what is best time to visit nainital?

what is best time to visit nainital?

Posted On : 25-08-2021

What Is The Best Time For Planning a Trip to Nainital?

Nainital is a popular hill station in the city of Uttarakhand admeasuring 11.73 sq. kms with an altitude of 1,938 meters. Nainital is a gem in a perfect setting. During the day, the city is filled with brightly colored tiny villas, bungalows, ponies, rickshaws, sailboats that beckon the visitors to discover the town in its own special ways. And as the sun sinks behind the mountains, the hill station turns into an enchanting, alluring fairyland bearing reflection of the rows of lights dancing in the water to weave a mysterious fantasy. One just cannot miss the beauty of this place and the calm and soothing climate that this place holds.

Best time to visit Nainital is March to June and Mid September to the end of October. One can get to experience different kinda weather in Nainital. During March to June, the climate is soothing hot, and humid and Light woolen or Cotton dresses are preferred. From Mid September to the end of October winter is at its peak and heavy woolen clothing is preferred. Usually, Nainital's weather is pleasant and enjoyable making it the most popular tourist visit destination amongst all the hill stations.. Nainital's Snowfall can be experienced from the start of October till Mid February. Nainital's weather during the extreme winter is not favorable for tourists due to varied extreme climatic conditions. November to February is too cool so these months are not preferred as the Best time to visit Nainital. Thus good time to travel to Nainital is during midsummer and midwinter.

The nearest airport is at Pantnagar ( approx 71 Km) from Nainital. One can reach there via Delhi. One can also travel by train from Agra and Delhi. Road transport is also available to reach Nainital. During recent times the roads and services relating to road transport have drastically improved thus making it easier to travel to such hilly ranges without much difficulty.

One can visit the following popular places in Nainital:

1. Naina Peak: (2,611 meters) 5.64 Km. The most favored picnic centre of the town, it commands an entrancing view of the Himalayas. This peak popularly has also gained to be known as China Peak. A bird's eye view of the lake resort is obtainable from here.

2. Naini Lake: (1,945 meters) 1.5 Km. This beautiful lake holds an enchanting panoramic view of the seven hills that surround Nainital. Boating here is in itself an amazing experience to remember for life.

3. Nainital Zoo: (2,100 metres) 1.8 Km. This Zoo has been named Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind   Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Nainital. This zoo holds many endangered species which are adopted by various NGO's and animal lovers. This zoo is a worth visit for all animal lovers. Along with the Zoo, one can also visit Naini Devi Bird Sanctuary which is a gold spot for nature and bird lovers. Uttarakhand was the first place in India to set up a National Park. This Reserve is now also known as Jim Corbett National Park. This park is known as a heaven for rich flora and fauna and the rarest species of birds and animals.

4. Ariel Ropeway Nainital: (2,100 meters) 1.8 Km. This ropeway is a major tourist attraction for Nainital visitors. This ropeway enables the mesmerizing view of the breathtaking lakes and varied hill ranges that are visible from the peak of Nainital.

5. Lands end: (2,118 meters) 4.08 Km. A magnificent and mesmerizing view of Khurpa Tal and the terraced fields on the hillside is available from here.

6. Hanuman Garhi: (1,951 meters) 1.7 Km A religious centre and an ecstatic spot well known for its sunset view.

7. Snow View: (2,270 meters) 2.42 Km. The most easily accessible mountain top at Nainital and has the most breathtaking view of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot. This place also offers majestic views of the Himalayas. It is easily reachable by road but an ariel ride would be the perfect adventurous ride for reaching to the peak of this place.

8. State Observatory: (1,951 meters) 4.4 Km. Devoted to astronomical studies and optical tracking of artificial earth satellites is a beautiful place for people having an interest in the galaxy.

9. Kilbury: (2,194 meters) 10 Km. This spot is ideal for a quiet and peaceful holiday and offers various views of enchanting mountains.

10. Khurpa Tal: (1,636 meters) 10 Km. This is a fishing paradise for enthusiasts.

11. Dororthy seat: (2,292 meters) 4.03 Km. This place has been built as a memorial to an English lady believed to have been killed in an air crash stands here. The spot calls for a sectional view of the town overall and the nearby region.

Few excursions can be taken to Bhowali, Bhimtal, Naukuchia Tal, Sat Tal, Ramgarh, Mukteshwar, Jeolikote, Mall road, ARIES, Kainchi Dam,  which are nearby locations from Nainital and can be easily accessible by road.

One can also plan extended trips from Nainital to Ranikhet, Kausani, and Badrinath which are just a few Km away from Nainital.


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