Mini Bus Hire For Family Holiday Group Tour

Posted On June 19th, 2021

mini bus hire

You can surely discover the most hassle-free and reasonably priced way to transport your smaller groups within and among the communities. Student groups, corporate groups, and tourist groups are all people who want to rent charter buses, and many of these groups opt for a minibus rental service. Minibus rentals are perfectly suitable for tours, including short-distance hops between local attractions or as a fleet vehicle in a shuttle service for your corporate events with multiple venues. A minibus rental is as great as it is convenient, and it is a great alternative to an 18 passenger van rental or 20 seater vans. Each minibus is purpose-built for the economy and has great efficiency above all else.

We Have a Fleet of Rental Tempo Traveller and Rental Cars

Get The Best Amenities From Our Company

Minibus charter bus rentals are perfectly suitable for shorter distance trips and groups without luggage. But that doesn’t mean we don’t offer great amenities to make those short jaunts great. The company’s concept was introduced to let the customers feel comfortable while they are busy with other arrangements. Instead of going from one place to another, all our family members and relatives can’t fit in a single vehicle. Considering it as a severe concern, our company will take the initiative and now offer the best services.

Hire The Perfect Mini Bus For Your Tourist Services

You can book a car on hire for all occasions. Our proficient customer support team is available to help you by 24* seven at their best. All your queries or for booking requirements you can call us and get the best suggestion. Once all the things get settled with mutual understanding, you can hire the services over the call.

If you plan to go for a big trip with family and friends, then booking a bus service is the best option for you as it will accommodate everyone in one vehicle. It will make your trip more enjoyable. You can book the best bus rental service provider in Delhi and around. We offer you a comfortable and happy journey.

  1. 24×7 Customer Support

You will get quality services and get customer satisfaction. You will have 24×7 online booking services available for booking and support services during the journey.

  • Proficient Drivers

You will get experienced staff to take care of all your travel requirements. The services are experienced, efficient, and well-behaved drivers capable enough to make your trip finish great and on time.

  • Trustworthy company

You will get complete transparency in terms, and there would be no hidden charges involved. We offer great services at a reasonable amount. Every term will get discussed before booking the deal so that there are no changes during the agreement. 

Our company works closely with our bus partners to provide a range of bus types, including mini-coach buses, coach buses, traditional yellow school buses, mini busses, and versatile sprinter vans.

Whether you’re hiring a one-time trip across town or booking a great service, we have an easy online booking platform that makes sure you the cost-effective prices within the marketplace. Our 24/7 customer care team is always on hand to assist with any concerns or questions.

india minibus
Best Car Rental Services – India Road Trips

Do you love taking road trips together with your family members? Do you travel often? Are you feeling lazy to take public transportation, and do you want your trip with your family to be comfortable and safe? Then a minibus car is an optimum choice. If you don’t have it, then try to look up the 24/7 car rental services. Some people might be confused about selecting what minibus they will rent. There are many considerations they should see, and if you don’t have time to think about it, we have the amazing best minibusses for road trips you can take.

All our cars are equipped with two engine choices, namely diesel and theta2 gasoline. The engine variants are highly capable of producing a torque of up to 441 Newton meters, making it easy to drive. This variant makes it more economical as it uses a five-speed automatic transmission. This car has four doors that are sold in two versions that have 12 seats and nine seats. The seats themselves consist of superior quality, and the second-row seats can be rotated 180 °. Apart from that, there are more features you can see there.

  • You will get wholesome features on the dashboard like CD, DVD, radio, MP3, Bluetooth, and a connection to Android.
  • You will get a steering wheel with a position adjustment feature that allows drivers to adjust their driving position as per their posture and comfort.
  • A vehicle dynamic control technology that has a stability function when driving in slippery areas.

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