The Latest Covid Guidelines Of Kerala State

The Latest Covid Guidelines Of Kerala State

Posted On : 2021-03-08

Are you planning to travel to Kerala? Obviously, everyone wants to make their first visit to God’s own country a memorable one. Wayanad, Vagamon, Alleppey, Varkala are some of the hidden gems that a  traveller should definitely explore. 

Have a look at this guide before you plan a visit to Kerala and follow the given precautions in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Important rules you need to remember

Here are some simple rules that you must know before planning your trip to Kerala. 

  1. All the passengers visiting Kerala have to go through thermal screening. In case you are found symptomatic you have to take the Covid test and it will be at your own expense. So, how does this thermal imaging works? The thermal imaging non-contact cameras use the sensors to find out the “hot zones”. It helps provide a person’s hot zones with temperature calculations. 

  2. Before departure, you have to register yourself at “https://covid19jagratha.kerala” to obtain an e-pass. However, sometimes they do not check the registration at the checkpoint or border. 

  3. For anyone travelling to Kerala, you need to stay at home for at least 7 days in short you will be home quarantined. 

  4. No one requires a COVID-19 negative report if they are travelling to Kerala for less than 7 days. Still don’t forget to recheck the guidelines as you might require the report at the accommodation. 

  5. In case you are entering Kerala by road, firstly you will have to specify the vehicle number. Adding to this, you will also need to give information about the stay, end destination, plus the details of the passengers and driver on the Jagratha portal. 


Here are some FAQs to clear your doubts about travelling to Kerala. 

Is the Covid test essential before travelling to Kerala?

It is not really necessary at this point in time, with the introduction of the vaccine, to get your negative reports. However, if you are not feeling well for a very long time or carry any other symptoms related to Covid, avoid travelling at all costs. 


Is it right to visit a popular destination like Kerala at the time of pandemic?

It is definitely safe if you are following all the given guidelines and taking the necessary precautions. Also, you have to maintain the social distancing protocols throughout your trip and you will not face any issue. 


Are public transport services like buses and local trains working efficiently?

You do not need to worry as these services are fully in operation. However, it can be quite dangerous and risky to use public transportation as there are high chances of being exposed to the virus. If you are using public transport, wear your mask properly and, sanitize and wash your hands frequently. 


Are e-passes only available for train and car travellers?

You have to enroll yourself on the Jagratha Portal for Covid no matter which transport you use to travel. 


Do I have to quarantine even if I have a short visit pass?

For short passes, you don’t have to deal with the quarantining protocol. 


Do you need to have a booking for the full duration before you visit Kerala?

No, it is not at all necessary. However, in the Jagratha Portal, it is essential to specify the first destination address. So, it is better if you book accommodation beforehand at least for the first entry. 


Are the restaurants still functioning?

Yes, a few restaurants are still functioning and it is better to check the status before planning to visit any place. 

If it is your first time travelling to Kerala and you haven’t planned a trip yet then these guidelines will help you do so easily. Follow these simple guidelines and make your trip memorable.