Tempo Traveller OR Urbania: Which is Comfortable For Travel

Tempo Traveller OR Urbania: Which is Comfortable For Travel

Posted On : 2024-02-12

 Tempo Traveler or Force Urbania: Which is comfortable for Travel and Rent 

Travelers often found debating between versatile Tempo Traveler and reliable Force Urbania. Both of them are best as they both offer comfort to the travelers. However, as a traveler, if we really have to choose the ultimate best option then we need to compare them in terms of comfort, safety features and amenities. Both vehicles offer distinct advantages which cater to various travel preferences and needs. In this blog we will make a comparison of Tempo Traveler and Force Urbania to help you choose the perfect option for your travel and rental needs. 

After understanding the unique features and benefits of each vehicle, you will be able to make an informed decision for your upcoming journey. 


Tempo Traveler VS Force Urbania: Comfort Comparison 


Tempo Traveler

Force Urbania

 Comfort Comparison 

Highest Seating Capacity

9 to 19 ( Depending on Variant )

Suitable for large groups

17 (Excluding Driver)

Better Leg room and head room for every passenger.

Individual USB Ports and reading lamps. 

Suitable for small groups or families.

Tempo Traveler has the highest seating capacity. Tempo Traveller also come in Maharaja Seats, Semi sleeper seats option
It is good in terms of seating capacity.

Urbania have option for ventilation seats, adjustable leg space according to the passengers. (this is more comfortable option)

Noise Insulation



Force Urbania can provide a quieter and more comfortable environment. Travelers may experience slightly more external noise in Tempo traveler especially in higher speeds and rougher road surfaces.

Ride Quality 

Reliable but not advanced

More refined and luxurious

Force Urbania has an advanced suspension system.It can even ride on extreme road surfaces or highways. It eliminates bumps and vibrations during travel.

Tempo Traveller is a good vehicle, but its ride quality may vary based on road conditions. It may not offer the same level of advanced suspension quality and comfort as Force Urbania. 

So, Force Urbania has the best suspension system and refined ride facility. 

Overall Comfort 

Comfortable and Decent 

Luxurious and Comfortable 

Force Urbania has advanced features such as premium upholstery, tubeless tires, power steering, touch screen, attention to detail in design and build and advanced audio system. 

Tempo Traveler has all the basic amenities like AC, entertainment and wireless Internet facilities, LCD Screens, first aid kits etc . 

So, Force Urbania has the most comfortable amenities for refined travel experiences. 


It totally depends on individual choice whether to opt for Tempo traveler which caters to large group travelers or Force Urbania which focuses on refined facilities and luxuries. But in terms of Comfort, Foce Urbania is the better option for travel and renting needs if you ask for comfort. 


Tempo Traveler Vs Force Urbania - Safety Comparison 

Safety Comparison 

Tempo Traveler

Force Urbania 


Advanced Safety Features

Front Brakes 

Efficient Disk Brake to stop vehicle during emergency situations or taking sudden stops

Very responsive Front Disk Brakes Capacity while driving

Force Urbania

Force Urbania

Front Suspensions

A spring semi-elliptical setup with an anti-roll bar and hydraulic telescopic double-acting mechanism.

Parabolic leaf spring for RFS (Rigid Front Suspension) or a transverse leaf spring for IFS (Independent Front Suspension

In Urbania, Parabolic Leaf Spring offers a more smooth ride when you face bumps and uneven road surfaces, it also has progressive spring rate and enhanced stability. 

Tempo Traveler has has semi- elliptical setup which helps in less body roll during cornering. If you want less body roll then Tempo Traveler is much better than Urbania. 

However, for overall safety Force Urbania is the best 

Force Urbania has advanced safety 

Rear Suspension 

Good stability and support to the travelers and it also provides good support for absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road. 

The ride quality is much better than Tempo Traveler. It absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road better than Tempo Traveler. It feels like you have an in-built cushion system for rear wheels for a comfortable journey.

Force Urbania

Force Urbania

Parking Brakes

Tempo Traveler has Parking Brakes to park securely when the vehicle is not in motion. 

Urbania also has efficient Parking Brakes



Seat Belts 

Tempo Traveler has efficient seat belts to protect the travelers from accident

In Urbania there are no seat belts But it has airbags in case of a frontal collision. Its build is very strong which can withstand high speed impact to enhance the safety of travelers. It also has a high security vehicle transponder with the ignition key that prevents any kind of theft, ensuring mental peace of the passengers.

Force Urbania is safer to travel.

Force Urbania is more comfortable to travel.

Rear Brakes

Decent and Reliable 

It has wheel disk brakes with anti-lock braking system and electronic braking without skidding. It would be easy for the driver to take sudden turns or travel to wet or slippery surfaces.

Force Urbania

Force Urbania

Power Steering

No Power Steering 

It has an effective power steering feature for the comfort of the driver to reduce steering effort of steering.

Force Urbania

Force Urbania

Tubeless Tires

No Tubeless Tires

It has Tubeless Tires to reduce the risk of sudden tire deflation

Force Urbania

Force Urbania


In conclusion, Force Urbania is better in terms of safety of the passengers. It has much more advanced features to reduce any kind of injuries and risks than Tempo Traveler. 

Tempo Traveler VS Force Urbania - What is your Choice ? 

If you have to choose between Force Urbania and Tempo Traveler then consider these points - 

Group Size - If you are traveling with a larger group of people or friends then you must consider Tempo Traveler. Tempo Traveler has more seating capacity than Urbania. If you are a small group then you must choose Force Urbania, it has more luxurious amenities in comparison to Tempo Traveler.

Luxury and Refinement- If you want comforts and luxury then opting for Force Urbania is a good option. Despite its smaller seating capacity, it has advanced amenities like better suspension quality, more advanced interior which increased the comfort and convenience of passengers. 

In terms of comfort and facilities, you must prefer Force Urbania for your upcoming journey. After comparing all the features, we come to a conclusion that Force Urbania  is more comfortable to travel and for rent purposes. So, what are you waiting for? Force Urbania is a better vehicle for renting a comfortable vehicle to travel.


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