Alwar Tourism: Tour Guide, Popular Forts & Wildlife, Activities, Best Time

Alwar Tourism: Tour Guide, Popular Forts & Wildlife, Activities, Best Time

Posted On : 2024-05-28

Do you love to enjoy nature as it is? Take a trip to Alwar, Rajasthan and enjoy the beauty of that place. Do visit any village to understand the unaltered way of life. From the olden days, Alwar tourist spots have attracted locals and foreigners equally with their old charm and ancient rituals. Alwar - a hidden remains place unknown to a lot of wanderlusts.

Full of architectural marvels, grand buildings, and greeneries, Alwar has a bundle of joy to offer every visitor. In this write-up, we would like to discuss all about Alwar tourism in detail. 

Popular Alwar tourism activities:

There are so many Alwar tourism activities you can do while in this wonderful city.

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  1. City Palace, Alwar Court: City Palace - at present known as Alwar Court is a beautiful structure to peep in before heading to any other place. Alwar Court was formerly the city palace and was a gorgeously designed palace. Yellow Jhakora windows and turquoise blue doors are waiting to welcome you even when the lawyers rush back and forth the building. You can enjoy the sight of numerous pigeons fluttering across the building and the big courtyards displaying the beauty of ancient architecture. 
  2. Moosi Maharani ki chhatri: Moosi maharani ki chhatri reminds us of the love and sacrifice of a faithful wife towards her husband. A cenotaph was built in the name of Moosi Maharani, who jumped into her husband's pyre. People come to the cenotaph and light incense sticks to pay homage to her. The water comes from under the marble slab, and people believe it cures every disease.
  3. Gopal Sagar Lake: The Gopal Sagar Lake whistles through the adjacent hills, touching the minarets around it. This lake is a wonderful friend for solo travellers who can hear their heartbeat in solitude. While enjoy doing Alwar toursim activities you can enjoy your own company to be in a heavenly bliss.
  4. Bala Quila: You can go to the tip of this quila, which will take you on a visual ride through the whole city. The chambers and balcony of this fort remind us of the charm of a long-lost royal dynasty.

Alwar tourism famous attractions:

  1. Sariska National Park: Sariska National Park, also known as Sariska Tiger Reserve, is 800 sq km and houses majestic royal Bengal tigers. This park was a private hunting property of the royal family and has been a national park since 1982.
  2. Kesroli: Kesroli hill fort - situated in the middle of a field, is a great idea to spend your holiday. Neemrana's Kesaroli Hill Fort will take you down memory lane to the era of kings. 
  3. Moti Dungri: Moti Dungri is a place of worship for Hindus and Muslims, and both communities pray together to the same almighty, standing next to each other in two buildings without a compound wall.

Places of tourist interest in Alwar:

There are so many Alwar tourist spots you can enjoy:

  1. Vijay Mandir Palace: If you are interested in visiting an operational palace, visit Vijay Mandir Palace. Maharaja JaiSingh constructed this ship-shaped palace, an architectural wonder that draws visitors from across the globe. Visitors don't have to pay any entry fee to visit this palace.
  2.  Bhangarh Fort: Are you up for some adventure? Then, visit the haunted Bhangarh Fort for a spooky experience. People have had different kinds of hair-raising experiences in this Alwar tourism spot. You can visit any time from 6 AM to 6 PM. No visitors are allowed after 6 PM. The entry fee is Rs. 45 per person.
  3. Fateh Jung Gumbad: This is a five-storeyed tomb Emperor Shahjahan built to commemorate his court minister Fateh Jang because Emperor Shahjahan was a patron of the arts. It is a perfect combination of Mugal and Rajasthani styles of architecture. Enjoy this open from morning 6 to evening 6. Entry is free to this tomb.
  4.  Purjan Vihar: Purjan Vihar is a garden which is a place of silence and peace. It is otherwise known as Shimla of Alwar. If you want to destress your mind, taking a troll along the garden thinking of sweet memories would be a good choice.

Alwar tourism guide:

Alwar tourism places are  easily accessible from North India by train and bus. It doesn't have an airport. If you want to travel by air, you can reach Jaipur from where you can travel by road to reach this place.

By Air: Indigo, Jet Airways will take you to Sanganer Airport, Rajasthan. From here, you can travel to Alwar for your expedition. Otherwise, you can travel to Indira Gandi International Airport and then to Alwar from Delhi by road.

By Road: You can reach Alwar railway junction from different states of India as it is well connected to the rest of North India. If you travel by train, travel by Fairy Queen- 60 60-seater air-conditioned train to reach Alwar. IRCTC is a tourist compatriot that provides a day's all-inclusive package to Alwar.

What is famous in Alwar tourism?

Alwar City is well known for milk sweets, Daal baati kurma and Gatte ki sabzi. Tourists can shop for handicrafts, lac bangles, silver jewels, pottery, and sweet memories to cherish. 

Best time to visit Alwar:

If you dream of an escapade to Alwar, plan during the winter season. Winter season would be heaven for tourists and ideal for Alwar tourism activities. October to March would be perfect as the weather would be pleasing and welcoming. Or else, plan it during February month when you can enjoy Alwar fest. 


Alwar- is one of the ancient cities in India, and the famous place where Pancha Pandavas spent their 13 years in exile is a place of architectural excellence. It is a gem hiding inside the Aravalli range, inviting thrill seekers to explore its forts and palaces. 


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