What are the 7 benefits of traveling?

What are the 7 benefits of traveling?

Posted On : 01-03-2022

What Are The 7 Benefits of Traveling?

Traveling is a rejuvenating method to get away from our everyday routines, but did you know that it can directly benefit our brains and bodies?

Traveling has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and death from cardiovascular illnesses in certain groups. And the fresh and diverse situations that one experiences when traveling might help to keep the mind bright and engaged.

Here are the top 7 benefits of traveling listed out for you! 


1. Travel Is Good For Mental Health 

Sure, getting away from your everyday grind on a holiday can make you happier. And, if you can get away from your parents, kids, work, pets, homework, studying for exams, or anything else that may be wearing you down, it will put a grin on your face. 

However, travel makes you happy in another way. According to Cornell University researchers, money spent on doing something (referred to as "experiential purchases") will provide a longer-lasting sense of happiness than money spent on having something (referred to as "material purchases"). 

So create your experiential travel itinerary and boost your mental health while you disconnect and recharge in a fun way! 


2. Traveling Makes You Healthier 

Travel is a recommended way to reduce stress levels! It also reduces the risk of heart diseases in the long term. Another study by the US National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, showed that the men and women who took vacations were 32 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease. 

Like most people, if your job involves you sitting in one place for hours, adding walking activities to your travel itinerary will help you feel better. Taking yoga and meditation classes in healing centers can be part of your travel plan. Traveling healthily helps to age and alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can help you get back into shape, improve blood circulation and help you sleep better as well!  


3. Traveling Gives You New Skills 

Travel makes you explore the world outside your comfort zone. Even if your destination is only a short distance away (across the country rather than globally), you will be exposed to different experiences. If you get in the habit of learning new phrases in a different language every time you travel, your brain capacity will improve.

Traveling teaches you more about yourself as well, in addition to other languages. 

You can find yourself in a scenario where you need to be resourceful and think outside the box. By putting yourself in unfamiliar situations, you'll discover a new set of skills you didn't realize you have. As a bonus, you pick up some whacky stories to entertain your social circle with and this makes you more interesting to be around! 


4. Traveling Helps You Understand Other Cultures

Our reasons for traveling the globe may be different. All travelers, however, end up developing more empathy for the people around them and have a deeper understanding of different cultures and traditions. 

Travel opens your mind up to possibilities and exposes you to different perspectives, generally making you more tolerant of diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well. You are widening your worldview by having conversations outside your comfort zone and getting to bring this back to your hometown and family. 

This exposure also helps you in forming opinions on things without being biased by a country’s media and agendas. You become a truly global citizen and learn to identify problems more quickly back at home! 


5. Traveling Gives You A Social Network

When you travel and share experiences with other people, you are essentially making connections in every corner of the world. This helps build a huge network of support abroad and practice your communication skills. 

Some friendships you develop can turn into long-term social or professional relationships and add immense value to your life, both in your hometown and abroad. Booking accommodation on websites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing also allows you to strike up a connection with a local, someone who can genuinely help you out in case of emergencies. 

Once you do reciprocate the resourcefulness and help, your social networks around the world will provide you life-long access to information and accommodation. 


6. Traveling Makes You More Creative

As a creative person, are you looking for inspiration for a new idea? If you’re someone like a chef, painter, photographer, or writer, traveling can help! If you want to rekindle your creativity, book a trip to a destination that has an artsy, creative vibe. By talking to people and exposing yourself to a new way of life, you leave space for creative thoughts in your head. 

This stimulation improves your cognitive flexibility and lets you break new ideas down more clearly. By increasing your mental abilities, you may take inspiration from the food, art, culture, traditions, and social life of a foreign country. 

Your next big idea could be out there waiting for you! You just need to open newer doors with a travel experience and broaden your horizons. 


7. Traveling Makes You More Grateful 

Having spent a lot of time in unfamiliar surroundings and places, it feels great to step into the quiet comfort of your own home. You might end up being more grateful about the life you have and all the comforts you enjoy. 

You learn to face the same old problems and situations with newer ideas and a fresh perspective after taking a break. Negatives can turn into positives when you expose yourself to harsh environments and inconvenience during travel. This can change you as a person or simply make you more thankful towards your family and friends! 

Either way, a major boost to your mental health! 

As ordinary as it may seem, spending money on travel is an investment in yourself. I hope this travel blog inspires you to go on more adventures in 2022 (and beyond!). Traveling helps you understand that the world is a far nicer place than what you see on TV or when you watch the news!


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