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Take a look at these 10 stunning beaches in Greece

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If you are a beach person, you must be aware of the beautiful beaches of Greece. The sun-kissed seaside of Greece is a perfect mixture of natural beauty, rich history, and culture. If you are not a beach person and are visiting for the first time, do not worry. This tour of the famous beaches will make you fall in love with the beaches of Greece. The sky-blue seas and the golden sand are enough to melt your heart. So, come, and let’s explore the beauty of Greek beaches.

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Come, Let’s Witness the Heavens of breath-taking Beaches in Greece

The beaches of Greece are not just a place where you chill in the golden sunrays; they are more than that. It provides a living canvas with numerous stories of adventures, mythologies, and conquerors. The charisma lies in the harmonious blend of mythology, history, and stunning landscapes. From the Ionian Islands to the Aegean Sea, each beach has a unique tale to tell. Know the best things to keep in mind while visiting the beach, the best time to visit Greece, and the amazing and world-known 10 top beaches in Greece

The Awe-Inspiring Top 10 Stunning Beaches in Greece 

1. Navagio Beach in Zakynthos

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is a hidden treasure that is filled with sandy beaches and limestone cliffs. People make this beach popular with the nickname “Shipwreck Beach,” which means a shipwrecked smuggler’s boat that stays on the coast.

History and Its ImportanceAccording to the famous local stories, the ship was involved in smuggling activities till 1980. And the beach adds a delicate touch to the story with its limestone cliffs and crystal-clear water.
Best Time to VisitThe best time to visit the beach in Navagio is late spring and early autumn. If you want to feel the stunning beauty of the beach, then skip the peak summers.
Site to ExploreThere are Blue Caves and an inviting village called Anafonitria near the beach. Visiting these places will add an adventure to your beach visit.
How to Go ThereThis is a beach, and what is better than a boat ride? The beach is only accessible by boat which runs regularly from Zakynthos town.
Here, You Can StayIf you are struggling to find the right place to stay near the beach then we will make this easy for you. There are Zakynthos town and Anafonitria village near to the beach. These places offer the perfect place to stay.

And if you think your journey to the stunning beaches ends here, then the answer is no. Let’s go to the southern Peloponnese region, where Voidokilia Beach is waiting for you.

2. Voidokilia Beach in Messinia 

Have you seen a beach in a horseshoe-shaped bay? If not, then this is the one. It will amaze you with the powdered sand and peacock blue water. And this is not it; the lush green hills surrounding you will give your eyes a perfect view by connecting the beautiful beach to the heavenly hills.

History and Its ImportanceAccording to Greek mythology, Voidokilia is supposed to be the home of Nestor, the legendary king of Pylos.
Best Time to VisitSpring and early summer is the perfect time to visit the beach. It will offer you perfect weather without the summer rush.
Sites to ExploreNestor’s Palace is a very short distance from the beach and can be easily accessed from it.
How to Go ThereYou can plan your visit by car from Pylos and if you want to add an adventure to your visit then hiking from the Old Navarino Castle is your way to go there.
Here You Can StayPylos and nearby Gialova town can provide you with the perfect accommodation facilities. Here you can relax after witnessing the beauty of the beaches.

If you are waiting for the beach with a rich history and cultural property, then let us tell you that our next beach visit is a perfect mixture of both. Yes, you guessed it right. Here comes the fascinating beach of Elafonissi.

3. Elafonissi Beach in Crete

Elafonissi Beach is famous for its pinkish-colored sand, clear waters, and unique coastlines. This beach is adorned in the southwestern tip of Crete.

History and Its ImportanceThe name of the beach is taken from the small island of Elafonissi. It was a historic monastery.
Best Time to VisitThe best time to visit the beach is late spring and early autumn. It will give you a stunning view of the beach with the warm temperatures and glowing wildflowers.
Sites to ExploreElafonissi Nature Reserve and the Chrissockalitissa Monastery are the nearby places that can be viewed after visiting the beach.
How to Go There Regular bus services are available from Chania, also you can make your visit in your car as well.
Here You Can StayChania will give you a fine place to stay where you can get a mix of beach access and charming historical beauty.

You know what? Greece’s charm is more than its sandy coasts. Cyclades’s Myrotos Beach will prove this right with its charismatic views.

4. Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia 

the dramatic limestone cliff view, you will only get on the beach of Myrtos. The coastline of the beach is beautified with white pebbles and attracts visitors with its deep blue waters.

History and Its ImportanceYou have seen its beauty somewhere in any movie scene. It has been featured in many movies that add a cinematic touch to its natural beauty.
Best Time to VisitThe breathtaking sunset is the true treasure to explore on this beach. You can get this view in the late spring to early autumn.
Sites to Explore Melissani Cave and the village of Assos are the places that you can explore after witnessing this cinematic beach.
How to Go There You can go there by car from Argostoli watching the islands’ pictures and landscapes throughout your journey.
Here You Can Stay There are two fine localities where you can find a suitable place for your comfortable stay. One is in the Argostoli and another is in the village of Assos.

After confronting the glamourous Myrtos Beach, it’s time to move further to reveal the hidden gem of northwest Crete, the beach of Balos Lagoon.

5. Balos Lagoon in Crete 

If you want to experience a natural masterpiece, this beach is the perfect place to visit. The cobalt blue waters and pure white sandbars add the perfect scenic touch, along with the rugged cliffs that surround the lagoon.

History and Its ImportanceThe history of the lagoon is in the Venetian Castle and its remains, which are peeping out the coastlines with its old eyes.
Best Time to VisitDon’t be a part of the summer crowd to adorn the beauty of the lagoon. It is best if you choose late spring and early autumn for your tour.
Sites to Explore The Gramvousa Peninsula and the Gramvousa Fortress is the perfect place to visit near the beach.
How to Go ThereIf you want to experience the beautiful scenery, then the boat is the perfect ride to visit the beach, and if you want something adventurous, then challenging hiking from Kaliviani is made just for you.
Here You Can Stay Kissamos and Chania is easily accessible from the beach and a perfect fit for your stay.

After the mesmerizing lagoons, now where? So, let us give you some vibrant and energetic vibes of the iconic beach of Mykonos.

6. Paradise Beach (Mykonos) 

  1. Paradise Beach of Mykonos

There is not only paradise in its name but also in its view as well. It is one of the party places; the golden sand and the waves on the shoes are so fascinating for its viewers. Also, there are numerous beach clubs.

History and Its ImportanceParadise Beach is mostly known for its nightlife. It is the perfect spot for party hustlers during the summer.
Best Time to Visit The peaks of the summer season are waiting for you if you want to live every moment of this beach.
Sites to ExploreWhat is better than walking to the charming streets of Mykonos town? Also, you can wave a hi to the iconic windmills of the Mykonos.
How to Go ThereYou can go there easily by taking a car or bus, which can be easily accessible from Mykonos Town.
Here You Can Stay If you want to relax on the beach and don’t want to stop your party mood, then staying in Mykonos Town offers you both at the same time.

After visiting this party beach, let’s go to the eyewitness of the lunar-like landscapes of Sarakiniko Beach.

7. Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

You will be stunned by the unique natural scenery of Sarakiniko Beach. From the deep blue sea to the white volcanic rocks, all work together to make this beach amazing.

History and Its ImportanceThe natural beauty of this beach is as silent as mountains, but it is also vibrant sometimes because of the volcanic activities on the island.
Best Time to VisitThe catacombs of Milos and the small village of Plaka is the perfect locations where you can make your next move after observing the beach beauty.
Sites to ExploreThe catacombs of Milos and the small village of Plaka is the perfect locations where you can make your next move after observing the beach beauty.
How to Go ThereThe Adamas is the major port there, from where you can easily get cars to the beach.
Here You Can StayAdamas or Plaka are both great places where you can find comfortable and relaxing stays.

From exploring the beach nightlife to the historic beach views, Greece has many more things for beach enthusiasts. Now, it’s time to meet our next beach on Rhodes Island, Tsambika Beach, where you can involve yourself in the beach adventure and also get lost in the natural scenes.

8. Voidokilia Beach in Messinia 

This beautiful beach in Greece is located between the hills and the Gialova Lagoon. This gives a perfect natural wonder look to this beach and you will find the water of the beach crystal clear along with its semi-circular sandy bay.

History and Its ImportanceAccording to Greek mythology, it is thought to be the home of the King of Pylos, Nestor.
Best Time to VisitThe most appropriate time to visit the beach is late spring to early autumn. It makes the weather of the beach ideal for numerous beach activities.
Sites to ExploreThe town of the Pylos and the Nestor’s Palace are the two attractions near the beach.
How to Go ThereIf you want to add some adventure to your tour then hiking from the Old Navarino Castle is waiting for you. Otherwise, you can also make your way to the beach by car from Pylos.
Here You Can StayPylos is a nearby area that offers numerous accommodation options where you can enjoy your beach exposure.

Let’s make your way to the next gem of the beaches, and that is Antisamos Beach on Kefalonia.

9. Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia

Antisamos Beach is known for its green surroundings, dotted coasts, secret caves, and greenish-blue waters.

History and Its ImportanceIt is one of the famous filming locations for the leading movies like “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.
Best Time to VisitThe ideal time to visit the beach is the late spring to the early autumn. This time, the weather is pleasant and provides the best conditions to explore the caves around the area.
Sites to ExploreHere you will find Melissani Cave and the Sami Village to visit after the beach experience.
How to Go ThereYou can take a car ride from the Sami. Don’t worry about the parking, there are plenty of options.
Here You Can StayIn Sami. There are many communication options available, or you can get the best place for your comfortable stay in Agia Efimia.

These are some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Greece. But before ending this article and leaving you lost in your beach imagination, it’s important to keep some things in your mind.

Concluding Views!

Reading all such amazing things, we have been literally excited to visit Greece in no time. It’s a mesmerizing place to visit and holds a magnetic charisma in itself that we all become a die-hard admirers of this destination. The best part about this place is that it has a unique beach to offer to you according to your particular taste, mood, and persona. So, what are you waiting for? Greece is waiting for you with its beaches when you are planning your trip to Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Beaches in Greece easily reachable or being hidden?

Yes, every beach in Greece is quite effortlessly reachable and ready to make your holidays more special than you think. On most of the beaches, you can easily opt for taking a car ride. But there are some beaches which don’t provide you the option of car riding instead you have to opt for boating. Also, for the person who loves adventure by hiking and trekking will definitely find it the best place to visit. 

Can I have a party with friends on the beach?

Yes, islands like Mykonos are known for their nightlife and beachside party experiences, which is really amazing. There is also Saraki Niko Beach, which is popularly known for its vibrant surroundings and decent ambiance for parties.

How to be safe while visiting the beach?

It is always better to follow all the safety guidelines and rules while visiting beaches. Keep in mind that you can’t go deeper in water with strong currents. Also, stay hydrated and keep yourself protected from the sun’s rays as well. 

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