Popular wedding rental car models in Delhi

Popular wedding rental car models in Delhi

Posted On : 2024-02-13

Popular wedding rental car models in Delhi

The wedding day is the most important day of anyone’s life, and everyone seeks perfection in a wedding dress, make-up, decoration, wedding car and many more. The money you spend on all these amenities will be once in a lifetime and will be remembered by your friends and relatives. Renting a car service model in Delhi includes various benefits and is worth it.

Japji Travels brings popular wedding car rental car models to Delhi. The wedding day comes once in a lifetime and has equal importance for you and your life partner. We are a well-renowned car rental company providing BMW, Mercedez, Audi, Jaguar, and many more for that special day. Delhi is a place where weddings are an expensive affair. 

Bidai/vidai is a ceremony in which the bride is taken to the groom’s place. In this context, many luxurious cars are being rented. Japji Travels offers various luxurious car rentals in Delhi. The popular wedding car rentals available are Volkswagen, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedez, and Audi. The couple's dream ride to their new life should be beautiful, luxurious, and memorable.

Reasons for wedding car rental.

  • various tasks must be scheduled. Like fetching some products from grocery stores.
  • Going to the parlour.
  • Fetching some guests from the airport.
  • All these arrangements like going to florists.

The charm of the day-

The bride and bridegroom are the special guests of the day. A special car would add zeal to the wedding day. This effort was made by the relatives or by parents and would add a smile to their lips forever.


Comfort zone-

The arrangement made by Japji Travels would add a comfort zone in their arena. Splendour wedding cars would be the best experience and investment you can have for your wedding.  

Japji Travels offers top-class comfort makes you feel cheerful and relaxed and assists you in a better mood.

Picture session-

The evergreen photo session with your favourite car adds a splendid Arizona towards your wishes. Imagine a limousine or your favourite car on your special day.   

The pictures and videos taken on this special car will be for a lifetime. Hire a car that fits your wedding theme, budget, and your requirements.

Japji Travels offers luxurious and affordable cars which are popular in Delhi. Delhi has a class for cars and now as the wedding season approaches the demand rises. You can book from our website-www.japjitravel.com.

You can select a car from our extensive array of collections. We offer vintage cars, royal cars, and luxury cars with chauffeurs. You can enjoy your special day with the luxurious offerings done by Japji Travels.

The cars available for marriage are-

  • Rolls Royce-

Gorgeous, luxurious, and elite. They are perfect for grand entrances and exits. The sunroof above gives a royal feeling. They set a benchmark for perfection. It symbolizes the high-spirited lifestyle and adds a glamorous twist to your celebrations.

  • Jaguar-

When it comes to power and beauty, a jaguar is the choice. It is muscular in its aesthetic and more dependable. It's your choice to drive or drive out, but this car gives you a feel of a celebrity. Even your guests would love to be driven around this astonishing machine.

  • BMW

Design, style, technology, and performance combined in one package i.e. BMW. It sets a benchmark for all sports cars. All the eyes are on this car as this is the classiest car ever produced. BMW is a luxury car beyond the comparison.

  • Audi

Nothing compared to the elegance and class of an Audi. It is like a royal thing coming your way. The love of your life would be delighted to sit in this delightful car.

  • Vintage Cars

If you are willing to make your wedding charming and glamorous, opt for vintage cars. They are perfect for the delightful event of your lifetime. And in Delhi, they are very popular. It brings back the days of kings and the royal days of Rajas and Maharajas.

You are subsidised to the queen and king of the modern era.


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