Exquisite Destinations Of Mount Abu To Bask In The Ethereal Beauty

A relief from the scorching heat surrounded by lush forest and ethereal vistas is the Mount Abu of Rajasthan. While Rajasthan boasts different places to entice travellers but Mount Abu is special. Why? Because in the desert terrain of Rajasthan, it is the only hill station offering serene surroundings with the best climate. 

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Want to know the best places to visit in Mount Abu? Continue reading!

Alluring attractions of Mount Abu

Encircled by the serene Aravali range, the beauty of Mount Abu will stun you. To unleash the best places of Mount Abu, follow the below guide. 

Nakki Lake

 What are the places to visit in Mount Abu? Is this question in your mind? Well, one of the top-rated attractions of Mount Abu is Nakki Lake. Surrounded by the natural environment, Nakki Lake is a visionary treat to all nature lovers. 

The happiness of being encircled by such a serene environment is priceless. Go sailing in the beauty of Nakki lake and soak in the pleasure of surrounding natural wonders. 

Peace Park

Has stress overpowered your life? Are you bored of the mundane lifestyle? If yes, then you must be looking for a tranquil environment. Well, Peace Park at Mount Abu is a surreal place. It is also one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu in 2 days itinerary. 

Administered by Brahma Kumari’s the Peace Park has everything to balance one’s mental state. It is also a great place to meditate and relax your mind. The location, tranquil atmosphere and flora and fauna will capture your heart.

“Dilwara Jain Temples”

Want to make your trip to Mount Abu divine? Then, head towards “Dilwara Jain Temples”. The unique features of this temple are white marble construction with intriguing cravings and human craftsmanship. To witness such remarkable work is a true pleasure. 

One of the attractive places to visit around Mount Abu is “Dilwara Jain Temples”. The complex houses five more Jain temples. So, whenever you visit Mount Abu, don’t miss the golden chance to witness this divine place. 

Honeymoon Point

As the name suggests, it is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu for couples. High above, cool breeze splashing you, and the backdrop of Naki Lake is perfect for your honeymoon outing. Moreover, it is also a great place to plan a trip with your pals and fam bam.

The most striking feature of this place is the view of sunset and sunrise. Honeymoon Point is also the best place in Mount Abu for a photoshoot session. Furthermore, the calm environment is an exhilarating experience. 

Champa Cave

Want to enjoy trekking on your trip to Mount Abu? Well, then peeps head towards Champa Cave. It is also one of the historical sites of Mount Abu. The outstanding panoramic views make this cave one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu

One of the main reasons Champa Cave has gained reverence is because Swami Vivekananda has meditated here. Plan a trip to Champa Cave, where nature is at its best. 

“Shri Raghunath Temple”

One of the hidden places in Mount Abu is the “Shri Raghunath Temple”. However, now tourists are exploring this place due to its magnificent aura. The temple worships Lord Vishnu, and visiting this temple is an opportunity for life to get free from sins. 

Furthermore, if you want to witness outstanding architecture, you must visit here. The wall paintings, antique designs, intricate work will keep the visitors hooked. There is also a belief that devotees visiting the temple are set free from all worries by the grace of Lord Vishnu. 

Tibetian Market

Wherever you travel souvenir from a trip is a must. It helps to reminisce good old days and the memories associated with them. If you too want to carry a souvenir or want to go on a shopping spree, head towards the Tibetian market. 

This exuberant market can bring back your lost energy. You can shop for trinkets, clothes, carpets and other knick-knacks. Want to satiate your cravings? Well, Tibetian Market is famous for scrumptious street food. Visit Tibetian Market and splurge on good food and shopping.

Sunset Point

Are you wondering what are the places to visit in Mount Abu to bring joy to your soul? Well, then you should not miss Sunset Point. The picturesque location is an ideal spot to plan a picnic. Being called the Sunset Point, the highlighting feature of this place is the view of the sunset.  

Away from the city buzz Sunset Point is a quaint place. Want to plan a good time with your sweetheart? Think no more and choose Sunset Point. Revive your mind and let the cool breeze in this tranquil location calm your soul.  

In the quaint hill station of Mount Abu, dip in the serenity of this picturesque landscape. The exclusive places to visit in Mount Abu are perfect for being cocooned from the monotonous life. So, when are you heading to explore delightful holidays in Mount Abu? 

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