Chaugan Chamba, Dalhousie , Dalhousie

The  Chaugan  is  the  heart  and  hub  centre  all  activities  in   Chamba.  According  to  Dr.  J.  Hutchison,  the   town  is  built  on  two   terraces   the  lower  is  the  Chaugan,  a  fine grassy  sward.  about  a   half  KM  long  by  75  meters   broad.  Tradition  is  silent  as  to  its  use  as  a  pologround   and  the  name  is  etymologically   district  from  chaugan,  the   Persian   name  of  polo. Polo being of Sanskrit origin and meaning 'four-sided'. Besides being a public promenade and recreation-ground, the Chaugan was utilized for State Darbars and sports.Standing in front of the old Akhand Chandi Palace, the arena was formed after clubbing five small chaugans for sports and games. At present, the historic ground of Chaugan hosts cricket matches of state level and is also open for picnics in the summer months. The arena also turns into a flea market during the Minjar Mela fair. During this week long festival, local costumes and colourful dresses along with cultural activities are the main attractions.

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