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Best five star hotels in Manali

Best five star hotels in Manali

Posted On : 2023-03-30

Best Five Star Hotels in Manali

Manali, one of the most cherished tourist spots in India, is situated on the banks of the River Beas. It is renowned for its breathtaking snow-capped peaks, lovely valleys, countless adventure opportunities, and much more. There is no need to search further for the top accommodations in Manali

Come, and learn about the finest that this legendary city has to offer. The best five-star hotels in Manali provide a comprehensive range of services and amenities to make your mountain retreat as comfortable as possible and to help you reenergize your body, mind, and spirit. In this unique city after you read the entire list of the well-researched best five-star hotels in Manali, we guarantee a memorable trip!

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  • Manuallaya- the Resort and Spa

 ManuAllaya personifies the most notable aspects of Himachal's history, art, and culture. ManuAllaya is a trendy, modern luxury resort that serves Manali, fusing contemporary design with traditional charm. It is situated in an exceptional location. The resort is near to the Mall Road and offers large rooms, cottages, lots of open space, a variety of eating options, elegant conference spaces, TVA Spa, an indoor pool with temperature control, and a cutting-edge gym.

At ManuAllaya- the Resort and Spa, there are several options for health and wellness. TVA spa, which provides exclusive wellness experiences, to the fitness centre, the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, the steam room, and the sauna. You can rediscover life's pleasures and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit throughout your stay here, thus, making it one of the best five-star hotels in Manali

In the stunning environment of TVA, with state-of-the-art facilities and genuine materials made with goodness of mother earth, their skilled masseurs provide the highest levels of hygiene and professionalism in all their treatments.

The Orchid Hotel Manali is only a 15-minute drive from the Manali bus depot, so you won't be worn out from the trip to this gorgeous area and will be eager to start seeing the city's amazing sites as soon as you get there. High-speed internet is available to all of the visitors without charge, allowing you to stay informed of your surroundings even while on vacation. There is no doubt why it is in the list of the best five-star hotels in Manali.

When you arrive, grab a short meal at their multi-cuisine cafe, Cafe Vindhyas, and then go downstairs to their indoor games arena, where they offer a variety of activities to keep you busy. If playing video games indoors is not your thing, you may relax by the pool or participate in the wide range of outdoor activities they provide, such as skiing, paragliding, and more!

Live it up in utmost style in one of these charming hotel rooms. The Orchid Hotel, one of the best five-star hotels in Manali, provides its visitors with 4 categories of exquisite accommodations. 

  • The Anantmaya Resort

The resort's exteriors were inspired by the English Tudor style in order to provide comfort and a sense of privacy. As one observes the resort's layout and interiors, the attention to design, layout, furnishings, and fittings is evident. While offering all the contemporary conveniences expected, the interiors are traditional and exquisite.
Open areas have been planted to make luxuriant, green gardens brimming with flowers. One of the best five-Star hotels in Manali lies 4 kilometres from Manali's center and is bordered by orchards and fields. It is far enough away from the city to avoid its crowds and bustle, yet close enough to allow for quick access when needed.

There is plenty of parking space for visitor vehicles and 80 feet of direct road head access at the resort entrance. The region is well known for its consistent breeze, which begins around 11 AM and reaches its peak strength by 4-5 PM almost every day. This "Cross Wind," as we like to refer to it, will excite guests while they relax in their lovely open gardens or on their private balconies. Their staff members are eager to assist and constantly work to exceed guest’s expectations.

  • Larisa Resort Manali

The main idea is based on a sustainable, natural approach to enjoying true luxury, inspired by the boundless sky, the powerful mountains, and the abundant Earth. Their facilities stand out because of their settings, services and closeness to the natural world, whether the snow-capped mountains, the lush hills, or the gorgeous beaches. Each property captures the essence of the location and guarantees a really opulent, peaceful experience.

Your experiences at Larisa, one of the best five-Star hotels in Manali, will be wholly unique. By choosing to use local produce and fostering employment, they go above and beyond to guarantee that you create enduring experiences that are genuine and have a local touch. However, they excel as hosts. Experience the pinnacle of individualized luxury accommodations, hiking, paragliding and an enriching culinary experience and spa. 

  • Span Resort and Spa

Since its founding in 1981, Span Resort & Spa has had the distinction of being one of the best five-Star hotels in Manali.  The Span Resort and Spa is situated 4750 feet above sea level. Additionally, it is situated along the banks of the powerful, raging Beas River. This riverside resort is situated on more than 12 acres of verdant walnut orchards, with deodar and pine forests and mountains in the background.

Due to its ideal setting in Kullu Manali and its beautiful and peaceful atmosphere, Span Resort and Spa continues to be the most popular luxury, river-side resort in Manali for friends and families with its distinctive holistic and healing approach. In addition, Span Resort and Spa is a proud member of Healing Hotels of the World and a World Luxury Hotels award winner.

This is a well-explored list of the best five-Star hotels in Manali. The comfort of our visitors is a top priority for us at Japji Travels, and our soul idea is to strive on a creative approach to show you that you are a valued customer. When you arrange a stay with us, you may take advantage of the highest luxury. Rejuvenate in the midst of nature!