How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali?

How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali?

Posted On : 2023-06-07

How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali?

Lahaul is a stunning place with Buddhist art and culture. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and views. For many people, this place has become an integral part of their trip to Manali. 

So, How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali? 

Getting to Lahaul is quite easy by public transport. Go to Manali, which is accessible from major cities in Northern India. Buses are available by HRTC, and private operators to travel to Manali.
‘Do you want a tip on How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali?  If you're going to Rohtang Pass in your own vehicle or a private taxi, you should get the required permit. In the summer, getting a permit can be difficult due to the large number of tourists. It is 33 km away from Manali along the Manali-Leh highway.

  • The valley begins at the northern end of the Atal tunnel, which serves as a bridge between Manali and Lahaul.
  • Before the construction of the tunnel, it was accessible through the Rohtang Pass.
  • Rohtang Top is situated about 51 km from Manali. It marks the boundary between Manali and Lahaul Valley.
  • Sarchu is the last point of Lahaul along the Manali-Leh highway.

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Which are the places to visit?

What are some popular things to do in Lahaul?

             It is a treasure trove of tourist destinations. 


  Highlights include: 


  • Tandi Sangam, Sissu Nursery, Rohtang Pass, Shinkula Pass. Also, Mini   Manali, and scenic lakes like Neel Kanth Mahadev Lake and Suraj Tal. 
  • Other attractions include Baralacha Pass, Sarchu, Miyar Valley, and Keylong.
  • It offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors to enjoy.





  • You can enjoy camping at night while watching the stars. 
  • Explore the windy roads by going on bike rides or cycling. 
  • River rafting in the Chandra Bhaga River is also available. 
  • Experience the lifestyle and unique culture of the local tribes.   Don't miss the opportunity to witness the winter season. Enjoy activities like skiing. 
  • Go on thrilling treks and don't forget to buy local handicrafts. So, what are some activities you enjoy?


How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali: What is the best time to go?

It is a famous mountainous region in Himachal Pradesh. There are many villages and lakes here. To enjoy your visit, it is best to plan your trip in the summer season when the mountain passes are open. 
Don’t you agree that this time is perfect for adventurous activities? Also, do not miss the opportunity to visit the festivals from June to August. What are you waiting for? Summer is already here, Is not it?

Is it too hot in the summer? From May to October, with temperatures between 8°C and 15°C.
What about winter? From November to April, it has temperatures between -4°C and -17°C.

Wondering if there are some famous temples to visit?  Well, of course, yes! You can visit several beautiful temples, including:

  1. Raja Ghepan Temple in Sissu: The locals respect this temple. This shows the rich culture and history of the region. Would you want to learn about the religious and historical aspects? Then a visit to this temple is a must.
  2. Shashur Gompa near Keylong: Want to learn about a peaceful and spiritual place that people go to worship? It features beautiful Buddhist architecture. It also offers insights into the religious customs of the region.

How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali: Where to Stay? 

There are a number of accommodations, such as hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and campsites. Keylong, Jispa, and Sissu are popular places for a comfortable stay. Smaller villages also offer homestay accommodations. 

Conclusion: We hope How to Reach Lahaul Valley from Manali is no more a question to you. You already have it on your bucket list. Isn’t it? This place offers you a scenic and breathtaking experience. Make sure to preserve its pristine beauty and enjoy its wonders what they are! You must explore Lahaul as it is one of our shortlisted travel destinations. You will be amazed by the solitude and serenity that this valley has to offer.

                                                  “Have you packed your bags already?”



Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which networks have reliable coverage at the Lahaul Valley?

A1. BSNL and Airtel are the only networks available. Airtel is also available in Keylong and Trilokinath. Jio network will soon start, while BSNL may have limited internet access. Also, WIFI is available in Keylong hotels.

Q2. How far is it from Manali to Lahaul Valley?

A2. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach Lahaul Valley from Manali.

Q3. Are there any other ways to reach Lahaul Valley from Manali?

A3. Yes, you have alternative routes to reach Lahaul Valley from Manali. You can either use the Atal Tunnel or go via Rohtang Pass.