The Most Haunted Locations of Shimla That is Equal to a Scary Horror Movie

Shimla is the place that will stun you with its exquisite charm. The verdant valleys, ancient architecture, famous churches, temples, snow-clad mountains contribute to the beauty of mesmerizing Shimla. Do you also love visiting Shimla? Well, mountain lovers can’t ignore this heavenly destination of Shimla. However, with its evergreen charm, there is also a dark secret truth about Shimla.

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There are two sides of Shimla, one beautiful other scary. In the dreamy mountains of Shimla, there are some secret places with unusual laughter, scream, strange footsteps and a bright eye staring from one corner. Want to know about the haunted places in Shimla? Below is your way to the paranormal powers.

Five spooky zones of Shimla that are more frightening than a nightmare

Tunnel 33

Popularly known as the Barog Tunnel, this is not the common tunnel you imagine. There is a spirit wandering about this place for years. Tunnel 33 is the place where a person disappears suddenly. Where has the person disappeared, and how? Well, there is no answer.

Tunnel 33 is also one of the most haunted places in Shimla. Long back, when India was under British rule, tunnel 33 construction was designated to Colonel Barog. However, due to miscalculations, he was unable to complete the work. Later, he faced humiliation from his higher department and even lost his job.  

Barog then committed suicide. His body was buried near this tunnel. After this incident, people witnessed paranormal activities here. 

Chudail Baudi

The name itself gives goosebumps. Isn’t it? Chudail means witch, so this place, Chudail Baudi is spooked by a witch. It is a route on Shimla highway that turns into a scary path for people driving. Many locals and even tourists avoid this route for unexpected danger. 

Imagine driving during the night, and a lady in a white saree with hair open asks you for a lift. And if you do not stop, you see her seated behind your car seat. What will be your reaction? Well, this is shocking and scary. 

All these unusual incidents happen on this Shimla highway. Chudail Baudi is one of the horror places in Shimla that is even scary to imagine. This location has witnessed many dangerous accidents, and many people predict it is all because of the evil intention of the witch. 

Charleville Mansion

A luxurious mansion located amid the serene location of Shimla is full of mysteries. Pretty outside but haunted inside this is the truth of Charleville Mansion. It is the mansion where Victor Bayley and his family resided during the British rule in India. 

During their initial days in the mansion, they did not encounter any eerie event. But one day, his family together went out for a dinner party. And his house helper was at home. The house helper saw a man disappearing through a closed door. What would have been his mental state? Even imagining such an incident is scary.

Later, Victor Bayley and his family left the mansion after this frightening incident. Before the Bayley family, there was someone who used to stay in this mansion. Even they left the place due to supernatural activities. 

Indira Gandhi Medical College

One of the best colleges for medical students with a top-notch campus is Indira Gandhi Medical College. Unfortunately, the place where students secure their future has turned into a horror place. The college has some of the scariest ghost stories of Shimla.

Every part of the campus has witnessed unusual activities, even the lift. People hear someone calling out their name, and suddenly when they turn back, there is no one around. Some people have even felt a strong push from the back. There are also strange noises around the campus.

Many people claim that the spirit of patients who passed away in this hospital is wandering around. The supernatural activity is disturbing and unforgettable for people who have witnessed it. 

Convent of Jesus and Mary

Situated in a beautiful area around the deodar trees is this convent school. Amid the cheerfulness of school girls, many strange activities make this school one of the most haunted places in Shimla

A headless person riding a horse offers a rose to one of the schoolgirls on the 13th date, and the day of the week should be Friday. And what if she rejects it? Well, her punishment is death. The story states that it is the spirit of the coachman of British time. He was a womanizer, and after his death, his spirit is still around the school. 

Even the dormitory of the school experiences supernatural activities. There are shrieks and crying of a woman in the night. So, there are many folklore stories connected to this convent school. 

Along with its splendour landscape, there are many haunted places in Shimla. There is no scientific reason behind this, but the person who has experienced it can feel the deadly fear. So, which haunted place is on your list of places to visit in Shimla?

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