Travelling First Time to Canada? 7 Essential Things You Must Be Aware of

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Travelling First Time to Canada? 7 Essential Things You Must Be Aware of

Are you thinking of going on a vacation to Canada with friends or family? In that case, you must read on to this blog. Here, you get a brief about every essential thing related to Canada.

This country is vast, so choose one or two places so that you can fully cover each tourist spot. Besides, there are other things that you must be aware of before going on your Canada trip. Thus, read along to discover more.

7 Things You Must Know Before Flying off to Canada

Most people do not know that it is the 2nd biggest country globally. You will get to see diverse cultures in this country as people from varied corners of the world reside here. In case you are a first-time visitor to Canada, you must be aware of the following important things before travelling to this country.

1.     Check Canada Visa Requirements

After you plan your Canada trip, you must apply for a Canada Visa. Without a valid visa, you would not be allowed to enter this country. In order to get a visa, you will require a valid passport, no previous criminal records, and adequate cash. Remember, your Canada visa is one of the most important travel documents you must carry on your trip.

2.     Buy Travel Insurance

Emergencies can emerge anytime and anywhere, so you must be well-prepared for all types of situations. You must buy international travel insurance from a reputable company. For example, if you face any medical or any other emergency, it can lead to financial strain. Henceforth, to avoid such monetary stress, get travel insurance before starting your trip.

3.     Be Well-Prepared for the Weather

The majority of tourists have a misconception that Canada remains cold for the entire year. However, this is not the case, as the East and west of this country have different climatic conditions. For instance, in case you are planning to visit Nunavut, then you must consider packing warm clothes. On the other hand, go to the west coast of British Columbia to experience milder and warmer temperatures.

4.     Canada’s Tipping Culture

Indians are well aware of the tipping system in various places. Just like in India, you will get to see a common practice of tipping in Canada. So if you are visiting this country any sooner, then you might consider tipping in restaurants, hospitality, and other service industries. You must note that tipping 15 to 20% is enough in this country.

5.     Expect sales Tax

Most countries apply sales tax on the majority of their goods. However, in Canada, you will get to see various items comprising activities, various goods, restaurant menus, etc., excluding sales tax. Primarily, you will get to see PST, GST, QST, and HST in Canada as they use these four tax systems. Henceforth, you must have a brief idea about the varied sales tax rates of various provinces.

6.     Know the Alcohol Age Limit

If you are a college student planning to take a trip with your best friends, you must know Canada’s legal drinking age. Like India, every state of Canada has varied alcohol drinking age limits stated by the state government.

For instance, if you are travelling to Manitoba or Quebec, then you can consume alcohol if you are 18 years and above. Meanwhile, the legal drinking age limit in Ontario, British Columbia, is 19 years.

7.     Know the Unsafe Neighbourhoods

No matter which province of Canada you travel to, you will see both safe and unsafe neighbourhoods simultaneously. Canada is no exception; however, a few tourist places in this country are far away from bad neighbourhoods. Overall, the crime rate is very low, and that’s why it has become one of the safest tourist destinations.

Benefits of Purchasing Canada Travel Insurance

Having international travel insurance is not at all compulsory for traveling to Canada. So, you might wonder why you should buy travel insurance for your upcoming Canada trip. In order to know some of the try benefits of having it, read below.

  • In case of any medical emergencies, you will get coverage from your insurance provider.
  • You will get compensation for flight delays.
  • In case of baggage loss and delay, you will get compensation as stated in your insurance plan.
  • For trip cancellation or rescheduling due to any unforeseen situation, the insurance provider will offer compensation.
  • Your insurance will cover unrecoverable costs if you lose your passport.
  • You will get compensation for bouncing off any pre-paid booking activities or events.
  • In case of any accidental demise, the traveller’s family members will get a lump sum amount.
  • In case of accidental injuries to you or any third party will be covered by the travel insurance.

Note: All the above-listed coverage will differ from one insurance company to another. Thus, before you buy an insurance plan, thoroughly review the policy.

How Do You Purchase Travel Insurance for Canada?

In case you are searching for step-by-step guidelines on how you can purchase travel insurance, scroll down.

Step 1: Open the official website of your preferred travel insurance provider.

Step 2: From many, you have to select an insurance plan per trip.

Step 3: You have to provide a few information related to the Canada trip like the starting and ending dates of your trip.

Step 4: You have to choose the coverage you want.

Step 5: Provide a few details related to your travel companions along with yours.

Step 6: Complete the process by making the online payment as per your premium.

How Do You Claim Online Travel Insurance for Canada?

Just imagine you bought a car but do not know how to drive. Similarly, buying travel insurance without knowing the claiming procedure is useless. However, the process is simple. You just need to notify your location and the issue to your insurance provider via mail or call. And that’s it!

Afterwards, in case of a medical claim, your insurance provider will send a list of cashless hospitals near your location. Then, you can take the treatment without worrying about money as your insurance provider will cover all your medical expenses. In case of other issues, your travel insurance provider will review the bills or invoices, and the money will be sent to you in a few days.

Famous Tourist Spots You Must Not Miss in Your Canada Trip

Planning your trip before starting off your journey is very important. So, if you are confused about which places to include in your itinerary, scroll down. 

  • Columbia Icefield Skywalk
  • Niagara Falls
  • Casa Loma
  • Banff National Park
  • Jasper National Park
  • Gros Morne National Park
  • Abraham Lake
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Manitoba Museum
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Cheakamus Lake
  • Waterton Lakes National Park

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all about what to consider while starting your first trip to Canada, book your flight tickets. Last-minute bookings will cost you high prices thus, pre-book your hotels and other reservations to get better deals. Additionally, while buying travel insurance for Canada, you must consider a few factors like your trip duration, sub-limits, online review, etc., to choose the right plan for your trip.

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