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Ayodhya Sightseeing Places

Ayodhya is the Personification of a Pure Spirit

Located on the banks of the River Sarayu, Ayodhya City is 9,000 years old. Legend states that it was established by Manu, the first man in the universe. A later ruler, the sixth in line, is to be credited with awarding a Hindu name to our planet. Since then, it has been renowned as Prithvi (Earth). Apart from this, Ayodhya is famed as the birthplace of Lord Rama.

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya boasts of a spiritual flavour. You should definitely take a good look at Sone ka Ghar or Kanak Bhavan. The sight of the decorated and golden-crowned images of Lord Rama and his consort, Goddess Sita, can only fill your heart with peace. The musicians performing in the courtyard render the atmosphere even holier with soulful music.

Now, Lord Hanuman cannot be too far away, since his master, Lord Rama is present at Ayodhya. The only thing is that you will have to climb 76 stairs, in order to pay your respects to him at Hanuman Garhi. The temple has been constructed from a cave, located on a hilltop. Enjoy the panoramic view of the surroundings while you are there. Apart from the idol inside the temple, there is another one adjacent to it. Lord Hanuman towers over you, holding a superb golden umbrella over his head. As you look at him, you feel as if an angel is protecting you.

Lord Rama had performed the famous Ashwagandha Yagya during his reign over Ayodhya. Treta ke Thakur is the landmark. The temple contains the restored idols of the four brothers, Goddess Sita, etc. The idols have been constructed from single black sandstone.

Ayodhya celebrates festivals dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman with great fervour. If you are there during such times, you should come away with great memories.  




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