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Best Places For Pre-Wedding Shoots In Delhi

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Delhi the Metropolis capital city

Delhi is a metropolitan city of culture and glamour. Above all, the city is filled with the country’s glorious history. Also, Delhi is known as the heart of the nation. Definitely, there are multiple reasons behind it. Talking about the historic past or today’s globalization. In Delhi, everything just makes sense automatically. 

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Delhi is filled with an amalgamation of interesting facts. Certainly, Delhi is the hot spot for everything. Be it major landmarks or ultra-modern malls. Delhi will indeed make you experience the best of everything. Such as, Delhi is home to the world’s tallest brick structure Qutub Minar. Not only that Delhi has the smooth metro system in the world. 

  1. Heart of nation.
  2. Boast Country’s glorious history.
  3. Major landmarks.
  4. Best in technology

Delhi is influential

Besides, Delhi was originally designed by the British. British colonial style with Indian structural influences. Furthermore, Asia’s only Bahai faith structure is here. And that is the lotus temple. Interestingly, the Lotus temple is also known as the Taj Mahal of the 20th Century. No wonder, it is visited by four million people every year. 

Well, generally this fact is not usually talked about. But, you will be shocked to know that 20% of Delhi is covered by trees. Also, there is a difference between Delhi and New Delhi. Old in New Delhi is 111 years old. But, Delhi has been the capital city for 91 years. Interestingly, the places of old and new Delhi are different too.

  1. Remnant of British ideas.
  2. Multiple religions are welcomed.
  3. Actually, quite green.
  4. Interesting facts.

Attractions in Old Delhi

Additionally, the places are different too. Above all, the charm of Old Delhi never fails. Firstly, you should start by visiting Red fort to Jama masjid. The view is just super breathtaking. Secondly, you must visit Chandni chowk. You will taste authentic old Delhi here. The street food is world famous here. 

People all over the world stream to Chandni chowk. Besides, it’s not something which you should miss. Thirdly, there is a spice market. Where you can get all the authentic spices. And people across boundaries buy in big amounts as souvenirs. Indeed Old Delhi is quite a spicy affair filled with surprises.

  1. The charm of old Delhi.
  2. Visit Red fort.
  3. Visit Jama Masjid.
  4. largest wholesale of authentic spices.

Attractions in New Delhi

New Delhi sites will make you fall in love. Not only modern architecture but also an ancient mixture. Firstly, we can go to Humayun’s tomb. It’s in the heart of the city. Also, it is known for having some features of the Taj Mahal. secondly, Qutub Minar. Basically, the tallest brick minaret in the world. How amazing is that!

Also, we have Akshardham temple known for intricate decors. Being a religious place it has certain rules to maintain sanctity. Not only that, there is a huge garden for you to relax in. Enjoy the well-craved architecture and wonders. Certainly, the diversity of Delhi will swoon you all over. That’s how you witness two kinds of Delhi in the same place.

  1. Live evidence of history.
  2. Visit Humayun’s tomb.
  3. Explore the tallest minaret.
  4. Seek Blessings at Akshardham.

Pre-Wedding shoot locations in Delhi

Undoubtedly, Delhi has a romantic touch. Amidst all the rush, the places here add flair to romance. Also, Delhi is known for best location to make memoirs. Generally, Delhi is also addressed as “ The big fat Delhi Wedding”. And a pre-wedding photoshoot adds an extra rush to it. The rush of excitement and making memories. 

Firstly, Lodhi Gardens are the top place for pre-wedding shoots. The spectacular tomb with green alleys is just awesome. Secondly, Humayun’s tomb rules for pre-wedding photography. The Persian touch and influence rules. Also, the best time to shoot here would be either during sunrise or sunset. 

Thirdly, we have the Lodhi art district. Get some stunning pictures with handmade meaningful paintings. The vibe is quite contemporary. The backdrop is perfect for the shoot. Fourthly, we have Champa Gali. Most recently, it has been on the trending list. The cafes and the aesthetic lights give very dreamy vibes. 

Also, we have the Garden of five seasons in Saket. This place is quite spacious and filled with flowers and fountains. Indeed coupled with little Italian vibes. Furthermore, The Olive Qutab is quite dreamy for the pre-wedding shoot. It is one of the most romantic locations. Most importantly, the decor with candles and fairy lights wins here.

  1. Delhi’s romance and the wedding is world famous.
  2. Lodhi Garden and Humayun’s tomb
  3. Garden of five senses.
  4. Lodhi Art District.
  5. Olive Qutab

Some more pre-wedding locations

Well, apart from natural places there are renting options too. Such as The Roseate New Delhi, and ITC Gurgaon. Also, for some of Lutyun’s styles, there is Tikli Bottom for modern-style shoots. Apart from that, you must try the Museum of Illusions. It is different in perspective. It is located in CP. 

Additionally, you can also consider Rail Museum. It would definitely, make your pre-wedding pictures royal. It has rural as well as western touches. Which makes the pictures look quite sophisticated and romantic. you must go for it.

  1. The roseate for plush escapes.
  2. ITC Gurgoan for the extravaganza.
  3. Rail Museum.
  4. Museum of illusions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What are the best free pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi?

Ans: Lodhi Garden, Humayun’s tomb, India gate, etc.

Q2. what is the best time for Pre-wedding shoots?

Ans: we strongly recommend either sunrise or sunset time.

Q3. How to choose attire for pre-wedding in Delhi?

Ans: Learn about the shoot location and always wear bright contrasting colors.

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