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India’s vastness and uniqueness

India is a very vast country. After all, filled with different cultures. Also, many different traditions and histories. Altogether, India is a very happening country. Definitely, visiting India will be rewarding. Overcoming many new challenges. Also, learning new things is a part of the exploration. Above all, we assure the time of life here. 

Certainly, India has many things to boast about. Starting from heritage to cuisines. Not only sightseeing but also most warm people. Besides, India has charisma. Which might be a culture shock for many. Well, that’s the beauty of every unique country. Undeniably, a huge and bewildering nation.

  1. Numerous cultures.
  2. Bustling and busy country.
  3. The best sightseeing is offered here.
  4. Try out Indian delicacies.

India’s Interesting Facts

Further, there are many interesting facts related to India. Only, in India are cows are sacred. Equally important to gods. Another key point is India is a Religious country. Majory is dominated by Hindus. In fact, more than 75% of the population is Hindu. Besides, India’s famous engineering works are amazing. 

Also, you can visit the animal wonderland. Do you know that Rajasthan has a temple dedicated to rats? India is also home to a mysterious skeleton lake. And certainly the 2nd populous country in the world. Indian food is on world menus. Moreover, India does have a bunch of holidays. Obviously, filled with many UNESCO heritage sites.

  1. Be respectful of religious myths.
  2. 2nd highest population.
  3. Many bewildering sights.
  4. Holidays are the best part.

Travel tips and suggestions

Prepare yourself for some culture shock. Especially, if it’s your first time. You should keep your mind and heart open. Not only India but also, all countries have different cultures. Also, try to avoid burnout. Because India is so huge and vibrant. People tend to cover it faster. We suggest you travel slowly and experience the beauty. 

Especially, we suggest you get out of the city. Explore the rural side too. As the true essence relies thereon upon. Also, you should be mindful of eating in India. India is famous for spices. And you want to try it out right? Firstly, don’t rely more on street foods. Especially for first-timers. Always drink more water and opt for fruits. 

Furthermore, personal space is not a culture in India. Especially, while traveling. Interestingly, people in India are more curious to know personal things. You might find it intimidating as well. While traveling in India you must dress modestly. Undoubtedly, covering hands and feet are more respectable here. 

  1. Get ready for cultural exchange.
  2. Opt for slow travel to avoid exertion.
  3. Eat mindfully, not spicy.
  4. Dress modestly.

More Travel tips to be followed

Well, Indian standard time is generally late. Also, it would be highly preferable not to travel late. Especially, do not carry a lot of cash. There is a lot of pickpocketing here. Furthermore, stay calm if you get stuck at markets. Even if the situation gets heated or unpleasant. 

Indian cities are very noisy. Therefore, you must be prepared for that. Follow the general custom of taking off shoes. Whenever you visit anybody’s home in the temple. Overall be on your guard. Especially, watch out for scams.

You must be aware of the vegetarian culture in India. Only a few states allow beef and alcohol openly. You must be vaccinated and have medical insurance too. Likewise, you must wash your hands and use sanitizers. On a very regular basis. 

Furthermore, regarding transportation, there are various options. Such as ​​ trains, planes, cars, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, taxis, and rickshaws. Make sure of gender-specific areas. In many locations, women are not allowed. Don’t be intimate in public.

  1. Do not carry a lot of cash.
  2. Be prepared for noise.
  3. Prioritize your health first.
  4. Various transportation options are available.

Embrace India’s uniqueness

Overall, India is known for its uniqueness. For instance, from breathtaking scapes to wreathing stories. By all means, you will experience diversity here. Especially, the incredible journey of culture and traditions. 

Furthermore, you must witness the greatest tribals. Not only tribals but also celebrations with colors. Whether the lanes of jodhpur or tea picking in Munnar. It’s all worth it. Either sleep under the blanket of stars or hike for a sunrise view. 

Whether explore the turquoise water or glide above corals. India is unique in all ways. Above all, lets us explore as responsible beings. Following the sustainability for the environment. Also, make sure to try traditional Kolkata chai in clay cups. 

Altogether, a trip to India is incomplete without the Himalayas. Take a journey on the Himalayan railway. With incredible views, you experience a historic toy train. And certainly, you should not miss Ladakh, the land of high passes.

  1. Most Diversified land.
  2. India is filled with colors.
  3. Travel sustainably.
  4. Visit the land of lamas.

Things you must learn in India

Firstly, you must learn to haggle. Seems like a very important part of India. Because it’s a culture here. It a good for friendly negotiation especially in markets. To avoid high payments in markets, haggle and negotiate. 

Learn to be on your own guard. Basically, Pickpocketing is quite natural here. Hence, you must not carry important documents or expensive kinds of stuff. Also, you need to be aware of your environment. 

There can be fake ticket counters in big cities. Do not be fooled. Always use legitimate sites or information centers. One more thing you must learn here is to eat with your hands. Specifically, if you are a first-timer. It would require practice. 

Lastly, do not forget your travel insurance. Whenever you go for currency exchange, be on guard. Also, watch out for your steps on sidewalks. And just go for it. India is absolutely worth it. You will definitely be overwhelmed.

  1. Learn to haggle.
  2. Learn to negotiate in a friendly way.
  3. Learn to eat by hand.
  4. Learn to let it go.

Frequently asked questions.

Q1. What would be the best travel tip?

Ans: To research, learn and practice about culture.

Q2. How to experience India’s uniqueness?

Ans: By experiencing diversification.

Q3. What are the 2 major things you must prepare before traveling?

Ans: Travel and health insurance.

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