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Dharamshala is a scenic hill station in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The town has since become an important center for Tibetan culture and Buddhism, with many monasteries, temples, and institutions devoted to preserving and promoting Tibetan art, culture, and religion. If you’re a shopping enthusiast, Dharamshala will satisfy with its diverse shopping destinations. You can easily locate the city’s most famous shopping districts by referring to the hotel map in Dharamshala. While exploring the city, pick up these top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

List of Top 10 Things to Buy in Dharamshala 

Let’s check out the list.

Singing Bowls

When stroked with a wooden stick, singing bowls create a delightful melody. These bowls have been utilized worldwide in music, meditation, and related professions and can be customized to fit your needs. To produce exquisite sounds, ensure that you acquire an authentic bowl. While decorative bowls are available from various vendors, it’s best to remember that they may produce a different quality of music than genuine ones. It is one of the top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

Where to buy– If you’re searching for shopping spots, visit the Village Boutique, India Divine Buddha Handicrafts, Tibetan Handicrafts Centre, Tibetan Museum souvenir shop, and check out street markets like the ones along Jogibara Road and Kotwali Bazaar. The Tibetan Mini Market could be the perfect place for a great selection of singing bowls.

Colorful Bags and Wallets

You can find a diverse selection of light shops, purses, and accessories with unique styles that reflect the vibrant culture and beauty of Mcleodganj in many shops in the area. These items come in various sizes, colors, and materials, showcasing traditional designs that will catch your eye.

Where to buy– Stores such as Rogpa, Semshook Tibetan Handicraft, and Divine Buddha Handicrafts offer an array of colorful accessories. Additionally, markets like Kotwali Bazaar and Jogibara Bazaar are great places to explore.

Buddha statues, Prayer wheels, and Prayer flags

Mcleodganj’s spiritual atmosphere blends seamlessly with its pristine natural beauty, and shops abound with Buddha statues, prayer wheels, colorful flags, and other items. Decorated in varying sizes and postures, these sculptures sometimes feature stones and other embellishments. You can find prayer wheels adorned with inscriptions and decorations, while colorful flags can be purchased from the many markets in the area. In addition, you can buy aromatic candles, oils, incense sticks, and more.

Where to buy– You can find these items at numerous craft shops near the Dalai Lama temple, such as Potala Handicraft Shop, Jewels of Tibet, Village Boutique, and Divine Buddha Handicrafts. Street vendors at local markets may also sell these products, but it’s essential to be cautious of overpriced or lower-quality items when shopping.


Mcleodganj has a rich and unique history and culture, including Tibetan Buddhism. You can explore this fascinating world through books that offer insight into the region’s vibrant art, culture, history, and people. Whether you’re interested in non-fiction or fiction, you’ll find many books available, often in multiple languages, including German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. It is one of the top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

Where to buy– Buddhist Bookstore, Bookworm, the Tibetan Bookstore, the Namgyal Bookstore located in the temple, and the Youtse Bookstore.

Carpets & Rugs

In Mcleodganj, superb hand-woven rugs with traditional Tibetan ethnic-style designs are found. These rugs are adorned with intricate landscapes, symbols, folklore, and other culturally significant motifs.

Where to buy– Tibetan Handicraft Center, Village Boutique, and Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Center

Local Tibetan handicrafts and decorative knickknacks

Mcleodganj offers a variety of handmade local creations, such as bowls, wind chimes, carved boxes, wall hangings, cushion covers, lamps, and other colorful souvenirs. Many shops that sell these handicrafts are NGOs and charitable organizations that use the proceeds to improve the lives of locals. These are one of the top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

Where to buy– Rogpa, Lha Tibet Fair Trade, Divine Buddha Handicrafts, Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Centre, Potala Handicraft Shop, Jewels of Tibet, Village Boutique, Tibetan Handicrafts Centre, and Stitches of Tibet.


Local artisans in Mcleodganj create unique and stylish bead necklaces, metalwork jewelry, and other accessories. These pieces make for a bold fashion statement, with colorful beads, intricate metal designs, and beautiful gems, often in a bohemian style.

Where to buy– Jogibara Road Bazaar, Tibetan Mini Market, and Kotwali Bazaar.

Handcrafted diaries and handmade paper

Mcleodganj is renowned for its handmade paper and diaries, crafted from recycled waste. The area began recycling several decades ago, with bins and instructions found throughout the town. Beautiful diaries covered in leather or cloth are available in various sizes and colors, making for a must-have souvenir.

Where to buy– Green Shop


Tourists can purchase beautiful Tibetan and Buddhist art in Mcleodganj, including Mandala paintings and thangkas. Many shops offer these items, ensuring visitors can take home a piece of the town’s vibrant culture. Undoubtedly, paintings are one of the top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

Where to buy– Potala Handicraft Shop, Jewels of Tibet, Semshook Tibetan Handicraft, Tibetan Handicraft Center, Tibetan Children’s Village Handicraft Centre


Dharamshala offers a range of traditional dresses like the Himachali topi, Chamba Chappal, and the Kangra shawl. These make for unique and authentic souvenirs to take home.

Where to buy– Kotwali Bazaar, Jogiwara Road, and Tibetan Mini Market.

Dharamsala has a variety of shops that sell antiques, woolen garments, and handicrafts that allow you to connect with Tibetan culture. If you’re visiting, check out these top 10 things to buy in Dharamshala.

What is the best food to try in Dharamshala?

Some of the best foods in Dharamshala are momos (Tibetan dumplings), thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup), Tibetan bread, butter tea, chai tea, local pickles, and Indian curries.

What is the popular drink of Dharamshala?

One of the popular drinks of Dharamshala is butter tea, also known as po cha. It is a traditional Tibetan beverage.

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