Duffle Travel Bag

Duffle Travel Bag

Posted On : 20-07-2022

 Duffle Travel Bag

Be it for going for a weekend tour or travelling for office work, a duffle travel bag can be a most suitable companion for all kinds of trips. These bags come in various sizes and colours and definitely with a good bunch of notable features such as being waterproof, lightweight, etc. 

In simpler terms, a duffle travel bag can be referred to as a long cylindrical pouch which is compact enough to fit under a bus trunk or a train seat. They are made with different kinds of fabrics which are mostly soft and smooth. That is why it is much easier to carry clothes and other essentials in every nook of it. 

Let’s dive in a bit deeper and find some of the major things and features of a duffle travel bag.


Benefits of using a Duffle travel bag:

With the advancement of technology, the quality and features of a duffle travel bag have increased highly. 

Some of the major perks of a duffle bag are:

  • Spacious and flexible

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to carry

  • Often manufactured from durable materials


Things to consider while buying a duffle travel bag:

Size and colour

Depending on the purpose, one can choose a duffle travel bag from the size range which are available in the market. While some are fit enough for carry-on purposes in flight, some are big enough to fit in a huge bunch of essentials. 

When it comes to selecting a suitable colour, going for dark and bold colours such as black, military tones or navy blue can be a good option as it won’t get dirty easily. Choosing a unique design and colour will help to differentiate it from the rest and can be easily spotted from a distance. That means, there is less chance of the bag getting exchanged on a flight or a train while travelling. 


Materials and durability

While travelling, quite often the bag needs to go through many rough phases. Rather it needs to be dragged out of car trunks or might get squeezed among suitcases. That is why it is necessary to choose a fabric which is rough and tough and can withstand all kinds of punishments. A waterproof fibre such as nylon can be a good option as it ends up being long-lasting.


Storage space and Pricing 

The price range varies depending on the size and material of the bag. If someone is having a high budget, opting for a leather duffle travel bag can be a good idea. But leather products can be a bit tough to use for daily usage. 

Considering the purpose and budget, one needs to choose the bag accordingly. Normally the price ranges from Rs. 350 to Rs. 10,000 and above depending on the material and storage capacity. 


Straps and other features

Most of the duffle bags have handles to hold them but some also do come with shoulder straps which makes them easier to carry as it frees the hand. Some bags are waterproof while some aren’t depending on the material it is made of. 

Besides this, it is essential to check that the stitching and zips are strong enough to withstand pressure and rough conditions. There are certain brands which offer customization options. Be it adding a label or a certain design, one can personalize it according to their choice. 



There are certain things which need to be taken into consideration while buying the right kind of duffle travel bag. While choosing the right size is a big deal, looking for the right features is also equally important. 

Look for a bag that either has a pair of wheels or has the option of a cross-body strap for carrying it hands-free. But one thing about a duffle with wheels is that it makes it extra heavy and that might not work out for travellers at all times. 

Weighing the needs and requirements, consider the best duffle travel bag within a reasonable price range. 


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are duffle Bags good for travelling?

A1. Yes. A duffle travel bag has a lot of uses for touring purposes. Mostly these bags are spacious and lightweight and that is what makes them very easy to carry from one place to another. These bags are often made with durable materials such as ballistic nylon or canvas and their texture is very soft which allows for packing all the essentials in a very comfortable manner.

Q2. How much weight can a duffle bag hold?

A2. Duffle travel bags are available in various sizes. The daily carry-on duffles can afford to hold 20-30 litres and the massive ones come with a capacity of 100 litres or more. One can choose the right size according to their needs.

Q3. What is the use of duffle bags?

A3. There can be various uses of duffle bags such as:
For carrying clothes to the gym
For carrying accessories for sports and recreational activities
For weekend trips, road trips, business trips and overnighters
For carrying essentials to the office

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