is bot London Airport: Popular Flights Arrival & Departures, How to Reach, Car Rental, Location, Nearby Hotels

London Airport: Popular Flights Arrival & Departures, How to Reach, Car Rental, Location, Nearby Hotels

London Airport: Popular Flights Arrival & Departures, How to Reach, Car Rental, Location, Nearby Hotels

Posted On : 2023-11-27

 London Airport: Popular Flights Arrival & Departures, How to Reach, Car Rental, Location, Nearby Hotels

London is an incredible place for tourism, business and education. People from all across the world travel to the city because of its famous tourist spots. Whether it is a historic place, a great monument or upscale restaurants, London has it all! What attracts people to travel are the spacious operations of the London Airport Heathrow. You can conveniently travel to many places in the United Kingdom via London Airport Heathrow or London Gatwick Airport

Before you plan your travel, it is important to know that London has 10 airports operating in different parts of the location. The six prime airports include London Airport Heathrow, London Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, London Luton, London Stansted and London Southend. All airports specialize in different international and domestic routes. Moreover, London Airport terminals are super busy yet you'll find helpful ground staff. Let's understand everything about the London airports to plan your trip in the best way.


London Airport Top International Flights Routes

London is a popular city and home to the busiest airport in the world. London Airport Heathrow is one of the main airports in the city. Being a super important destination across the globe, London Airport Heathrow has direct flights to more than 200 destinations. Whether you talk about London Airport Heathrow or Gatwick Airport, the prime connects to most parts of the world. Here are the top international routes from London Airport Heathrow

1. London (LHR) to Sydney (SYD)

London Airport Heathrow and London Gatwick Airport are two prime airports allowing you to travel to Sydney. Planning a trip? You can easily visit any of the London Airport terminals to plan a much-needed getaway. 

2. London (STN) to Dubai (DXB)

If you are planning a Dubai trip, London Stansted Airport is a popular place to take direct flights. Dubai is one of the top-rated international flight routes in London.

3. London (LHR) to Zurich (ZRH)

It hardly takes 2 hours to reach the beautiful location of Zurich. London Airport Heathrow has many non-stop flights on an everyday basis for your convenience. 

4. London (LGW) to Singapore (SIN)

Don't worry if you plan for a vacation in Singapore. London Gatwick Airport is a famous spot for a safe journey to Singapore. It takes anywhere between 20 hours to 37 hours to reach the destination. 

5. London (LHR) to Melbourne (MEL)

Melbourne is a popular route that starts from London Airport Heathrow or London Gatwick Airport. The flights generally have 1 stop or can have more depending on the airline. It takes more than 30 hours to reach the destination.

6. London (LHR) to Perth (PER)

Multiple airlines operate flights from London Airport Heathrow to Perth. It is one of the longest flights from London. The connectivity to Perth however makes it convenient for business travellers.

7. London (LHR) to Toronto (YYZ)

London Airport Heathrow is your prime spot if you want to visit Toronto. You can find flights with at least 1 or 2 stops taking from 16 hours to 30+ hours. 

8. London (LGW) to Mumbai (BOM)

London Gatwick Airport or Luton Airport are responsible for flights to Mumbai city. It generally takes 9 hours or more to reach the destination. This international flight route mostly has 1 stop.

While the above-mentioned international flight routes are popular, you can find most flights operating to different places. Make sure to keep a check on airline websites or third-party applications to ensure timely booking and discounts.


London Airport Location and How To Reach

You can sure be a bit confused as to how to reach the airport to and fro. However, all airports in London are located at different distances from the main city. The very first option is to opt for an express train to the desired airport. 

Some airports might also require you to take an express train and then a shuttle bus. If you wish to avoid public transportation, London Airport car rental service is the best to travel to and fro. It also ensures that you reach one of the London Airport terminals on time without any hassle. Heathrow Airport has 4 terminals which are numbered from 2 to 5 so, make sure to plan your journey accordingly.

1. London Airport Heathrow 

Location: Hounslow TW6 1QG, United Kingdom

2. London Gatwick Airport 

Location: Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom

3. London City Airport 

Location: Hartmann Rd, London E16 2PX, United Kingdom

4. London Luton Airport 

Location: Airport Way, Luton LU2 9LY, United Kingdom 

5. London Stansted 

Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QW, United Kingdom

6. London Southend Airport 

Eastwoodbury Cres, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6YF, United Kingdom


How to Rent a Car at London Airport

London Airport car rental services help you travel the city with ease. Car rental also ensures safety while cutting down the cost. It is now easy to find a trustworthy London airport car rental service simply by opting for the right company. Here's how you can get it done!

  • The first step is to research various companies offering London Airport car rental options.
  • You need to check which car best suits your travel needs considering your London travel itinerary.
  • Shortlist the best companies for a rental car at the London Airport Heathrow
  • Enquire about the different aspects of London Airport car rental service considering the fuel cost, time, safety of the vehicle, insurance and so on.
  • Once done, book your rental car and get ready for a smooth drive. As you land, check with the service provider about the London Airport terminals and get your car there!


Hotels Nearby London Airport

London Airport Heathrow is one of the popular airports in the city connecting domestic and international routes. It is ideal to book hotels near London Airport Heathrow for a comfortable stay.

1. Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Hotel

If you are looking for hotels near London Airport terminals, this is an ideal property. The hotel has an in-house restaurant, bar, air-conditioning system and aesthetic interiors.

Location: Sheffield Rd, Heathrow TW6 3AF, United Kingdom

2. Ibis London Heathrow Airport 

Ibis is a great option for staying near the London Airport Heathrow with comfortable bedding. Travellers often love the hospitality and cleanliness of this place. It also has an in-house restaurant and bar.

Location: 112 Bath Rd, Harlington, Hayes UB3 5AL, United Kingdom

3. Hilton London Airport Heathrow Terminal 5

It can be super confusing to search for hotels near London Airport terminals. So, your search ends with this Hilton property. It has a swimming pool, a spa, an in-house restaurant, a bar and a fitness centre.

Location: Poyle Rd, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0FF, United Kingdom


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is it safe to opt for a London car rental service for families?

A1. Yes. Whether you are a bachelor, a couple or a family, you can find various types of rental cars for your travel needs. Also, it is completely safe to consider this option.

Q2. Can I travel to different international locations from London Airport Heathrow?

A2. London has many airports and each one is connected to different locations across the globe. It is best to check which London Airport best fulfils the travel purpose.

Q3. How many London Airport terminals are there at the Heathrow airport?

A3. Heathrow Airport has 5 terminals and the number 1 is reserved for cargo. Terminals from 2 to 5 are for passenger arrivals and departures in the city.