Paraglide in Bir Billing

Paraglide in Bir Billing

Posted On : 2023-03-31

Live your best paragliding experience in a lifetime!

Experience the wind's lift as you soar through the blue heavens of Bir Billing, renowned as India's paragliding center. It draws explorers of all ages and ethnicities and gives them the opportunity to soar over the Dhauladhar ranges, lush green fields, lovely water streams, and the abundance of nature. Book a paragliding flight in Bir billing to experience the exhilarating 8200-foot altitude while taking in the stunning views of the hamlet that played home to the first-ever paragliding cup.

How to reach?

The plan includes pick-up and drop-off services from the Bir landing spot. The Bir Landing spot is situated on Bir Colony Road, which is conveniently reachable by both private and public transportation.
It will take 45 minutes to travel from the pick-up location in Bir to the exercise area in Billing because the paragliding take-off spot is 16 kilometres away.
Then here you launch. This second-best paragliding location in the world is going to be amazing. Must try!

About the Bir Billing paragliding

  • This activity's launch site is Billing, a well-liked location situated about 8200 feet above sea level and dubbed "heaven for paragliders."
  • Arrive at the Billing (now Bir) arrival site at the predetermined time to be picked up, then move on to the activity location. 
  • Learn more about the activity and the different paragliding tricks that will make it more enjoyable for you while you are in the air.
  • After preparing and equipping yourself with high-quality safety gear, prepare to take off.
  • A qualified teacher will be with you at all times to help you and ensure that the activity is secure and easy for you.
  • All of the safety gear is imported from France and has undergone safety testing.

Things to be aware about

When flying in Bir Billing, the following considerations are some of the most important for everyone to bear in mind:

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  • Make sure your emotional state is appropriate for the activity. Keep your thoughts from becoming overly enthusiastic or panicked.
  • Prior to going flying, refrain from overeating or imbibing. Additionally, you shouldn't board the plane on an empty tummy. To remain comfortable, active, and energetic throughout the activity, think about eating a very light dinner prior to the journey.
  • Make sure you strictly adhere to your instructor's directions and put on the recommended safety equipment.
  • When paragliding, avoid wearing naked feet because doing so can cause foot injuries when you descend. Think about donning a pair of trekking footwear with a snug fit and adjustable laces.

More things to do in Bir Billing

  • Bir Billing hang gliding: India's Bir Billing is a well-known location for aerial flying. Additionally, you can enjoy high-speed hang glider activities over the stunning Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges.
  • Camping: You will undoubtedly have a wonderful experience in the presence of nature if you spend the night at a campground with your loved ones. Engaging in camping activities is something you must keep an eye out for if you want to bring home some lovely recollections of Bir Billing. 
  • Visit to Palpung Sherabling Monastery: This monastery is regarded as the spiritual hub of eastern Tibet. It provides Buddhist studies and also sheds light on the local art and culture. You can take time during your journey to meditate in beautiful surroundings and go on nature walks.
  • You should take a tour of the Bir Tea Factory while visiting Bir Billing because it is a famous location. You can visit the fascinating tea plantations and gain more knowledge about the production of tea by going to this location. Additionally, you will be able to buy for newly made tea leaves and bags and go on a variety of instructive excursions.

What to wear?

  • Wearing comfy clothing is recommended for flying in Bir Billing
  • It is advised to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing because it makes it easier for you to walk around.
  • Avoid donning bulky clothing because they may cause you to become distracted and limit your range of motion.
  • Women are advised not to wear shoes because they could cause major issues when landing. You can always wear cosy sneakers to improve your footing and make landings simpler. 
  • Any type of pricey jewelery or items should not be carried.

More Bir Billing Information

  • Receive assistance from a qualified teacher who will make sure you have a hassle-free experience.
  • Get a GoPro camera and shoot a beautiful movie to preserve recollections.
  • Explore the "Paragliding Capital of India" by taking this thrilling flying adventure.
  • Discover the Dhauladhar mountains' grandeur from an altitude of about 8200 feet.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. When is the ideal moment to go paragliding in Bir Billing?

A1. In Bir Billing, paragliding is available from September to June. Beautiful snow-covered scenery can be experienced while paragliding in November and December. Due to the rainy season, paragliding is prohibited in July and August.

Q2. How long can I paraglide in Bir Billing?

A2. Depending on the weather, you can remain up for between 15 and 20 minutes while flying. If the weather is good, you may remain up for up to 20 minutes; however, if the weather is bad, you might only be able to fly for 15 minutes.

Q3. Is paragliding in Bir Billing a secure activity?

A3. Paragliding is as risk-free as you decide to make it, but there is some aspect of danger involved. Your journey will be safer if you follow all the directions carefully, maintain the correct mindset and level of preparedness, and wear a high-quality helmet. To guarantee safety, it is also advised that you have your equipment examined before flying.
Determining how secure it is to paraglide at a particular moment depends heavily on the weather conditions. The fact that the pilot has complete control over the journey and can end it whenever necessary improves paragliding safety.