth with vibrant colors.

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These are items used in meditation and religious rituals. They can be gifted as souvenir items.

Himachali jewelry

These include silver ornaments that are traditionally worn by Himachali women. They include earrings, necklaces, foot necklaces, and bands and have names such as Chaakk, Jhumka, Pari, etc.

Prayer wheels

These prayer wheels can be of metal or wood. They can be utilized as accessories for the house. Rotating a prayer wheel is a sign of good luck.


Kesar or saffron is an expensive herb that you can get in many places in Manali. It is usually sold dry and is extracted from a flower.

Food products

You will food products like jam, juices, syrups, fruit pulp, and other fruit-based products from many places in Manali. The favorite fruit is apple, pears, plums, berries, and edible nuts like a pine nut.

Wooden products

These include woodcraft like wooden toys, walking sticks, kitchenware, serving trays, bowls, key rings, pen stands, etc.

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