Travel Tips for Hassle Free Journey

Travel Tips for Hassle-Free Journey

Travel has been on the minds of everyone right now. Especially after being locked down in our houses for such a long due to Covid Era.

Travel can be fun and as much can be stressful if you don’t plan and consider the cons of the same.

Japji Travels is a leading travel agent company I leave no stones unturned to help people travel absolutely hassle and worry-free.

To travel hassle free one needs to have a considerable amount of knowledge about the place of visit.

There are a few things that we make sure, you don’t miss while your travel journey. Smart travel leads to a hassle-free journey for sure!

We have listed a few things that will help you enjoy the trip to the fullest which are as follows:


You should plan your trip wisely and much before your visit date.

Proper and timely planning of the dates of visit gives you ample time to take note of things while you actually travel.

The added advantage of pre-planning is that it can also be cost and pocket friendly if done well in advance.


One must make separate bags for the important items to be carried in hand during the travel.

Pack the sensitive and fragile items in a separate bag and put tags on it so that the same is carefully handled.


Airports can make you wait for hours and keep your trip delayed for just the baggage pick up.

Thus, buy some funky suitcases so that you can easily identify them which saves a lot of time.

Also, make them properly so that the same is not exchanged with someone else’s.


For a hassle-free journey does not forget to collect and carry all your important documents in a separate and handy pouch.

Documents like VISA, Passport, ID cards, Tickets, Boarding passes, Hotel tickets, cab booking papers and such others.

Also, make sure to take extra copies of all the documents in case any of the copy gets misplaced you can avoid the trouble.

Documents are a must while traveling to avoid any hindrances.


 Whenever possible do choose the travel tours during the mornings which can give you access to many help if any trouble crops up.

Any delay will also give you time to reach your destination safely and also provide you with many other options.

Also, female travelers find this more convenient so that they reach their destination before dawn or wee hours.


Do not forget to book your destination hotel in advance so as to avoid the chances of missing out on your favorite hotel.

Also, make sure to book a cab in advance to get you picked and dropped to your destination in order to save time.

Advance bookings also give you huge discounts at some point in time and many choices too!


Always make sure that you are in your most comfortable wear during the travel so that you do not have to worry about mishaps.

Also, traveling in your comfy wear makes you free from the tension of carrying the clothes in an elegant manner.


One must take care while having the outside eatables and drinks as they may cause your stomach some problems.

Overeating on travel should be avoided to prevent vomits and gas-like situations.

Eat and drink wisely so as to make the most of the trip and be free from falling ill on your travel.


Proper medicines shall be carried throughout the travel journey so as to take immediate precautions if there are slight chances of falling ill.

First Aid Kits shall always be handy and carried to take immediate action on any injury.

Your daily routine medicines should be taken care of so you do not miss any of your doses.

Few places do not contain the exact medicines that you intake and thus to avoid this situation take a proper and ample amount of medicines on your journey.


Travel comes in handy with certain unpredictable situations and hence one must stay insured.

Get your luggage insured so as to avoid the loss by theft and any such other situation.

Get your health insured too as this is of the utmost importance in any situation.


Travel comes with many risks too and hence one must research well the destination to be visited.

Women travelers especially should take care of the safety of the destination planned.

One should know which places are dangerous and should not be visited.

The help of the locals can also be taken into consideration while visiting any unknown place.

Travel at late nights shall be avoided in order to avoid any mishaps.

Keep the note of the emergency numbers of the destination place so as to reach out to them quickly.


Whenever you visit any destination, make sure you know the rules and regulations of that place.

Only knowing them won’t help, you must take care to follow the same to avoid any legal implications for you.

Following the rules properly will help you travel hassle-free and will help you stay away from many problems.

Each destination has its own different rules so make sure you get the same known.


Do leave your home on time so as to avoid missing any cabs or any other transport.

To reach on time at the airports to avoid the huge queues and chances of missing your flight.

To reach on time to the events that you plan to attend to miss all the fun there.

Reaching on time gives you ample of free time to get prepared for any contingency that may arise.


Taking care of the small things helps you save time, saves you from troubles and saves your money and helps you travel hassle-free.


What documents shall be carried while foreign travel?

Documents like VISA, Passport, ID cards, Tickets, Boarding passes, Hotel tickets, cab booking papers and such others.

What is the most time easiest and time saving mode of travel?

Walking is the easiest and time saving mode of travel which can be accessed easily.

Is travel insurance legit?

Yes, travel insurance is legit and can be procured from any travel insurance agency

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