Budget-friendly accommodations for Chardham Yatra

Budget-friendly accommodations for Chardham Yatra

Posted On : 2024-02-20

Budget Friendly Accommodations for Char Dham Yatra

Taking the Himalayan route of the Char Dham pilgrimage makes every traveler experience the essence of spirituality. The Chardhamyatra route leads you to the holy places of Yamunotri, Gangotri ,Kedarnath, and Badrinath, where you can experience both peace and blessings on this journey. In the religious aspect aside, the trip offers incredible natural scenery at every stop.

Finding affordable accommodations, apart from being an important factor, is an absolute must to bring the trip to perfection. Cheaper travel accommodations will provide amenities and make you feel like home but without greatly denting the wallet. 

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So to Conveniently and affordably enjoy a heavenly tour, here is a list of some of the most authentic and best budget friendly accommodation to make divine memories that will stay in your heart forever.

Name of the Budget Hotels in Char Dhams with Address and Phone Number 

Name of the Budget Hotels of Char Dhams


Contact No 

Jyoti Lodge 

Near Badrinath Dham 

9412995689, 8126977489

Manisha Guest House 

Near Badrinath Dham 


Hotel Rishi Ganga

Main Road Near Bhola Giri Ashram, Badrinath Dham 


Hotel Devlok Badrinath 

Mana Road Badrinath 


Vijay Laxmi Badrinath 

Near Badrinath Temple

9412437380, 9719352578

Manisha Guest House

Near Badrinath Dham 


Hotel Urvashi 

Mana Road, near Seshnetra Ashrama, Badrinath 


Him Shikher Guest House

Near Badrinath Dham 


Hotel Himgiri Badrinath Dham 

Near Badrinath Dham 


Hotel Shankar Shree Badrinath 

Near Bus Stand, Badrinath Road 


Bikaner House

Kedarnath Dham


Agra House

Near Kedarnath Dham 


Rajasthan House

Near Kedarnath Temple


Patiala house &Punjab 

Main Market, Gauri Kund - Kedarnath Dham Trekking Way, near Kedarnath Temple


Jhalaram Kuteer 

Near Kedarnath Dham 


Gayatri Sadan 

Gauri Kund - Kedarnath Dham Trekking Way



Near Kedarnath Temple


Himachal House 

Near Kedarnath Dham 


Hotel Gangaputra

Gangotri Highway, Gangotri Dham


Hotel Bhagirathi Sadan

Near Gangotri Dham 


Hotel Bhakri House

Near Gangotri Dham 


Hotel Purohit Sadan 

Gangotri Temple Road, Gangotri


Punjab Sindh Kshetra

Near Gangotri Temple


Hotel Kirti Lok

Gangotri temple Marg, before bada Pathhar, opposite Gaumukh trail, Gangotri,


Hotel Mandakini 

Near Gangotri Bus Stand


Hotel Gomukh 

Birla Gali, Uttarkashi, Gangotri 


Kabra Niketan 

Near Gangotri Temple


Hotel Manisha

Uttarkashi, Gangotri Road 


Hotel Bal Krishna

Near Gangotri Dham 


Hotel Chayan Janki Chatti 

Near Yamunotri Dham 


Hotel VivekPalace and Restaurant 

Near Yamunotri Dham 


Camp Veda

Village Chatanga Barkot, Yamunotri



Budget Hotel Booking Tips for Char Dham Yatra 

Of course! Then you get the idea of Chardham Yatra while you are searching for cheap accommodations. In such time, there are some tricks that will help you find the low cost hotels without sacrificing your comfort.Here are some useful tips to book budget hotels for your comfort-

  •  Plan in advance: Every day you procrastinate is one day wasted that you could've spent relaxing at your hotel. By implementing this tactic, you can access early booking sales and get a spot for yourself during the trip.

  •  Do Your Homework: Take some time on researching budget hotels there. Search for them online and ensure that they have overall attractive reviews and are not overly expensive while providing the features necessary to you.

  •  Be Flexible with Dates: Sometimes, just changing travel dates by a day or two can reduce hotel expenses by avoiding peak time situations.

  •  Book Homestays or Guesthouses: Staying in a homestay or guest house may be among the best options available to you. They generally are cheaper than the hotels and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy their hospitality. In case you have any sort of queries regarding where and exactly how to make use of life insurance, you could contact us at our own internet site.

  •  Check Out Package Deals: One of the techniques that may reduce the cost is working with travel agents or company sites that give package deals containing lodging. These bundles sometimes are pricier than booking each individual ticket separately.

  •  Negotiate properly: A suggestion for you to not be afraid to bargain the prices, especially if you are reserving rooms directly with the hotel. For instance, you may negotiate for a better price or some extras for the kind speech you’ve just made.

  •  Don't Sacrifice on Quality: Budget is one of the most important things but always make sure that you don't compromise hotel amenities such as clean rooms and hot water. Money is not worth the poor quality of your vacation. It will be distressful and there won’t be a sense of satisfaction.

  •  Check the Cancellation Policy properly: Before booking your hotel, review the cancel option carefully. It is inconceivable that you may have to make allowances if your plans somehow deviate off the original plan.



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