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India is a land of different cultures, religions and even practices that might astonish you! Every culture is unique and has its significance to the people out there. One such is Buddhism inspiring millions of individuals. Due to the influence of various Buddhist leaders and geographic borders, you can now explore the best Buddhist landmarks in India. Buddhism gains immense significance to date beginning from the 6th century.

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Buddhism finds its roots in India majorly because of Siddhartha Gautama who is popularly known as Gautam Buddha. The concepts of Nirvana, meditation and noble truth encourage individuals on a large scale. In today’s time, diverse Buddhist landmarks in India let you immerse in the soothing culture and Tibetan architecture. So, as you begin your journey, check out the best Buddhist places in India for a remarkable time.

Buddhist landmarks in India: Explore the best ones here – 

1. Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Bodh Gaya

Bodhgaya is one of the prime Buddhist landmarks in India for a spiritual time. Interestingly, this is the place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Additionally, you get an amazing opportunity to witness the Bodhi tree. The Mahabodhi Temple attracts thousands of tourists every year. 

Next, you can witness ancient Buddhist architecture. Importantly, you can be a part of the famous Kalachakra festival too. Various monks, scholars and practitioners visit Bodhgaya to attain knowledge. So, are you ready for a tranquil time?! 

2. Nalanda


Nalanda is one of the famous Buddhist places in India due to its historical significance. The destination was famous for being one of the oldest universities where monks and scholars practised Buddhism. Next, it is known for Buddhist education and philosophy. While certain parts of the university are now in ruins, it still attracts Buddhist enthusiasts. 

Additionally, you can spot the main monastery and the centre of learning. Being one of the important Buddhist landmarks in India, notice the remains of temples, lecture halls and libraries. What’s more? It is the place where monks were trained to debate and discuss on interesting topics!

3. Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh 


Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, Sarnath is one of the prominent Buddhist landmarks in India.  It is because this is the place where Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon! Popularly known as turning the wheel of Dharma, Gautam Buddha explained the four noble truths. 

Additionally, Sarnath is also the place where Buddha laid the philosophy of Buddhism. What’s more? Dhamem Stupa is also located here! You can also spot various ancient monasteries and temples which are now in ruins. Lastly, people often visit to reflect on Buddhist teachings and learn about their spiritual awakening. 

4. Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh 


Shravasti is one of the main Buddhist places in India due to the presence of monasteries. The Jetavana monastery is one of the vital places here. Interestingly, this monastery was donated by Aathapindika to Gautam Buddha. What’s more to Shravasti? It is also believed that Buddha performed multiple miracles including the twin miracle and the display of psychic powers. 

This is exactly why many tourists visit Shravasti to discover the secrets! You can also receive recordings of the traditional texts to learn about ethics, meditation and wisdom. Furthermore, archaeological sites here include ancient stupas and temples.

5. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


Dharamshala’s beautiful destination is one of India’s important Buddhist landmarks. You can see Buddhist monks walking across this street and smiling. Although they indulge in Buddhist practices, they are super friendly to tourists. Furthermore, Dharamshala is the residence of the Dalai Lama. 

Next, it is now a primary settlement for various Buddhist practitioners. Even the Tibetan government-in-exile has been headquartered in Dharamshala. What’s more? It is home to the famous Tsuglagkhang complex which houses Namgyal Monastery. You can witness Tibetan culture through various celebrations here.

6. Leh and Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir 

Diskit Monastery Leh

Ladakh is a popular place for tourism! However, it is also one of the significant Buddhist landmarks in India. Known for its mesmerising landscapes, Ladakh is home to various small monasteries. It has also been a famous learning centre attracting scholars and monks across the Himalayan region. 

Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery and Diskit Monastery are famous places of tourist interest. What’s more? Locals and Buddhists celebrate the Hemis Festival, the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava, with great joy. Furthermore, you can be a part of rhythmic chanting too! Witness the prayer flags all across the snow-capped peaks.

7. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


Tawang is home to one of the largest monasteries in India! It is one of the best Buddhist landmarks in India known for its peaceful atmosphere. Surrounded by beauty, Tawang is one of the special Buddhist places in India. It is also known as the seat of the 14th Dalai Lama. 

Located amidst the snowy mountains and pristine lakes, the spiritual centre attracts thousands of pilgrims. Additionally, you get to watch the Buddhist architecture and thangka paintings inside the monastery. Next, the place observes influences from Tibetan, Indian and Bhutanese cultures.

8. Rajgir, Bihar


Rajgir is a super important destination in the world of Buddhism. It is because it is closely associated with the life of Gautam Buddha. Being one of the popular Buddhist landmarks in India, the importance of Rajgir is mentioned in various Buddhist scriptures. 

Furthermore, it is home to Vulture’s Peak, a prominent hill in the destination. It is believed that Buddha delivered various discourses on the hill. Various tourists as well as locals visit the peak to seek Buddha’s blessings. Different places in Rajgir showcase the importance of Buddhism and its influence.

9. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh


Located in Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi is one of the important Buddhist landmarks in India. Known for traditional Buddhist monuments, it is a place that blends history and culture. Furthermore, it is known for the Great Stupa built by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka! 

What’s more? It is an important centre for Buddhist learning and pilgrimage. Various monuments here let you witness intricate carvings. Additionally, many of these carvings depict the life of Buddhists and their specific symbols. 

10. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

Spiti Valley

Known for its awe-inspiring landscape and natural beauty, Spiti Valley is one of the great Buddhist landmarks in India. It’s home to numerous monasteries also known as gompas. Furthermore, the Key Monastery is a special location for tourists. Next, you can also explore Tabo Monastery, Dhankar Monastery and other Buddhist places of worship. Various Buddhist ceremonies let you immerse in the culture and traditions. 

What’s more? You can attend the Losar festival which is the Tibetan New Year! Locals and Buddhist monks celebrate it with complete splendour and decorations. Furthermore, you can learn about Buddhist prayers and chantings for healing. Witness the style of Tibetan architecture, paintings and ancient scriptures here!  

As you visit these mesmerising Buddhist landmarks in India, make sure to encapsulate the beauty of this culture. Take home memories of blissful meditation and rhythmic chantings by monks.

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