Hiking and Biking Adventures Near Las Vegas

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Traveling to Vegas but would rather stay outside than explore the Strip? The topic of conversation in the storied resort town of Las Vegas always focuses on The Strip. For a good reason—with its miles of concrete, soaring neon spires, artificial streams and lakes, and some of the most distinctive people-watching you will find anywhere, it has something to offer everyone. It makes sense that few people are aware of the beautiful hiking trails that encircle this desert haven in a town where the tourism tagline is “keeping secrets.” Luckily, the city center of Las Vegas is only a short drive away from many awesome hikes and other exciting outdoor activities.

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Hiking and Biking Adventures Near Las Vegas

  1. Clark County Wetlands Park

The desert terrain of southern Nevada is broken up by a marshy wetland less than ten miles west of the Strip, on the city’s outskirts. Visit the Las Vegas Wash, an urban river formed by the valley’s preexisting oasis and urban runoff from the city’s golf courses and stormwater, to witness the city’s and nature’s collision in Clark County Wetlands Park. The park’s main attraction is the 14-mile Wetlands Loop, a multi-use trail open to cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and hikers.

Despite being part of the city, the river running beside it is naturally filtered by the Wash before it flows into Lake Mead, 12 miles downstream. The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, situated in the conservation area at the outer limits of the Pacific Migratory Flyway, offers a less strenuous option if your feet are sore from the previous evening’s revelry. Plan your trip with Faresmatch and experience adventure from the beginning of your trip. Book your tickets through the low-fare calendar of Faresmatch and enjoy savings to spend on your trip.

  • Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs

Take a strenuous six-mile hike to the pristine natural hot springs beneath Lake Mead, situated on the shores of the Colorado River, if the hotel’s hot tub needs to be more hot for you. After about 30 minutes of driving from the Strip, parking is available near the starting point in Boulder City.

Challenging mountain biking trails near Las Vegas

A sequence of stunning pools with temperatures ranging from 85 to 105 degrees awaits those who brave the strenuous hike, which has multiple integrated ropes for use on the more steep sections. This adventure is unavailable to summer travelers because of the intense heat in the desert, which closes the hot springs from May to September.

  • River Mountains Loop Trail

A 34-mile loop called the River Mountains Loop Trail links the Las Vegas Valley, Henderson, Boulder City, Hoover Dam, and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The Mojave Desert and various wildlife can be seen from the paved trail system. The Boulder City, Henderson, and Lake Mead Recreational Area all have multiple locations to link up with this trail. 

  • Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is another incredibly well-liked hiking destination close to Las Vegas. If you’re not driving on the road that leads to the park, it’s practically out of sight. However, as you approach a bend in the road and descend in altitude, the expansive brown desert gives way to a stunning landscape of flaming red rocks.

Remote hiking trails near Las Vegas for solitude

The park offers many trails and vantage points, but the Fire Wave and Seven Wonders Loop are the best. There are plenty of photo opportunities among the strikingly colored rock formations. Still, if you continue hiking past the WaveWave, fewer people will be hiking the trail, and there will be equally stunning scenery on the opposite side of the 2-mile loop.

  •  Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

Spring Mountains is open for visits at any time of the year and is administered by the US Forest Service. Locals use the sleds for sliding down hillsides in the winter, but you can also snowshoe, hike, and ride a fat tire bike on some of the lower trails. If there is snow, hiking is advised. Before exploring, stop at the visitor gateway for maps and advice. Hiking the Fletcher Canyon Trail is recommended for a charming experience between mountaintops with views that rival those of Colorado’s mountains.

  • Lake Mead Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail

While in Vegas, you should visit Lake Mead National Recreation Area (about a 30-minute drive away), see the Hoover Dam, and even swim in the lake during the summer. You can also take a relaxing walk along the Railroad Tunnel Trail, which stretches high above a portion of the lake, at any time of year.

experiences near Las Vegas

While walking is an option, we advise using the bike path instead, as it is flat and not very thrilling at two mph. However, riding the broad, level path of crushed gravel is fun, especially when you zoom through several tunnel sections about thirty feet high and twenty feet wide in the dark. Carry a headlamp, just in case.

  • Fire Wave Trail

This easy 1.5 mile and back hike, which is located in Valley of Fire State Park and takes about an hour and twenty minutes to reach from Las Vegas, will take you through sandy flats to a stunning sandstone “wave” where you’ll want to take a selfie to showcase the incredible geology. Take some time to enjoy the slick rock, Wave, and remember to pack a lot of water because this route lacks shade.

Desert hiking adventures near Las Vegas

There are over thirty hiking trails and numerous camping options in the Valley of Fire State Park. Experience petrified wood, natural arches, and 2,000-year-old petroglyphs. If you visit in the fall through spring, you can avoid the hottest temperatures. However, be aware that some trails may close during very hot summers. 

Las Vegas has plenty of parks, trails, and other outdoor activities to entertain you. Want to experience every hike around Vegas and beyond? We advise taking it slow and easy and savoring every moment for at least five days. Enjoying your trip stress-free is the best way when you manage all your bookings through Faresmatch. You can book your favorite airlines to any destination anytime without missing any deals and discounts. So, Pack well, stay updated with your Jetblue flight status through Faresmatch, and save time in the airport. And of course, enjoy it a lot.

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