List of Airlines in India: International & Domestic Airlines

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List of Airlines in India International & Domestic Airlines

People are increasingly travelling in these modern days and there is no better way to travel than taking a flight in an airplane. The list of airlines in India, international & domestic has risen over the years. More and more people are traveling by airplane and this has resulted in increased flight bookings. India has some world-class airlines which operate airplanes every day between important destinations in India and overseas countries. These airlines offer easy bookings on flights and that too, at attractive discounts. This is a list of airlines in India and international airlines.

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IndiGo Airlines

In this list of the top airlines in India international & domestic, IndiGo Airlines comes as one of the best ones. This airline has bagged many prestigious awards like “Best Low-Cost Airline in Central Asia and India” by Skytrax. IndiGo Airlines operates several flights in India and foreign destinations. This famous airline is famous for its low budget and best customer service. It has cheap flights and is known for its world-class service and flights.

Air Asia India

Travellers in India know Air Asia India to be one of the trustworthy airlines. It has a budget-friendly airfare Air Asia India has many recognized awards and one such award is the “Best Low-Cost Airline” award by Travel Trade Journal. Travelers in India can fly to many domestic destinations in India. With many routes and efficient service, punctuality, and a fleet of modern aircraft, Air Asia India is the choice of many travelers.

Air India

Air India was known as Tata Airlines, but later it was renamed as Air India. This airline has a huge fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. It operates regular flights to over 102 domestic and international destinations. Travellers love its excellent service and in-flight experiences. Air India ranks second according to passenger carrying capacity.

Vistara Airlines

We can rightly include Vistara Airlines in this list of all the airlines in India international & domestic. Vistara Airlines ranks as one of the preferred airlines for budget-friendly travel fare. This airlines operates many domestic lights to Indian cities and has flights to international destinations also. This airlines has won the top award of “Best Domestic Airline” by Travel + Leisure India.


We have to include SpiceJet among this list of the top airlines in India. This airline is well known for its budget-friendly rates. SpiceJet has flights to several domestic and international destinations. SpiceJet operates several modern aircraft such as the Boeing 747. Domestic and international travelers recognize SpiceJet as one of the best low-cost flight tickets and premium services. It has flights to 60 Indian and 13 international destinations.

Alliance Air

This is another famous airline in India which operates flights to many domestic and international destinations. This airline is none other than Alliance Air and it remains one of the low-cost airlines in India which is known for its commercial flights and excellent service. It has a huge fleet of Boeing 747 and Dornier aircrafts, which is used for commercial flights. Alliance Air operates flights to 75 Indian destinations.

Singapore Airlines

This airline has a huge fleet of aircrafts and is one of the major airlines in the world. Singapore Airlines has many routes to Australia and United Kingdom. It won the title of the best airline in the world five times and is one of the best luxury airlines. It owns Boeing aircrafts and Airbus aircrafts. Singapore Airlines has two of the world’s longest non-stop flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is an airline, which has a huge network of international destinations which are spread across the globe. It has a fleet of around 200 aircrafts and has flights to 150 destinations like those in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas and others. Qatar Airways has flights to 13 destinations in India. It has an in-flight entertainment system with screen entertainment, internet connectivity, Wi-Fi etc.

Emirates Airlines

This airline is the official airline of the United Arab Emirates and is based in Dubai. Emirates Airlines operates regular flights to over 150 cities spread over 80 countries. It has a fleet that comprises of Boeing and Airbus carriers. Every week, it operates 3600 flights to 150 global destinations. Emirates Airlines has first class private suites, and in-flight entertainment such as movies, television channels etc.

Etihad Airways

This airline is the second largest airlines in the UAE after Emirates Airlines. It has flights to more than 120 destinations worldwide. Etihad Airways operates 1000 flights every week and is known for its passenger services and cabins. It has in-flight entertainment and suites in business class. Etihad Airways is the prime choice of international travellers and has flights to Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad.

British Airways

International travelers have loved the service and their big network of destinations. British Airways has always been the first preference of travelers who want to fly to international destinations. Skytrax has awarded British Airways with many awards like “Best Airline in Western Europe” by Skytrax. AMEX card is a card with which you can get access to excellent airport lounges.

Qantas Airways

Australia’s finest airline, Qantas Airways, is also the preferred choice of most international travelers. It has flights to many international destinations. Qantas Airways is known for its luxury cabins, cleanliness, catering, and premium services. This Australian airline has received four awards for the Asia/Pacific region as the best airline, best business class, and best economy class.

American Airlines

It is not as if American Airlines is famous in the United States of America. International flyers have booked flights in American Airlines to many destinations in the world. This airline has a legendary reputation and is famous for its comfort travel, seats and flight routes. American Airlines has one of the largest fleets of aircrafts in the world. It ranks as one of the topmost airlines for flights to many foreign destinations like Malaysia, Argentina, India, UAE among the few.

Cathay Pacific

This airline has a reputation for being an icon of luxury and exceptional cabins. Cathay Pacific is one of the major airlines where travellers can fly to international travel destinations. In India too, Cathay Pacific flies to Mumbai, Delhi, and other cities. It has won several awards like the “Best Business Class” award from Skytrax.

Japan Airlines

If you want to travel to international destinations, Japan Airlines has excellent network of flights. In India it flies to the major cities like Delhi and Mumbai. World travellers know Japan Airlines as a reputed and trustworthy airlines that offers them exceptional flight service, luxury cabins, and many destinations. This airline has won the “Best Economy Class” award by Skytrax.

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