Baralacha Pass From Manali

Baralacha Pass From Manali

Posted On : 27-06-2022

How do you reach Baralacha Pass from Manali?

Baralacha, better known as Baralacha pass, is situated in the Zanskar range. Fascinated spectators find the stark landscape, free of obstructing structures like shops or hotels, and it is breathtakingly attractive. It is a northwest high mountain pass positioned along the Leh-Manali highway that connects Leh district in Ladakh and Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh. The Baralacha Pass creates a water divide between the Bhaga and the Yunam river. A glacier in this region is where the Chandra river begins. 

The Chandra River rises from massive snow on the southern flank of the Baralacha La and rapidly expands in size. The downstream confluence of the Chandra and Bhaga rivers represents Chenab's native name, "Chandrabhaga." You may find a crossroads from Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar, and Lahaul to meet at the Baralacha Pass. 

In the ancient Indian period, it was part of a trade route. In the northwest, the Bhaga River originates, while the Chandra flows south-east. The Suraj Tal (Sun lake), the source of the river Bhaga, is an emerald lake located beneath the Baralacha-la. The Bhaga river, which is only a few kilometres away, adds to the breathtaking scenery surrounding the pass. 

There are various places along the enjoyable route of Baralacha Pass from Manali, where mountain bikers never seem to miss their thrills. Trekkers love this 8 km long pass and are on their way to climb up to Chandratal lake. It acts as a brief rest stop for refreshment for travellers.


What is the best time of the year to travel to the Baralacha Pass from Manali?

The months of April through October are ideal for visiting and taking a trip through the Baralacha. The Baralacha La is safe for tourists to travel and enjoy the area's beautiful splendor during these months because the snow melts. Visitors are encouraged to visit the Baralacha Pass from April to October. The roads are progressively opened in the spring once the snow melts. The Baralacha Pass location is at its best during these months.

How to reach the Baralacha Pass from Manali? 

We have the entire route if you plan to take a trip from Manali to the Baralacha Pass Highway. We included the towns you'll be passing through, their distances from one another, and other pertinent information, so you can better plan your journey. Manali and Baralacha La lie apart by 189 kilometers. Due to the high altitude, you can cover this distance in about 6 hours. 

You can follow the route to arrive at Baralacha Pass from Manali.

The itinerary of the journey to the Baralacha Pass from Manali is as mentioned below.

From Manali, ⇾⇾Marhi⇾Rohtang Pass⇾ Gramphu⇾ Sissu⇾ Tandi⇾ Keylong⇾ Jispa⇾ Darcha. 

You can proceed from Darcha ⇾ Sumdo⇾Patsio⇾ Zingzingbar⇾ ⇾ the last destination Baralacha Pass. 

You need a permit to cross Rohtang, which is the main challenge because you need it to travel further. It is available online or in the Manali SDM office. You need to visit the web portal of Rohtang Permit Permission. The stunning views around you make the 52-kilometre climb to Rohtang a visual feast. 

If you left Manali early, you could either stop at Rohtang Pass itself or Marhi, 19 miles away. At Rohtang Top, you may come across many dhabas or eateries open throughout the day, so you can stop by briefly to eat and take pictures. Rani Nalla is both a water crossing and a glacier point. A water stream forms when the snow melts, running straight through the road and into the valley below.

From Rohtang Pass via Gramphu to Kokhsar is a 19 km distance. The first village in the Lahaul Valley is Kokhsar, which offers a PWD rest house and a few dhabas as lodging choices. Kokhsar has a few mechanics' shops.

Nine kilometers separate Tandi from Keylong. Tandi is the last town where you can find a trustworthy mechanic. You can check a motorcycle or four-wheeler for the final inspection. You can reach Keylong via Jispa to Darcha, a 28 km distance. Jispa is a very scenic village, and I have always preferred to stay here as opposed to the busy town of Keylong. 

You may find accommodation in the form of chadar tents after Jispa, but not a decent enough campsite or hotel. Jispa has a mechanic shop right at the end of the village. Jispa village itself is on the banks of the Bhaga river. It is a magnificent spot for a bonfire at night if you are staying at a campsite. Finally, you can reach Baralacha from Darcha via Deepak Tal, Patseo, and Zingzing Bar. There is hardly any climbing required to get to Baralacha La from Zingzing Bar because it is already at an impressive height. You will come across a view of the drab, brown mountains that vanished at one of the mountain curves. Dark mountains with their tops shrouded in haze lay in their place.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the precise location of Baralacha La?

A1. Baralacha Pass lies at 16,040 feet or 4890 meters. The Baralacha Pass journey from the Manali highway features several stunning peaks that give you the impression that you are on top of the world.

Q2. What precautions should you take while driving the route of the Baralacha Pass from Manali?

A2. You'll make sure you're getting enough water to drink. You won't exercise, consume alcohol, or smoke. Before ascending over 2,500 meters, you should spend two to three days acclimatizing to high altitudes.

Q3. What medicines should you carry while driving the route of the Baralacha Pass from Manali?


Your medico friend may prescribe Dexamethasone to treat altitude sickness. The drug acetazolamide can abate altitude sickness symptoms and avail with laboured breathing. A lung inhaler, nifedipine for high blood pressure, and phosphodiesterase inhibitors are therapies.

Baralacha La is a stunning and charming beauty site that is a must-see. You might ask yourself, "Oh my my, what am I feeling?" As soon as you start watching Baralacha La. Is it a dream?

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