Are you planning to visit Egypt? 10 things you need to know

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Every traveler has a dream of visiting Egypt at least once in his lifetime. Egypt is one of the most incredible countries, with a wealth of cultural landmarks and tourist attractions. It has a history that goes back to the Pharaoh kings and Egyptian queens who ruled Egypt. But a traveler must know certain things about Egypt and its location on the international map. They should pack their luggage with the right sort of things and clothes, taking the heat and religion of Egypt into consideration. So here are 10 things you need to know if you are planning to visit Egypt.

Pyramids are not the only monuments to visit in Egypt

Everyone makes an itinerary for Egypt so that they can visit the famous pyramids of the Giza Plateau. But among the 10 things to know when planning to visit Egypt is the fact that the pyramids are not the only places you should visit in Egypt. You will need one full day to visit the Giza Pyramids. Cairo will alone take five days of sightseeing. You can take a day trip to visit the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur. You can also go on a day trip from Cairo and visit Alexandria, which is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The tombs of Ramesses V and VI and the Karnak Temple complex are other must-visit historical sites in Egypt. So are the Philae Temple and Abu Simbel.

Is it worth going on the Nile River cruises?

You must check out the places from where you can go on a Nile River cruise. Some are budget-friendly, while others are high-end luxury cruises. But you should remember that sailing is just part of this Nile River cruise. You will be docked at ports most of the time and go sightseeing around them. You can consider the Egyptian felucca for a much more authentic sailing experience. Many cruises have an Egyptologist aboard, and they can give a historical and cultural view of Egypt.

It is better to go on a guided tour

You will get the best experience of Egypt through a group tour. You will meet a lot of travelers who are traveling in groups. But you will not have much visiting time at famous landmarks, and the schedule is tight. You will have to plan a lot if you are traveling solo to Egypt. You can hire a local guide who can help you through the local customs and navigate the roads. This way, you can spend enough time at important monuments and learn a lot about them.

Which is the best time to visit Egypt?

If you are planning to visit Egypt, then you should visit between September to May. This is the time when the heat is not too harsh and traveling will be more comfortable. But this is the time when you will encounter crowds too. The peak season also falls in these months, and the biggest crowds are from December to January. The summer months from April to May to September are scorching hot, and temperatures can rise to 40 degrees Celsius and peak at almost 55 degrees.

Will you get a visa on arrival?

Most countries, like Australia, New Zealand, countries of the European Union, India, and the USA, get visas on arrival when they land at the airport in Egypt. This is the single-entry tourist visa, which is valid for a maximum of 30 days. You should remember that your passport should be valid for 6 months beyond the return date. But if you have booked your Egypt tour with a tour agency, they will take care of this visa process.

Cairo Pass or Luxor Pass?

If you are opting for a longer stay in Egypt, then it is worth buying the Cairo Pass or the Luxor Pass. The Cairo Pass gives free access to the sites in Cairo, the pyramids at the Giza Plateau and Saqqara, and the pyramids at Dahshur. Plus, you can visit the famous historical places in Cairo like the Museum of Islamic Art, Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, Coptic Museum, etc. The Luxor Pass gives you a free ticket to visit the historic sites of Luxor, which are on the East Bank and West Bank. These passes are valid for 5 days and you can take multiple visits to these sites.

Which SIM card to use in Egypt

You can take a local SIM as soon as you land at Cairo International Airport. You will find Orange kiosks at the airport where you need to show your passport and the process will take only a few moments. Or else, you can activate your e-SIM once you are in Egypt. Orange gives excellent cellular coverage in Egypt.

Plan your Egypt tour from a well-known tour agency

A reputed travel company, who has organized Egypt tours before, is best for your trip to Egypt. You can organize your independent trip to Egypt too, but you will have to plan and organize a lot of things. A group tour of Egypt is also the best way to see the historic sites of Egypt. A travel company takes care of sightseeing, local guides, car transport, tickets, stay, and more. They know the customs and historic sites and local guides can import more knowledge with their local knowledge.

Egypt is safe for tourists

You can travel through Egypt and do sightseeing in the pyramids and other famous monuments with ease and comfort. Yes, it is safe to visit Egypt. You will see military personnel in many places like checkpoints, hotels, and tourist sites. You should stick to the more famous tourist areas in Egypt like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. Avoid the border with Libya, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Western Sahara Desert. Otherwise, you can rest assured that Egypt is a very friendly country.

Driving is crazy in Egypt

Navigating through the narrow roads of Cairo, Giza, and the rural parts of Egypt can be a nightmare for some. The roads in Egypt are not very smooth, and driving on the chaotic roads is not a very pleasant experience. People hardly follow traffic rules, and the flow of tuk-tuks, motorbikes, and cars is worst in Egypt. You can be stuck in traffic jams, and the best guide in these situations is the local driver. He can converse very easily with officials at checkpoints. You will encounter donkeys, tractors, tuk-tuks, and pedestrians on rural roads, so be very careful when driving.


How many days are sufficient to tour Egypt?

You can make a travel plan of around 7-8 days for a trip to Egypt.

What is the approximate cost of an Egypt trip?

A trip cost to Egypt depends on your itinerary, activities, schedule, sightseeing, the accommodation you choose, etc.

What are the best Egypt tour packages from India?

You can explore our tour packages and locate the best Egypt Tour Package that we have to offer.


The top 10 things to know if you are planning to visit Egypt are very important for they will form the guidelines for your visit. Egypt is a famous travel destination and it has the oldest world heritage sites in the entire world. You must make a detailed plan with your tour agency when you are visiting Egypt. You should take sufficient cash with you and not depend on credit cards. Egypt can make you wonder in awe with its breathless archaeological gems. You can do several activities in Egypt. But the things mentioned above are a must-consider if you want to have a hurdle-free and comfortable tour of Egypt.

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