Car Rental For Buddhist Circuit Tours in India

Car Rental For Buddhist Circuit Tours in India

Posted On : 2024-02-20

Car Rental For Buddhist Circuit Tours in India

The Buddhist caves, archaeological sites and ruined civilizations talk a lot about Buddhism in India. Thousands of followers educate themselves under the teachings of Gautam Buddha. That's exactly why you should opt for a Buddhist tour in India. A Buddhist circuit tour takes you to important sites and temples. You get an opportunity to learn about the past, teachings and ideas that reflect the practices of Buddhists.

Wondering how to opt for a Buddhist circuit tour? You can find a plethora of Buddhist circuit tour packages that take you to significant sites. It is always a good idea to opt for a car rental when exploring different cities. Let's understand everything about the Buddhist circuit tour in this blog.


Buddhist Circuit Tours in India: Mapping Significant Sites 

India is a vast country and you can find ruins of Buddhist caves in various places. Since Buddhism is spread across different states, it is best to opt for a car rental ideal for exploration.

Day 1 - Delhi to Bodhgaya

Most of the Buddhist circuit tours originate from the capital city of Delhi. You can either take a rental car or start your journey via railway. If you have time in Delhi, explore the forts and historical monuments of the city.

Day 2 - Exploring Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is a significant site for exploring all about Buddhism. It is a famous place for any Buddhist circuit tour in India. As you reach here, head to the Mahabodhi temple. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Buddha attained enlightenment. It has a sacred Bodhi tree where Buddha meditated. Thousands of tourists flock here to learn about Buddhism.

Animeshlocha Stupa is another important pilgrimage site in Bodhgaya. You can explore this place and click multiple pictures too. Moreover, it is believed that Buddha spent seven days in this stupa gazing at the Bodhi tree without blinking.

One of the best parts of the Buddhist circuit tour is going through the places where Buddha went. Ratangarh is located on the hilltop. It is believed that Buddha spent his time on the hill after attaining enlightenment. Muchalinda Lake is another important site where a serene name Muchalinda protected Buddha from a storm.

Day 3 - Bodhgaya to Nalanda to Rajgir

After exploring the important sites of the Buddhist circuit tour in Bodhgaya, time to get back to your rental car. Take an overnight journey to Nalanda and land in the world of Buddhism.

Nalanda lets you explore the famous Nalanda University ruins. You can observe the ruins of various monasteries, lecture halls and temples. This is where Buddhism was once practised. Another important site in the Buddhist circuit tour is the Nalanda Archeological Museum. This is the place where you can find coins, artefacts and inscriptions excavated from the ruins.

After exploring the Buddhist spots in Nalanda, it is time to drive to Rajgir. Rajgir is home to Gridhrakuta Hill where Buddha delivered speeches. Venuvana Vihara is a popular monastery given as a gift to Gautam Buddha. The Buddhist circuit tour then takes you to the Japanese Stupa and Jivaka's Mango Grove. Take an overnight journey to reach the beautiful destination of Varanasi.

Day 4 - Varanasi-Sarnath to Kushinagar 

The Buddhist circuit tour cannot end without visiting Varanasi. It is because Sarnath is just a few kilometres from the city. Sarnath is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon. This place attracts hundreds of tourists. The Dhamek Stupa in Sarnath also carries significance in its existence. Mulagandha Kuti Vihara is a Buddhist temple in Sarnath. You can spot numerous paintings depicting the life scenes of Buddha.

Get back into the rental car and drive to Kushinagar. Kushinagar is a prime spot for Mahaparinirvana Temple. You can witness a reclining statue of the Buddha. Ramabhar Stupa is known to be the cremation site where Buddha was cremated. Wat Thai Temple in Kushinagar depicts Thai architecture. It attracts Thai Buddhists as the temple has many features of Buddhism.

Day 5 - Shravasti to Delhi

Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, Shravasti is a must-visit Buddhist pilgrimage site. Jetavana Monastery here was donated by a wealthy merchant. It is also known as one of the favourite retreats of Buddha. Anathapindika Stupa and Sobhanath Temple are also two of the famous places to visit during the Buddhist circuit tour. You can also visit the Shravasti Museum to learn about Buddhism, the teachings of Buddha and his time in Shravasti. 

After a peaceful journey in your rental car, it is time to bid goodbye to the places. Your Buddhist circuit tour comes to a comfortable end as you reach Delhi.

Best Vehicles for Car Rental for Buddhist Tours 

List of Vehicles for Buddhist Circuit Tours 

 Innova Crysta


 9 to 12 Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller

12 to 15 Seater Force Urbania


Why Should You Opt for Car Rental for Buddhist Tours

  • Car rental service allows you to explore the Buddhist sites as per your preferences and budget. You do not have to necessarily follow a set itinerary.
  • Exploring Buddhist sites includes a lot of walking generally during the daytime. A car rental with an air-conditioning system helps you relax from one spot to another.
  • Convenience is the key when opting for a car rental for a Buddhist circuit tour. You don't have to wait for public transportation or taxis. Since you have a car, you can choose to shift from one location to another super quickly.
  • If you are travelling with a group, a car rental is a cost-effective option. You can find many cars considering the number of people for the Buddhist circuit tour
  • Many important Buddhist sites may not have access to public transport. That is when a car rental service helps you reach the prime spot with ease and comfort.


Wrapping Up

Buddhist circuit tours are all about understanding the history and heritage of Buddhism. As you opt for a car rental, you can easily embrace the journey with utmost comfort. Group tours or solo travel journeys, anything is made easy with a car rental for Buddhist tours.


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