Trekking Places Near Mysore

Trekking Places Near Mysore

Posted On : 2022-11-08

Trekking Places Near Mysore

I am a lover of trekking and nature. Adventurous activities just attract me more. After a busy work week, it’s totally okay to take a weekend for some adventure and fun. Trekking is a great physical activity and is a fun way to enjoy some nature and the mountains. 

The lovely city of Mysore is well-known for its numerous attractions. When it comes to hiking places in India, Mysore is unrivaled. Millions of people visit this booming and magnificent city each year simply because of its breathtaking natural beauty and pleasant vibe and the numerous Trekking Places Near Mysore. 

The city is endowed with various magnificent natural areas that provide fantastic hiking trips all year. The trekkers feel near to mother nature thanks to the adventurous hilly areas, large woods, an amazing assortment of wildflowers, lush greenery, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged mountains, difficult terrains, and the chattering of rarest birds.

Though there are no trip alternatives in Mysore itself, the surrounding regions make for a terrific journey and are popular trek destinations. Take a day excursion to these breathtaking highlands for an amazing and pleasurable journey.

In Mysuru, there are various adventure organizations and environmental enthusiasts that organize hikes and events throughout the year. Trekking has become a fashionable trend as well as a picnic activity. Mysuru and its neighboring surroundings, which have various picnic sites and gorgeous wildlife, should be visited.

Here is a list of some of the best Trekking Places Near Mysore.

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills, located 12 kilometers from Mysore's city and 3, 489 feet above sea level, provides a panoramic view of Mysore. You may visit the Lalitha Mahal Palace, the Mysore Race Course, the Mysore Palace, and the Kukkarahalli and Karanji lakes from this mountainous location. 

Its unending greenery, rock mountainous parts, and regular visits by wild animals make it a perfect place to experience natural beauty in peace. For first-time visitors, the iconic Chamundeshwari temple on top of the hill is a must-see. 

The trek takes around 45 minutes to complete with roughly 1100 steps. This trek starts from the back of the JSS college area.


Thadiyandamol is a well-known hiking destination in the Kodagu district, located in the lush tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats and Shola woods. This magnificent place is located at an elevation of 5,735 feet above sea level, and is Karnataka's third tallest mountain after Mullayanagiri and Kuduremukha.

 This climb is not much difficult, and even inexperienced hikers will enjoy the ascent and descent. The walk is around 16 kilometers long. The Nalaknadu Palace is a historical monument in the foothill. 

Kakkabe may be utilized as a base camp for the walk because many people begin their journey here. The other option could be Nalakandu Palace which extends the trek by 3 Kilometres.


This is the home of the undulating hills, located around two hours from Mysore. It is one of the Trekking Places Near Mysore. The Shiva Ramagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, and Yeti Rajagiri, Revanna Siddeshwara, Sidilakallu, and Jala Siddeshwara peaks encircle Ramanagara. It is one of Bangalore's most famous hiking destinations and has been in the spotlight since the filming of the renowned Hindi film 'Sholay.'

It is a tough terrain with rocks and boulders that will necessitate some rock-climbing skills. The difficulty level is moderate because it is not the easiest walk. To visit the temple, you must climb over 400 stairs, after which you will be rewarded with a spectacular panorama of the little town.

This trip is considerably more fascinating at night, so if you get the chance and are an experienced trekker, it will be a thrilling endeavor and a rewarding experience. The base camp for this trek would be Ramadevara betta.

Gopalaswamy Betta

Gopalaswamy Betta, located 75 kilometers from Mysore, is the tallest mountain in the Bandipur National Park. This steep terrain is densely forested and draws a huge number of nature enthusiasts, pilgrims, and trekkers all year.

This trip, which is covered in a deep fog all year, is one of the most arduous and beautiful hikes in Mysore. Apart from hiking, you may visit this amazing site to see the austere ancient temple of Shree Himavad Gopalaswamya, elephant herds, and fulfill your fantasy of touching and stepping onto the clouds.

Gopalaswamy, Himavad Betta is located around 220 kilometres from Bangalore and 82 kilometres from Mysore, and it is 4,801 feet above sea level. There are a few hiking routes nearby. One famous route is through Kullana betta, while another comes from a neighboring Gopalapura hamlet.

 A formal permit from the forest department, accompanied by a forest guide, is required. Camping on the hill, however, is absolutely banned since wild creatures are said to wander about the temple at night.

 However, the sunset from the hill is spectacular and unforgettable.

Nishani Motte

Nishani Motte, Sannapulikotu, is a wildlife circuit hike in Kodagu District that comes under the peacefulness of Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Nishani Betta is a relatively unknown hilltop located 12 kilometers from Madikeri near Galibeedu. 

This trek takes you into the untamed woods and requires the presence of Forest authorities or certified guides. They will lead the group through the dense forest, knowing the pattern of animal movements along the way. Permission from the Talacauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, which shelters numerous wild animals and has a variety of trees, is required prior starting the hike.

The trek can alternatively begin in Talacauvery, about 10 kilometers from Bhagamandala. The journey begins with a jeep ride, which is restricted to official Forest Department vehicles. The jeep ride will take you past a forest guard tower, and then the woodland route will begin in a few minutes.

The peak is called as Nishani Motte because the apex of the peak is shaped like an egg (Motte meaning egg in Kannada). The difficulty level of the journey is modest, but the foggy trek uphill will be a sight to remember. The peak vista includes multiple mist-covered hill crowns and plains. This walk allows you to experience wilderness in its purest form.

Nandi Hills

Many Bangalore residents are familiar with Nandi Hills. Ask any Bangalore or Mysore local for a fast day trip spot away from the city, and 'Nandi Hills' is the most commonly recommended.

To many, it is only a little hilltop best enjoyed for its cold environment and magnificent sunrise/sunset views, with the remnants of the fort erected by the 18th century king Tipu Sultan. 

It has become one of the most popular Trekking Places Near Mysore for everyone in the city looking to go on an adventure. Trekking in the Nandi Hills is becoming increasingly popular among outdoor lovers. 

The pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, and carefully built steps make for an enjoyable journey. The hiking at Nandi Hills is roughly 1.5 kilometres long and is suitable for beginners.

Although trekking in Nandi Hills is quite straightforward, there are several trekking trips in Nandi Hills available if you want a pre-planned package. You can also trek here on your own.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What do I need to carry for my trek?

A1. Unlike backpacking, you will only be need to carry the materials needed for the day of walking on a journey. Maybe a trekking pole and water. If you are planning to camp, the camping equipment.

Q2. Can we hire trekking equipment?

A2. Yes. Trekking equipment may be rented from stores located in various locations across the city. Many e-commerce companies sell the same products at reasonable costs.?

Q3. When is the greatest time of year to go trekking?

A3. You have several months to design your strategy. They cover the months of May through July, mid-September to the end of November.