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International Honeymoon Destinations that are Budget-Friendly

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Honeymoon is a lucky time where love and romance dominate your mood. You may want to plan the best destination to make your honeymoon special. Are you planning for your honeymoon? Well, International destinations are lovely to spend your honeymoon days. But we try to compromise, thinking they are high on our budget. However, there are budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations to help you live your dream honeymoon life. 

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Are you excited to know about these budget-friendly places? Now, you can plan your honeymoon internationally without splurging much. Keep reading to relish the best romantic time with your spouse abroad. 

International destinations that are romantic and budget-friendly

Why not make your honeymoon special by opting for budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations? While a honeymoon period is a dream time, you should make every effort to spend it lavishly within budget. 

We understand your curiosity to find the ultimate budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations. Thus, we have prepared a listicle to help you find the best destination abroad. These destinations are not high on your pocket and offer the best romantic places to entertain love birds like you. Here is the list:


One of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in the world that guarantees best activities is the land of Singapore. There are so much to do and many places to visit in Singapore to entertain honeymoon couples. 

From awe-striking skyscrapers to mesmerizing natural environments, Singapore has it all. This island country is perfect for romance and enjoying shopping and delightful cuisines. The combination of excitement, fun and romance defines Singapore. 

Places to visit: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Merlion Park, River Safari, Mount Faber, Pulau Ubin, Night Safari, and Chinatown.

Approximate expense: Starting from Rs 45,000- Rs 97,000 for four nights, excluding airfare. ( The cost depends on the package you choose).


To explore the best islands, beaches, hilly terrains and historical places, you must visit Indonesia. Home to many beautiful islands, Indonesia is perfect to plan your honeymoon. The Archipelago creates the best atmosphere and weather to soak in a romantic mood. 

Also, Indonesia has many peaceful places that will delete all the tiredness and stress of your wedding days. And the good news is you can enjoy the beauty of Indonesia at a minimum budget. Yes, you heard it right, honeymoon to Indonesia will not cost you much as other expensive international destinations. Here, there is fun, romantic atmosphere all within your budget.

Places to visit: Belitung Island, Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo, Gili Trawangan, Bintan, Sumba, Lombok and Bali.

Approximate expense: Rs 30,000- Rs 50,000 for four nights exclusing airfare. 


One of the best ways to start your romantic days is by spending your honeymoon in an enticing location. And nothing can be better than Turkey in terms of serenity and entertainment. The colourful nature, untouched terrain, and mouth-watering delicacies will pamper you like never before.

There is a combination of simplicity and luxury in Turkey to treat its visitors. It’s upon you to choose as per your preferences. Undoubtedly, you can consider Turkey one of the best budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations to enjoy a great time.

Places to visit: Bodrum Peninsula, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Safranbolu, Antalya and Bozcaada Island.

Approximate expense: Rs 50,000- Rs 80,000 for six nights exclusing airfare.


Vietnam is the best budget-friendly option to spend your honeymoon. It is one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations outside India. You can experience the best cultural diversity and feel the calmness amid the natural environment.

It is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia that will cater from low to high-budget options. Without spending much, you get to enjoy the best place. Isn’t that great? There is bustling nightlife, beautiful beaches, wildlife, islands and colonial architecture in Vietnam. 

Places to visit: Dalat, Mui Ne, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay, Con Dao and Sapa. 

Approximate expense: Rs 30,000-Rs 80,000 for 7 days exclusing airfare. 


A calm and vibrant place to boost your romance is Bhutan. If you are searching for international honeymoon packages under Rs 50,000, Bhutan is your destination. The picturesque landscape with beautiful beaches, nature, verdant valleys and a minimal lifestyle are the features of Bhutan.

In fact, Bhutan was introduced to television and Internet in 1999. So, you can imagine the simplicity of the country. This country is perfect if you want to ditch the chaos and enjoy a quaint time with your love. 

Places to visit: Paro Valley, Thimphu, Bumthang, Phuentsholing, Lhuntse, Gangtey and Punakha. 

Approximate expense: Rs 40,000- Rs 80,000 for 5 nights excluding airfare.


Get a touch of a fairytale love story with a romantic backdrop only at Seychelles. It is one of the budget-friendly places to plan a plush honeymoon within your range. Seychelles offers enticing beaches, islands, nature trips, outstanding cuisines and luxurious resorts. 

The hospitality and the welcoming smile of the people will give you a feel of staying in your own country. There are also some unspoiled islands like Praslin Island in Seychelles, where you can relax and relish a romantic time with your partner. 

Places to visit: Mahe Island, Praslin Island, National Botanical Gardens, La Digue Island, Eden Island and Silhouette Island. 

Approximate expense: Rs 80,000- Rs 1,00,000 for 7 days excluding airfare.

Bottom Line

These are budget-friendly international honeymoon destinations to start your love story. Choose any one from the above list and set up your romantic days. Which is your favourite international destination to begin your love affair?


Which countries are budget-friendly and best for honeymoon?

If you want to travel outside India, the best budget-friendly countries are Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Bhutan and Seychelles. 

Can I plan my honeymoon to an International destination under 1 lakh Rupees?

Yes, you can plan your honeymoon abroad for under 1 lakh rupees. However, you need to reduce the number of stay periods and book tickets during the off-season. 

Can I travel to Bhutan for my honeymoon?

Yes, you can travel to Bhutan and enjoy your honeymoon. It is one of the best budget-friendly countries abroad and offers the best view, entertainment and stay options. 

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