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Lake Palace Udaipur

Experience the splendour of a historic hotel built in 1746 and proudly standing in the heart of the magnificent Lake Pichola. Every accommodation offers amazing views of the surrounding City Palace, Aravalli Hills, Machla Magra Hills, and Jag Mandir thanks to its placement on an island in the middle of a lake. The beautiful restaurants of Taj Lake Palace, which are solely available to resident guests, provide the ideal setting for delectable cuisines. 

Enjoy specialty martinis, cocktails, and a vast selection of high-end foreign spirits in the evening at Amrit Sagar. Continue receiving royal treatment at their Jiva Spa in Udaipur with expertly crafted treatments inspired by India's historic wellness tradition as well as the legendary way of life and savoir-vivre of Indian royalty. 

History of Lake Palace Udaipur

The Mewar Royal family made this Jag Niwas useful. Built between 1743 and 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 62nd custodian of the House of Mewar. All as a summer hideaway for many years before Maharana Bhagwat Singh, Mewar of Udaipur transformed it into a heritage hotel in 1963. 

Taj Lake Palace, a structure built of native Rajnagar marble hauled in by bullock carts trekking 66 km to Udaipur, floats in the midst of Lake Pichola like a gem. The 65 opulent rooms and 18 magnificent suites of this heritage hotel in Udaipur have Mughal-inspired architecture and largely Mewari craftsmanship. 

After being meticulously restored, this magnificent mansion rose to fame when it served as the location for the James Bond movie "Octopussy." It served as the secret hideout of the movie's titular Bond Girl.  

The palace's signature specialized restaurants provide a variety of cuisines. For real Indian cuisine, such as Rajasthani and other cuisines, visit Neel Kamal; for modern European fare, visit the seasonally open-air Bhairo. 

The royal family of Udaipur used to conduct elegant soirées and spectacular soirees at this five-star palace hotel on Lake Pichola, continuing that tradition today. With its ornate palaces, tranquil lakes, fascinating temples, and beautiful gardens, the city of Udaipur, often known as the Venice of the East, has a lot to offer. 

Food and Dining

The excellent meal offered at this establishment received positive reviews from visitors. Here’s a list below:

Neel Kamal

It is a dinner-only establishment that uses organic, regional ingredients and a wood-fired furnace to prepare mouthwatering Indian specialties and the regal tastes of Udaipur.


Enjoy the flavours of many cuisines at this enchanting restaurant with a breathtaking view of the lake.


It is a seasonally open European restaurant that is only open in the winter. It is located on a rooftop with stunning views of the lake and the Aravalli Alps.

Mr. Amrit Sagar

At this chic bar, savour international wine, cognac, single malts, and cigars. At Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, you may also sample a choice of multi-cuisine appetizers that go well with your beverage. 

Location of Lake Palace Udaipur

  • The serene Lake Pichola surrounds the Taj Lake Palace Hotel, which is conveniently located near all of Udaipur's historic landmarks.During their stay, visitors have praised the property's location. 
  • Numerous well-known tourist destinations in and around Udaipur are conveniently close to Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur. 
  • The ideal vacation from Delhi, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad can be found at this castle hotel in Udaipur. Enjoy their friendly service and warm hospitality that will make you feel at home. To plan your upcoming visit, look at the 4D Travel deal that includes all meals.

How to Reach Lake Palace Udaipur

  • Maharana Pratap Airport    29.3 km away
  • Udaipur Railway Station    2.9 km away
  • Udaipur Bus Station    3.1km away

Highlights of the Property

  • The 24-hour fitness center allows you to continue your everyday workouts.
  • At Taj Lake Palace Udaipur's spa bath with a Jacuzzi, rejuvenate your body and mind.
  • After stepping off the boat, arrive in regal fashion with a welcome gift and a shower of rose petals.
  • At the Jiva Spa, indulge in luxurious old Indian therapeutic techniques.
  • Spend some quality time relaxing aboard the Jiva Spa Boat to treat yourself.
  • The Taj Lake Palace Udaipur's chic pool is a great place to unwind.
  • On the Heritage Walk tour of the grounds, discover the rich history and culture of the palace.
  • Taj Lake Palace Udaipur offers private dining in a setting that feels like a scene from a fairy tale.
  • In keeping with the palace's traditions, the hotel provides youngsters with a unique activity that includes an arts and crafts session and henna tattoos.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Taj Lake Palace Udaipur's CEO?

A1. The Chairman and Managing Director of The Lake Palace Hotels & Motels Private Limited is Arvind Singh Mewar.

Q2. How much does it cost to host a wedding at Lake Palace Udaipur?

A2. A spectacular wedding at the palace in Udaipur might cost more than Rs 2 crore.

Q3. When was Udaipur's Lake Palace constructed?

A3. Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 62nd Custodian of the House of Mewar, later built this structure between 1743 and 1746 CE. Maharana Jagat Singh II reigned from 1734 to 1751 CE.

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