The Best Places to Travel in India

The Best Places to Travel in India

Posted On : 14-01-2022

The Best Places to Travel in India

India is a destination that every traveler should visit. It’s a vast country offering a variety of different experiences for tourists of all kinds. Everyone who visits India comes back a bit changed and planning to come back and experience more.

Here we will list a few common destinations that the tourists should visit during their stay. It isn’t a complete list by any means and India merits more than a few visits to be truly understood. The places on our list are best visited by your personal vehicle since that gives you a more flexible itinerary.

Come Prepared

The first thing to do if you plan to drive around India is to come prepared when it comes to having the proper documents and security precautions. The first thing to do is to get an international driving license so you can legally drive on your own.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this document is only valid when you carry your national driving license with it and when you have an ID document such as a passport. All of these need to be valid for the permit to be accepted by the authorities.

Agra - Popular in India

Millions of tourists come to Agra every year to visit a monument that’s considered to be a symbol of India as a whole – the Taj Mahal. The city is filled with other Mughal monuments that are worth the trip. These include Itimad-ud-Daulah's Tomb and Akbar's Mausoleum.

Agra Fort is also a popular tourist destination and it’s also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fort was the main residence of Mughal Dynasty Emperors since the 17th century. It was also the capital until it was moved to Delhi by the British.

New Delhi - Should Visit When in India

New Delhi is the capital of India and it’s always filled with tourists and visitors giving it a unique, crowded and somewhat overwhelming aesthetic. The main sites to visit are Lotus Temple, India Gate, Humayun's Tomb; and India's tallest minaret, Qutub Minar.

While you’re in Delhi, you should limit yourself to visiting the sites. Exploring the bustling city streets and chai stalls is half the fun and it will allow you to experience the authentic look and feel of India. This includes the high-end restaurants and cafes mostly made to British taste, which is appropriate given the history.

Mumbai - Most Famous City in Maharashtra

If you want to explore a more urban and cosmopolitan India, Mumbai is the place to go. It’s a coastal and therefore wealthy and fashionable city. That’s where the Indian movie industry is located and where Bollywood actors reside, as well as the country's wealthiest entrepreneurs.

The most luxurious hotels and the high-end restaurants can also be found in Mumbai, but the city also attracts those coming to Sanjay Gandhi National Park and visiting Kanheri Cave and its two-thousand-year-old carvings. If you want to experience a more authentic Mumbai away from the glitz and glamor, there is also a bustling Thieves market.

Rajasthan - Famous in Forts and Palaces

If you want a taste of India’s past, Rajasthan is the place to visit. Its name translates to “land of Kings” and it’s filled with the remains of India’s past glory and especially its past dynasties. There are also magnificent forts and festivals to visit during your stay.

Jaipur, one of its largest cities, is sometimes called Paris of India. It’s mostly known for its state palace and lavish shopping districts, which most prominently feature jewelry of all kinds. It’s also rather close to Agra, meaning you can easily hop from one destination to another in your car.

Rishikesh - Rishikesh is primarily famous for its spiritual importance

Those who come to India to have a spiritual experience usually visit Rishikesh among other holy sites. It’s the city the Beatles visited while spending time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  The shrine is now abandoned but it still attracts tourists.

The city is located near the holy Gang River and right at the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s therefore a pilgrimage for those interested in yoga and Indian spirituality. However, it’s also an interesting place to visit for those who want to experience this foreign and somewhat exotic culture regardless of spiritual beliefs.

Varanasi - the spiritual capital of India

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world, at least the oldest one that’s still inhabited and lively. It’s also the holiest city in India. The spiritual life takes place along the Ganges and that’s where Varanasi has grown and become what it is today. There are also spiritual activities a foreigner can take place and those include: watching Hindu fire festivals and chanting and releasing floral blessings into the river.

The city itself is similar to a maze with a lot of long and twisted corridors to explore and visit. There’s no accurate map of Varanasi produced to this day.

Amritsar - Popular in Sikhism

Amritsar is known as the Jewel of Punjabi, and it’s mostly known for Golden Temple, one of the most famous sites in India. It’s a holy place for Sikhs, and it’s beautiful to behold as it glitters and reflects off the pools around it.

The city is also known for being the home to the world’s largest community kitchen. It serves 100.000 dinners every day and tourists are welcome as well. The city is also close to the border with Pakistan and while there you should take the time to observe the Beating Retreat Ceremony.

Goa - India's top holiday destinations Specially Beaches

Beautiful beaches and resorts aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think about India. However, the country can offer that to its visitors as well. The part of India that stretches along the Arabian sea has some of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world and attracts a million tourists each year.

Goa is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture unlike most of India which was mostly influenced by Britain. It, therefore, features architecture and aesthetics that you could find in Portugal, including baroque architecture and cathedrals. Numerous glitzy and expensive hotels offer all kinds of comforts as is the case in any western resort.

Kerala - Kerala is famous for its unique geography, tranquil backwaters

Moving further south from Goa you get to experience a completely different Indian scenery, one that doesn’t resemble any that we mentioned before. That’s where the calm backwaters take over. The lagoons and rivers are filled with palm trees and you can explore the area on a thatched-top houseboat.

Most tourists schedule time in Kerala as a way to relax after visiting New Delhi or other busy and bustling cities. The scenery and the overall ambiance are made for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful area unlike any other in the country. For many, it’s also a visit to the past since the effects of the British rule are more evident here than in the urban parts of the country.

Darjeeling - Darjeeling is known for its tea industry

Darjeeling is a hill station in West Bengal known for its tea plantation, Buddhist monasteries, and snow-capped mountain peaks. Those who are looking for an adrenaline-packed vacation filled with hiking and mountain biking couldn’t wish for a better place to visit.

It’s also home to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. If you’re there, take a ride on a 140-year-old steam-powered train and you’ll get to experience India in a way that outlines its complex history and natural beauty at once.


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