How to Reach Manali from Delhi

How to Reach Manali from Delhi

Posted On : 21-06-2022

How to reach Manali from Delhi?

You can enjoy a magnificent trip with your family as many lovely hill stations, like Manali, close to Delhi city, are nicely connected. Manali is considered the oldest town in the Kullu Valley. This gorgeous hill station is perched high with the aura of romance to welcome travelers with snow-laden mountains, cozy cafes, and vibrant streets. There are many things to do in Manali, from visiting the busiest Mall Road to the serene and peaceful old Manali. 

Manali hill station attracts the eyes of thousands of people every year. Best of all, it is an ideal weekend destination from the capital due to its proximity of 535 km from Delhi. You can reach Manali from Delhi through a variety of transportation options. 

You can travel to the destination by road, train, or air if you are thinking of how to reach Manali from New Delhi. Consequently, driving a car is the most acceptable way to get from Delhi to Manali. If you are planning to visit the town, you need to follow the information that will assist you in reaching Manali from Delhi by the different modes of transport.

On your drive to Manali from Delhi, you will celebrate the natural beauty of Haryana and Punjab, stop at well-known attractions, discover hidden whereabouts, and enjoy delicious food at neighborhood dhabas afore arriving at the picturesque mountain views of Himachal Pradesh. You should look into how to get to Manali from Delhi if you're eager for an exciting road journey there. When you take this marvelous road trip, the route to this intriguing location has plenty more to offer, which can be just as fascinating.

  • We recommend two different but beautiful routes from Delhi to Manali.

Once you've decided to go on this road trip, it's time to research the most common routes and make an informed decision before setting out. The trip time from Delhi to Manali, between 550 and 650 km, ranges from 12 to 15 hours, depending on the route you pick and other factors.

Different routes from Delhi to Manali will take you to Manali via different scenery, towns, and eateries. You can discover the best itinerary for your next trip from Delhi to Manali by road.

  1. You can follow the Route 1: Delhi ➡ Ambala➡Chandigarh Route via (NH 44 and NH 154)
  2. The best itinerary from Delhi➡Panipat➡Kurukshetra➡Ambala➡Chandigarh➡Bilaspur➡Mandi➡Kullu➡Manali

It will take 12–13 hours to go the estimated 540-kilometer journey. Due to the straight road conditions, this is one of the most popular and often used routes by travellers to get to Manali from Delhi.

You can travel to well-known locations.

  • Purana Quila (Panipat): Visit the mosque, the museum, and the Panipat Battlefield historical site.

  • Kurukshetra: Additionally, you can go to Brahma Sarovar, Sheikh Chili Tomb, and Jyotisar, the birthplace of the Bhagwad Geeta, a holy manuscript recited during the Mahabharata.

  • The Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake (Chandigarh): An engaging and inventive garden constructed out of waste and recyclable materials is a must-see, as is the lovely Sukhna lake, which is clean and well-kept.
  • Rewalsar Lake (Mandi): Your unforgettable stopover could be at this picturesque lake tucked away in the highlands. Three monasteries that represent Buddhist culture are also nearby this lake.
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple (Kullu): This historic Shiva temple is a must-see tourist destination to experience the serene atmosphere and ask for blessings.
  1. You can follow the Route 2: Delhi➡Zirakpur➡Shimla route Via (NH 44 And NH 5)
  2. The best itinerary from  Delhi➡Panipat➡Kurukshetra➡Ambala➡Zirakpur➡Shimla➡Mandi➡Kulu➡Manali

Approximately 600 kilometers separate New Delhi from Manali, a journey of 15–16 hours. Since this route is essentially the same till Ambala, you must take NH 5 to get to Zirakpur after Ambala.

You can travel to well-known places.

Viceregal Lodge: During the British Raj, in India's summer capital, this magnificent building was the president's residence (in Shimla). It is well-known for both its impressive architectural design and the breathtaking views of the surroundings.
Annandale: Shimla has an Indian Army Museum and a tranquil golf course. Locals have great admiration for this location, although visitors rarely visit.
Chiswick Falls: If you're travelling in the summer, it would be a wonderful experience to see peace, a lush cascade, and a serene environment with lovely mountains surrounding this picnic location.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What makes Manali so exciting?

A1. Manali has magnificent vistas of mighty mountains, lovely rivers, snow-capped mountains, breathtaking panoramic views, and breathtaking natural beauty, among other things. It's a must-see place to visit.

Q2. How can we navigate Manali's urban area?

A2. In Manali, transportation options include motorcycles, bicycles, buses, and vehicles. There are numerous ways to navigate around Manali at this location. The best ways to travel in Manali are by taxi and bus. Bus and cab travel is both the most affordable and secure options.

Q3. Which road leads to Manali the best?


The most dependable route connects State Highway 4 to National Highway 21 between Ambala and Chandigarh. About 310 kilometres separate Chandigarh and Manali.

One of the best places to go for a delightful journey in the hills is Manali. From Delhi, there are numerous methods to get to Manali. While flying is one of the quickest and most practical ways to travel, taking a bus or a car on the road is also an excellent alternative. The drive from Delhi to Manali is stunning and full of breathtaking scenery. Plan your drive from Delhi to Manali by organizing a trip to the hills.

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