Best 5 Destinations in Himachal

Best 5 Destinations in Himachal

Visit Shimla – Kullu – Manali – Dharamshala – Dalhousie

Himachal Pradesh is the one of the best state of India for tourism because people usually use Himachal Pradesh for tour with family, friends and so on. Himachal Pradesh is known as state of hills. People use to go there for enjoying the snow, amazing hills and feel the winter exotic entertainment.

  1. Shimla is a very beautiful and neat & clean places which generally attract tourists for its beauty. It is the very hygiene place and also known as queen of hills. It’s a less corrupted city in India. People say that love is in the air of Shimla because this place is so beautiful and peaceful also. People are so helpful and soft in Shimla. In Shimla, there are two main source of income which is agriculture and tourism.
  1. Manali is the one of the coolest hill station of India in which people enjoy their beautiful moments, it is covered with beauty of snow. There are lots of places to see which are so amazing. Sometimes you can enjoy the joy of snow fall in Manali. If you are planning for visiting the religious places, then you can visit the Hadimba Devi temple, Buddhist Monastery and more. There are so beautiful views of manly beauty which you make you feel so romantic and exotic. Manali is the place which brings tourist attraction on high rate.
  1. Dharamshala is the beautiful place of Himachal and cover around with beautiful hills. Dharamshala’s day temperature is quite pleasant and night temperature is so cool. Usually the tourists rush in Dharamshala is quietly high. The best time to see Dharamshala in the months of March, April, May and June because in these months climate are so natural and pleasant.
  1. Dalhousie is the very cool hill station of Himachal Pradesh and quite famous among tourist. The monsoon of Dalhousie is very foggy and cloudy, which makes it so beautiful and unique. Dalhousie has so many religious and amazing places to see for enjoying the moments of the hill station.
  1. Kullu is so romantic place of Himachal Pradesh where temperature goes in negative degree. There are always require winter woolen clothes for enjoying the outside areas of Kullu. It is so beautiful place of Himachal Pradesh which make you feel so glad to visit the area.

Usually new wedded couples like to choose Himachal Pradesh places for honeymoon because it’s known for romantic places. There are 5 best destinations to visit in Himachal Pradesh. It’s a quite good choice for having the enjoyable tour.


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