What is trending in travel For India?

What is trending in travel For India?

Posted On : 03-11-2021

What are Current Trends in Travel and Tourism in India?

Post-Covid era, there is a huge transition in the way Indians are traveling now. Covid has changed people's travel-related decisions in many ways. People now want to reconnect with their friends and family and explore unique experiences in nature. Also, people now want a break from their monotonous lives and mundane routines and want to get refreshed by travelling to new places. 

As per the latest reports from Airbnb and YouGov survey, Indian travellers are looking for hotspots that are popular, local, and connected to nature. Therefore, tourism industries are discovering various amenities and technologies to give the best experiences to travellers. 

Let's take a look at some of the current emerging travel trends.

  1. Reconnecting 

Coming out of the lockdown after many months, people now are giving priority to their family and friends. According to the survey, people want to reconnect with their family members and prefer to travel with friends or family. Thus, Indian travellers are looking for travel experiences that can enable them to connect with their family while providing adventurous and comfortable travelling.

       2. Safety and Hygiene

After the COVID outbreak, safety and hygiene have become the major trends in the tourism industry. While making travelling decisions or booking accommodations, people now emphasize more on sanitization and cleanliness. Thus, travel industries are expected to facilitate social distancing, proper sanitization, compulsory mask protection, and other necessary actions to keep people safe.

       3. Solo Trips

One of the biggest and fast-emerging trends is solo trips. Every year, the number of people travelling alone are increasing drastically. Statistics show that solo travellers prefer adventurous trips that are close to nature. According to the recent data, 54% of travellers are now resorting to solo trips.

       4. No Contact Payments

The fear of touching many surfaces and coming in contact with numerous people has led to the new trend which is contactless payments. Various apps such as GooglePay, Paytm, PayPal have become the trend for cashless transactions. 

All contactless services right from ordering the food at restaurants, check-in at the airport, bill payments, ordering groceries, etc. have now become a new norm. This has made life easier by minimizing the use of cash and the risk of getting in touch with each other.  This in turn facilitates the travellers for better convenience and smooth payment transfers. 

      5. Virtual Reality

One of the most recent breakthrough trends in the travel industry is virtual reality. This technology will give a glimpse of their selected destination, enable them to see how will it look like, its major attractions, all through a digital experience. This will assure the travellers if their decision to choose the particular hotspot is correct and will further make the travelling convenient and comfortable.

      6.  Leisure Along with Work

More and more people are now opting for work trips with some leisure time. People sometimes extend their trip for some leisure activities such as sightseeing, hiking, relaxation, or partying. This trend has brought lot more benefits to travellers, businesses, and finally to the travel industry too.

Travellers can enjoy and destress after the hectic days of work. Since the employees will get leisure time along with work, more and more people will be keen to join the organization, which will further increase the organization's productivity. And, finally, the travel industry will make money if travellers will stay for a longer duration.  

     7. Travelling for Social Media

Recently, social media has become quite the rage. It has become an integral part of everyone's life. People now take their travel inspirations from social media. People take pictures while vacationing and share their experiences on social media.

There are many travel bloggers who post their stories, photos, and experiences on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, from which people take inspiration and plan their vacations. Thus, social media has become the biggest platform to promote and boost the travel and tourism industry.

     8. Travel in Nature Lap 

More and more people are now avoiding crowded places and choosing places for vacationing which are closer to nature. People want to get refreshed and rejuvenated in the lap of nature. Thus, local places such as hill stations and nature-connected areas have become the most sought-after hotspots. 

    9.  Luxurious Vacations

Travellers now prefer premium hotels, luxurious homestays, independent villas, Havelis for their vacations. They want comfort and luxurious experiences in such accommodations. 

   10. No Driver Transport

People want to avoid the hassles like waiting for the driver, rash driving, rude behavior, accidents. Thus, many transport companies are providing vehicles with wifi, GPS, automated controls, and sensors for a smooth driving experience.  



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